Monday, October 05, 2009

Another embossing project (Tattered Angels Screens and Spellbinders Wizard)

You know how I've been telling you I'm obsessed with embossing with Tattered Angels Glimmer Screens and Spellbinders Wizard machine. I wasn't kidding. lol Here's another project using that technique.
I used a recycled square tin . I embossed the paper pieces , cut them to size and then sprayed them with the colors of Glimmer Mist I wanted.

You can see the embossed design a bit better here. I used the Alpha fonts from Tattered Angels to spell out the word "Believe"

I used Glimmer Glass wings from TA ,to add as an embellishment. The really cool thing about them is that you can use your heat tool to bend and manipulate them to be dimensional.
When I was finished I misted over all with "Iridescent Gold" Glimmer mist (I know.. surprise surprise!) lol

This is what the tin piece looked like. It was recycled from something on a clearance table at Micheal's.

Tattered Angels Blog will have projects posted all through the month of October, featuring Tattered Angles and Spellbinders products being used together.... so be sure to pop over and check them out.
Today I picked Griffin up from Pre-school. He is a peer model in my friend Julies classroom. I was Julies para in this room for years.. and miss working with her so much. It was so fun to go see Griff there. He LOVES her.. and I'm not at all surprised.
Below ( Griff and Julie together after class)

He and I went to lunch and had a great time
( have I mentioned that I love this kid?) lol

I need to stop and pick up some things at the store , since the boys were going to be home for dinner tonight. I asked Griff if he was ready to go home , or if he wanted to come with me to the store. ummmm.... we went shopping.
He was a great help.

It was really chilly her today and windy also. I spent the afternoon with a nasty headache..but luckily it went away after a laid down for a bit ,because I had invited the kids for Tacos tonight. It was so great having them home for dinner. (we missed Kate because she couldnt make it ..but Jarad took some dinner home for her for later)
Before dinner, the boys had to check out the new vintage bike Wes just bought.
He said he was going to sell his other one. ( I'll believe that when I see it) lol

He does really enjoy working on them. ( now , If I could just quit worrying about them riding them)

I better think about getting to bed at a decent time tonight, I have another dentist appointment in the morning. Yes ANOTHER dentist appointment.
ahhhhhhhh I'm about ready to throw in the towel!
I have another LONG story to tell you .. involving my dog and a possum ..but I'll have to gear up for that one. Can you say traumatic??? Ommmggoshhhhh!!


Kathleen Summers said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous project. You are SOOOOOOO talented!!

The dog/possum story sounds... scary?

Nat said...

This project is so beautiful again- yummie!

Linda B said...

Beautiful project, Vicki! I also love the adorable pics of Griff:D TFS!

Debbie Kaste said...

Great projects, Ms. Vicki! Mercy....another dentist appointment? Yuk. Hope it goes well and that your headache took a hike. Griff is the CUTEST little guy, bet you love hugging him:)Can't wait to hear the story about your dog:o

Charlene said...

Sounds like fall is heading your way pretty fast. We are cooler here in Texas than usual but, not fall yet.

Looks like Griff is your all time buddie. Kind of helps take the sting out of our boys growing up doesn't it? Have a great week.

Gail S. said...

Yikes Vicki!
I just went to the dentist today and found out I have to have a root canal! Truly, I burst into tears when the hygenist told me that - I am so upset about this. So I feel your pain about the dentist right now. My appt. to have the torture done is the day before Thanksgiving.

Elaine said...

You are hopefully feeling better now? I had the crud and am starting to feel better! Oh btw...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! :)

Love the project you recycled from the sale table at Michael's!

And yes I think you like that little guy just a wee bit! He's such a sweetheart!! pinch, kiss, hug!! :)

Ali said...

That is beautiful Vicki! I just LOVE it!!!!Griff is the CUTEST little guy!

Dog and Possum? OMGOSH!! LOL Looking fwd to the story! Chat soon I hope!

Hope your dental app't goes well. ((HUGZ)) on that. ~Ali

Carol (HB) said...

OMGosh! There are so many things to comment on - the project is FABULOUS! Grif, well, he is just the epitome of cuteness! and I love that your boys appreciate *vintage*!!

Must be headache day. I'm home with one too.

becky said...

i want to hear the dog and possum story in person....k? i love your stories friend!