Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Snow / Tattered Angels and Wizard Embossing

Well , well, look what we woke up to yesterday. It's way too early for me to be happy about SNOW..but it really was pretty.

I had to run into Fremont quick , first thing in the morning.. so as I drove by the lakes I couldn't help but stop and snap a couple of photos. I only had my little camera with I was sad about that..but boy it was really gorgeous out there.

I had Aly with me .. so she enjoyed exploring a little bit while I was taking a few photos.

It really wasn't really cold , and there was no wind at all....but I sure don't think I'd be planning a picnic. lol

I've been busy, kitting for classes and backing for my trip to Canada. I leave early Tuesday morning.
I have another Tattered Angles/Spellbinders project to share with you. I made this "autumn garland" using dies from Spellbinders , and Glimmer Mist, Alpha Fonts, and Glimmer Mist. I embossed the background papers using Tattered Angels Glimmer Screens in the Spellbinders Wizard machine.

You can see the embossed effect better here. I am just having so much fun with this new toy. lol


If you haven't been over the Heartwarming Vintage blog to see the funny things Sandy posted using Photofunia.. you should check it out.

I couldn't resist doing a couple myself. lol


Yesterday was my boys Birthday! Happy Birthday Weston! We love you!

Enjoy your day friends!!


Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Vic! I love these last two posts! I laughed out loud at the funny photos of you, especially the one where you are a tattoo on Beckam!
Oh my goodness, SNOW! Haven't seen a decent snow since I left Virginia. It is still hot and muggy down here-I could use some snow. Those photos are terrific; I would love to use them in my work.
Have you seen anymore of your little opossum? I had one living under my deck one summer and she would bring roadkill and store it under there! Talk about stink! LOL! A neighbor of mine had to come and clean it out for me-he is a mortician so he didn't mind the odor at all!
Hope you have a wonderful and rewarding trip to Canada!

Charlene said...

Adorable Garland! Thoses photos are wonderful. The second one is breathtaking. And the third one with the fall colors & the snow was sooooooooooo great!!!1 Good shots. My camera finally died tonight. What kind do you have for caring around in your purse. I know you bought the SLR & took lessons but, I'm not there yet. Have fun in Canada. I haven't heard from you in forever so I know that means you are super busy.

Linda B said...

Hi Vickie! LOVE your garland project. Just beautiful! I can't believe you guys got snow before us! (Wisconsin).

Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Vicki..very cool photos like always..I sit here with my tea in the morning and go to your blog FIRST..LOVE all the photos and posts.. oh, and told my dh bout your possum story then yesterday my dog dragged in "part" of one..YUCK!!! I thought of you!! ha ha!!

harrahx2 said...

That water pic is fantastic but honest, I know I already told you but you really can keep that stuff. I dread it! I am eating a hot bowl of soup today as it got kind of chilly here. I hope you blitz them in BC and have a wonderful time. I am sure you are packing the long johns because it will be cold. Have fun. Chat when you can.

Catherine said...

I'm usually READY for snow anytime, but this year, NOT so much. Already feeling cold, achey and tired.....keep the snow in your neck of the country, k?? LOL. said...

Wow, and I thought it got cold here!

debbie k said...

Oh noooooo, it's that dirty four letter word again - SNOW! Beautiful photos but I hate Love the other photos though:) Love your banner, Vicki and happy b-day Weston!


It looks breathtakingly beautiful. So early for snow though. My daughter and I are going to New York this week. We are hoping that we don't freeze. We had to go out and BUY coats.