Wednesday, October 07, 2009


First of all.. the good! It was a great day today! Thanks for the Birthday wishes everyone. Phone calls, cards, emails, facebook... it was so so nice. Makes getting older not so tough. lol I am blessed with some really fantastic people in my life. Thank you!

Okay... I'm going to try to tell you what happened here late Sunday night... without us sounding like a bunch of rednecks that live in a trailer, down by the river. lol
The story involves this darling pooch. So keep this sweet face in mind as you read on. (if you dare) lol

Before I go on... do you notice the stuffed animal on the floor near Molly in this photo? Well, our dogs LOVE to play with stuffed animals. They have a basket full of them , that they go to , to retrieve them for play, any time they think they can con one of us into a little play time. ( now.. in hindsight, I'm not thinking it's been such a good idea).

(deep breath)

It was Sunday night about 11pm. Wes was home, and since he didn't have to work Monday , he decided to stay the night here. After going through the shower he popped his head into my work room and said, "I'm going down to play with the dogs.. wanna come down and hang out?" One of my boys want to "hang out"? and "Chat"? ( insert happy face) Dan was in bed already because he had worked Sat and Sun.. so I turned off the computer and headed downstairs. ( quality time with my son.. nothing better in my book)

Wes was in his sleep pants and a white T shirt.. no shoes or socks ( this visual will be important later.. trust me) lol He was laying on the couch with the afghan and a pillow, ..tossing the occasional toy to the dogs to retrieve.

I when over and stat in the big chair accross from the couch.. and we chatted about the day. He told me that when he took my car earlier, he had notice the engine light was on. I couldn't figure out why that would be. I decided to grab my keys and go out the the garage, and see if it came on now.. so I'd know if I needed to make an appointment to take it in the next day.

When I got up to go out there, both dogs stared to bark.. so I'm thinking they probably need to go outside before bed. So... I walked over to the sliding doors that lead to the deck and then to the back yard.. open them and let the dogs run out. NOTE- (our dogs are "indoor" dogs ..they only go out to do their business , or if we are with them playing..and then come right back in . We live in the country, our yard is lawn for quite a ways, but is surrounded by trees and then just past that .. cornfields). The dogs know just to stay in the yard, so we don't have much of a problem with that. So... I just leave the glass door ,and the screen door open after they are out... and walk across the kitchen , into the mudd room and out into the garage to see about the car.

I'm not out there 2 minutes, and I hear Wes yelling with alarm in his voice.. to say the very least... "Bring a shovel". "What?.. a shovel?" I said. I came into the kitchen and I can see him by the open door, yelling at the dogs to get away from "SOMETHING" on the floor.. just out of my viewing range. From this point on it's bits of hysteria, mixed with panic and confusion. lol

Wes says... "GET A SHOVEL!".. I need something to pick "it" up with." OH man... I was freaking out now. I said . "What is IT"???

he says.. "I don't know.. I cant remember what their called. .just get a shovel" ( we laugh about this now.. the fact that he was so rattled he couldnt think of the name of "IT".) lolololololl

(writing this .. I can not begin to give you the idea of the panic in our voices. He was freaking out and that was totally freaking ME out)

I NEEDED to know what "It" was ..but I was too scared to go into the dining room to see. He's still yelling to me to just GET A SHOVEL..but I'm trying to coral the dogs so that they don't go back in there "it". All the while , I'm guessing... (hysterically).. a squirrel? a raccoon? a.. a.... possum??? BINGO!!! Finally Wes.. yells.. "Yeh.... THATS IT!" It's a POSSUM! ( in my dinning room??)

I'm screaming .. "There's a POSSUM in my Dinning room?"

I've now gotten the dogs closed in the garage and I come running with a shovel and a rake.. screaming .. "is it ALIVE?"

Wes says.. "Well, it was ,when she brought it in!!"

More screams from me at this point!

I'm still just peering around the corner, wanting so badly to get a glimpse of this thing.. but I was WAY too scared, and about the time I got close to the corner, I'd scream and run back to the kitchen. Lets just say, Wes was loosing patience with the "screaming".

He starts to act like hes going for it with the (snow) shovel and (garden) rake ...and then... rethinking the possible scenarios.. says... "Get my boots.. I don't want it to bite my feet". Oh ..... faint .. swooooon ( on my part)

I go running for his boots to protect my poor brave son's feet from "it".

Now visualize Wes with his white T shirt , plaid pajama pants , and cowboy boots, flaling a rake and a shovel, as I scream every step closer to "it" he tried to get. Good Lord

He says.. "It's not bleeding or anything.. but I think it's dead now" ( I'm thinking at this point , it's heart probably stopped from being scared to death from all my screaming! Or possibly from laughter at the site of Wes pajama pants with cowboy boot ensemble)

He goes to scoop it up ,and then spins the shovel around in my direction so I can see "it" for the first time.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. I was having a hissy fit like none other at this point. "Get it out!!!!" Once he was out of the house with it on the shovel.. then and only then did my morbid curiosity get the best of me. I said stop right there, I want to see .. but DONT come ANY closer! It defiantly was a possum.. not a full sized HUGE one,but not small , by any means. ( when is't in your dining room it really doesnt matter the size)


note to self: if you don't want your dogs to chase furry animals and bring them in the house .. you probably shouldn't buy them furry animals to play with , because I'm not so sure they know the difference.

I'm tired!


Elaine said...

OMG - that is one story that I'd want to forget but I don't think you will....for a long, long time!!
Mine's not as good as yours, but boy did it worry me!
The first time I saw a possum, "it" was eating our cat's food at my parent's place - I peeked outside because it sounded like a dog eating the food. I just about had a heart attack because at the time, I didn't know "it" was a possum...the thing looked like the world's biggest I called my dad to go outside and get "it" - because we had the "WORLD'S BIGGEST RAT" outside eating Miranda's food (Miranda is the cat). He laughed so hard when he saw "it" because it wasn't' a was a possum. But that dang long tail looked like a rat tail to me!!! YUCK!!

Julie said...

That was HILARIOUS! I've seen possums in my backyard, & I don't like them--they're mean!

Happy Birthday! Hope it was fabulous!

Charlene said...

I can just picture the whole scene. How awful & yet funny. The PJ Pants, the boots, the barking dogs;s the screaming mother & IT! You could have entered Funniest Home Videos!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Not a day over 29 right?

Heartwarming Vintage said...

Happy Birthday Dear Vicki!

Your possum story is hilarious and creepy. I'm glad it happened at your house!

Have FUN at the concert tomorrow night and give Roger a smooch from Scott!

Nat said...

Happy Birthday Sweet heart!!! LOL- about this story- we don't have possums in Germany - I had to look up what they look like. Are they dangerous???

Char- The Mad Shopper said...

That is so funny. I would never had thought to not give a dog furry stuffed animals. I will have to remember this if I get another dog.

Sarah said...

That is just hilarious and your account of the story is so good that I can easily picture it in detail!

Hope you had a great birthday...29 again?!?!

Elaine A said...

Ok I'm wiping the tears from my eyes -that's how hard I'm laughing. My boys (Thor - a full German Shepherd and Jackson - 1/2 Shepherd and 1/2 Husky), love, love, love stuffed animals. Thor carries them around and Jackson rips them to pieces, starting with the stuffing, then the felt eyes, and extremeties. He then turns them inside out, I know, don't know how he does it but he does. After one of them got skunked because they refused to "Stop" when I told them to, we put up a fence in the back. Now they have plenty of room in the back to run, it keeps out the rabbits, possums, skunks, coyotes, bears and deer. Although the boys do love to play tag with the deer. The deer have figured out that the boys can't get them so when they come charging down the hill at them, the deer look up, kinda give a sniff and just go back to grazing. If you happen to glance out the back window you'll see the two dogs sitting at the fence watching the deer - funny to watch. Sometimes a young deer will run in and out of the woods, popping in and out of the bushes and wait for my dogs to follow it around the yard. One night they kept this up for about 45 minutes. My husband and I howled. Dogs, gotta love them!

Elaine Allen

Jane Wetzel said...

OMG Vicki...I live in the country and have 2 dogs..they have picked up some weird things..but never to this extent! Yikes! :)

Sugar Bear said...

Oh dear! Keep those doors closed from now on LOL.

Darcy said...

Great possum story! Our dog loves them too. We don't give her the stuffed animals because she rips them to shreds in minutes. Our little 7 year old has to be vigilant to keep the dog away from her softies! Possums, Raccoons, Moles, you name it, we've had it show up on our doorstep. Some alive, some not so alive. I scream too Vicki. Just plain gross!

Ali said...

Oh Vcki, that story.,.. welll,let's jusdt say YOU can TELL a story!!!! LOL! Lucie is sending Molly a hug BTW!! ~ Ali

Ali said...

Oh Vcki, that story.,.. welll,let's jusdt say YOU can TELL a story!!!! LOL! Lucie is sending Molly a hug BTW!! ~ Ali

Micki said...

OMG, I could see & hear it, LOL. I laughed because that exactly what I would be doing....roflol. OMG.....I've had a squirrel in the basement when we lived in Leavenworth and our german shepherd was still alive but NEVER a possum.

Oh love it......


Bev said...

Just EWE!

Country Liv . . . said...

Oh Vicki! I needed that laugh some kind of bad girl! Do you know why that little animal is called an opossum? He plays dead when scared! He was probably alive the entire time he was in the house and on the shovel! LOL! They will bite if cornered or have rabies but most of the time they are harmless. My Mom supported a husband and wife opossum team for years; loving their babies, feeding them, etc. When the animal control people found out they told her they would 'fine' her if she continued. Poor Mom, she loved animals; as long as it had feet she cared about it!

harrahx2 said...

Oh honey, I didn't know it was your birthday but I will definitely get you card mailed this week-end. So, did "it" live? Was "it" dead? That is too funny and you actually painted a great visual....where the heck was your camera? That would have been great! Getting older is wonderful compared to the alternatives....

LauraB said...

omgoodness! take a breath!
and you didn't have a camera handy??
and your husband slept thru all of this??
sorry, but you're a good story teller and I could definitly "see" this happening!!

Cathy said...

Oh! You totally made my day! Way too funny!
Our dogs too, play with stuffed animals and once in a while bring in a critter!
"Look Mom! I brought you something!"
Always results in me screaming and my husband or son totally frazzled by my screaming and not the critter!
Happy Birthday!!

Kathleen Summers said...

One of those things that's HILARIOUS now, lol, but freaky then, I'm sure. Kinda like my "guy in the garage" story. 'Cept yours had more screaming, lol.

KimmyS said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww that sounds like one present you could have done without, right?
And I am sorry but I had to giggle reading your story...

Happy birthday Sweetie!

Catherine said...

oh my gosh, what a funny story. So thankful your son was there to take care of you! 3 summers ago we rented a cabin on a lake that had a bat problem, Ian was only 6 at the time - and he had to get a bat out of the cabin because my Mom and I were screaming like that. I can still hear his sweet voice, mom, it's only a fruit bat. They don't suck your blood, they only want to eat fruit and bugs." he he he. Our sons are our saviors!! Have a great weekend!

Pattyjo said...

That is just to funny!

stampqueen said...

I was laughing sooo hard - we get possums all the time - down here in the south they accually eat those things - now thats really gross!!!! We have one big one that likes to walk along the top of the fence in the middle of the night - drives the dog crazy!! Caught it coming through the doggy door onto the patio once trying to get the dogs food - didn't have a shovel and well lets just say I don't think the broom was too effective!!!!

Debbie Kaste said...

OMG, VICKI! I'd have been howling like you did too over it all. We do "doggie day care" for my brother's dog and she LOVES stuffed animals. Hope she doesn't drag a real one in the house one of these days! How'd you sleep that nite?! What a hoot that story was.....OMG.

Debbie Kaste said...

Bye the way....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It's late and I'm tired too...

Fur Mom said...

Oh my god I loved your entry! I laughed so hard because I had a very similar story with my three dogs one dark wet night! It ended with both my husband and I drenched, mud up to my ears and one scared possum who won't venture back into our yard ever again! ;o)