Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sight seeing

We had a great time sight seeing in Vancouver on Sunday afternoon and evening. Thought I'd share just a few photos. I'm not at home yet.. so I didn't bother to edit and lighten..but here they are.
Sandy,(owner of Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage), her husband Scott, daughter Chelsea and I. ( Anthony (Chelsea's boyfriend took the photo).

Heading in to the city.

The trees are turning colors now and soooo beautiful! Cant wait to get home and lighten these photos so you can really see how gorgeous and vibrant the colors are.

I was really loosing light here but the view was STUNNING!

There is nothing like the smell of the ocean. Oh... every time I'm near .. I just want to take it all in.

These are very different things , than the things I see in Nebraska... you can imagine. So every time I see these views.. I'm totally in awe, and just savor the moment.

I love this photo of Chelsea,... I'm sure she has probably no idea I even took it. She is just such a sweet sweet girl. Beautiful inside and out. All Sandy and Scott's girls are just amazing people all the way around. I always enjoy my time here so much , because the Redburns are just like family to me after all these years. They are wonderful hosts. ( oh.. and did I mention.. awesome cooks?) Oh my gosh.... Sandy, Scott and Chelsea all have made delicious meals since I've been here. It's going to be a real reality check to have to start cooking again when I get home.

Oh.. and here is the little brother of the family. His name is Ottis. I love him to pieces. Keeps me from missing Aly and Molly so much .. just to have a pooch around to love on.

I leave early tomorrow morning for home.. so I'll see them soon.
Ottis looks like he's getting bored with me anyway huh? lol
Have a great day everyone!


nina said...

Hey, that's my city! :) Funny, I didn't realize the 'Langley' you mentioned previously was the Langley I know! I did think it funny that you loved the Crunchie bar. Me too! I hope you enjoyed the Expo & enjoyed Vancouver (where I live) & didn't get dumped on (rain, that is) too much. Have a safe flight home!

stampqueen said...

Love the photos - I so love the ocean with the hills/rocks and trees - a whole different look from the way the ocean looks here in Florida.
I had to laugh when you said how much you liked the Canadian candy bar - thats why I gained as much weight in Germany as I did when we were stationed there - germany candy, french candy, belgium candy......oink, oink but oh sooo yum, yum too

Cathy said...

Love all your pictures! So serene!
The pup is just too cute!

Thanh said...

I love seeing photos from a visitor's point of view, I get to appreciate the City I live in all over again!

I'm so glad you had a good time, Vicki... that means you will come back to us soon, right?

Country Liv . . . said...

I love Vancouver, stayed there for a week about 10 years ago. I like 'China Town' so much and seeing all the familiar places that you see on TV.
What kind of dog is Otis? I want one soooo badly.
Glad you are enjoying your stay.

Charlene said...

That shot of the bridge at sunset was AMAZING!!!!!! WOW girlfriend that one blew me away. LOVE IT! Ottis is a doll. Have a safe trip home.

Julie said...

So fun to read through your last few posts--looks like you had SUCH a good time! Lots of work though! Beautiful photos, and fabulous CS cards & projects--wish I could have been there!

Precious Treasures said...

It is so pretty there. Someday I am going to lose weight and stow away in your suitcase and go with you. :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

ah. such beautiful sights V! one day we'll go sight seeing together, okay? :)