Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick or Treat William

Mom and I have been having a nice time just hanging out and chatting. It's been good for me to have alittle down time also. We really enjoy having her here. I had invited Jarad and Kate out to have dinner with us last night so that was nice, to get to spend some time with them. Wes couldn't come this time .. so hopefully it will work out for him to come next time. Mom is feeling better so she's going back home later today. Winters are long anyway ,but when you cant get out as easily , I'm sure it seem "really" long.. so hopefully mom will spend a few days , here and there this winter, to at least break it up a bit for her ( and for us) lol. And trust me ... (the dogs also). They love all the attention she gives them!


Sharing a layout I did with the Fancy Pants Halloween line. The little cutie pie is William.. my cousin(and good friend) Paula's grandson. Is he the cutest little Dracula you've ever seen. lol

It's posted here on the Fancy Pants Blog with a list of all the products used , if you are interested.

Oh.. and you can get a peek at the new releases from Fancy Pants HERE


Tuesday my sister Jan was here so that her and I could go through class kits to prepare for some upcoming classes, so the three of us chatted and had a fun little lunch together. Boy , I have really been a slacker when it comes to taking "everyday" sort of photos lately. I need to step it up a notch.
Really the "everyday" kinds of photos have always been more important to me than others. Those seem like the kinds of things I think a person would really want to look back on , don't you.?

I don't know if any of you are familiar with designer Faye Morrow Bell but I really credit her with being one of the first designers in the scrapbook world to really bring Scrapbooking "everyday life" into the mix . A number of years ago she was a huge part of the Scrapbook world. She was the author of the book below. One was one of the first designers to really step out of the box, scrapping differently, using office supplies, just having her own style! Actually her style is defiantly not vintage..but I was still inspired by her work in so many other ways. If any one knows what she is doing now .. let me know.. I miss seeing her work.

Sorry , kind of got off on a spiel there..but you know how I am.. whatever pops into my head when I'm writing.
I guess my message here is .. take "everyday" photos! They're important... you'll want to remember them.
Okay.... back to work for me. I have to finish my project for tomorrow. You'll want to stop by ... the Crafty Secrets DT has some fun stull planned for tomorrow.
I'll be posting the winner of the giveaway! So if you haven't gotten you name in yet... you can do it here.

Now.. so take some photos okay?


harrahx2 said...

Well, I'm going to pull up and sit down and make a cup of hot tea and just enjoy visiting with you. I so enjoy our visits....hope you do too! Tell mom and sis I said hi. Feeling like part of the fam, don't ya know.

Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Vicki..what a cute lo and adorable pics...glad to hear your mom is okay..oh..and the cupcakes look divine..tee hee..

janel said...

Good morning!
These days of time spent with your mom are golden moments, and how wonderful that you have them together. I too wonder where F. Morrow Bell is, as she was a huge inspiration to me too....I have the same book and always loved her take on scrapbooking. I hope you have a great Halloween weekend, and that you are cozy and warm with blue sky.