Sunday, October 18, 2009

We did it!

We wrapped things up last night, and are taking some time to just chill a bit this morning before we finish unpacking. It was a great show and really fun "Girlfriends go Vintage" crop night (hosted by Crafty Secrets).
The classes went really well .. and we had tons for fun. Below it the Christmas Box and card set class.

It was so fun to get to meet my friend Thanh in person!!! I love this sweet girl!

and look what she brought me. It was yummy.

Thought I'd share just "some" photos of the gorgeous samples in the booth. There are hundreds of samples so I certainly didnt get a forth of them in the two photos but.... Our all the girls on the design team do such amazing work!! Thanks for sharing you talent girls!

Lots for people to look at and be inspired by.

Sometimes when we're putting out samples I see things I had forgotten I had even make. This is one that I did quite some time ago.

Here is a photo of Sandy being the cheery little hostess last night at the crop we hosted. lol

I have to say .. I never knew the difference in candy bars ..from US to Canada..but seriously.. I had never seen THESE until yesterday.

THIS one is my very very favorite. SO different from any American candy bar I've ever had. Ohmgshhhhhh!

I wish I could give you all a bite.. right now!
We are heading out today for a little I"ll share more photos later.
Hope all of you are having great day!


cards4u said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of all the samples! Always great to see more ideas. Funny you shared the photo of the candy. As a child I remember spending summer vacations at our family cottage in Canada and one of the biggest things we looked forward to on each trip was all of the yummy candy! And you know what? It still looks great today : ) Thanks for bringing back the fun memories!

Barb said...

Hi Vicki: I so enjoyed your class on Saturday afternoon - my first real exposure to "vintage". I have fallen in love! Many thanks to you and to Sandy for helping me with the purchase of some great supplies. (I have already started a list of more essentials that I need!) I went straight from the show to M's - purchased the Sepia ink, came home and have since made 2 "vintage" cards. I am so excited.
Thanks so much for the inspiration and for giving up your personal bottle of "Irridescent Gold" glimmer mist - I will use it wisely. It was a pleasure to meet you - hope you both enjoyed your 'day off" today.

EileenMV said...

That's a crunchy bar & is my favorite ever! The first time I had one was in Ireland. You can purchase them at most any Irish store that you can find.

Country Liv . . . said...

Okay! Enough with the goodies, okay? I'm as fat and round as a beach ball now!
Joshua and I made apple turnovers on Saturday after the soccer game-they turned out too, too yummy and we ate them all before any photos could be taken!
Happy flying,

harrahx2 said...

Is that some type of honeycomb? I want some.............looks like you all had a marvelous time. What funny candy bar names, of course, you know I focused on the food.... Wish I could be there with you sweetie.

debbie k. said...

Vicki, those projects look sooooooo adorable and the cookie, yum! The last photo of the candy looks like a piece of fairy food candy that you can usually get around Christmas time. Love that stuff!

MJ said...

LOL! I was eyeing all the eyecandy and have become distracted by the candybars too! I had no idea you haven't access to Crunchy bars!

Pearl Maple said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time, between the happy crafters, exciting projects and Canadian chocolate bars, it sounds like a party.

Thanh said...

Oh my goodness, there I am on your blog hehe. Just for the record for anyone else who reads this, I did give Vicki a full cookie.

I should send some Crunchies down south to you. It was so awesome to meet you, and looking forward to the next time we see each other again. Thanks for all the inspiration and new ideas. xoxo

Charmingdesigns said...

That is so funny about the candy..its true...canada has the BEST candy