Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween .. Birthday Wishes and company

I have to start this post out with birthday wishes for my nephew Nathaniel! He's officially a teenage as of today. Hope you have a fantastic day Nathaniel.
Your Aunt Vic got your card in the mail late..but it's coming.. I promise.

Hope you do something fun today!

Here's the handsome birthday guy.

Yesterday was a fun day. We don't get trick or treaters out here , because we live out of town..but we were lucky enough to get to see some of the family kiddos yesterday.

I took some photos yesterday nephews and nieces in their Nebraska Huskers outfits. We had been waiting for a nice day to do this.. so yesterday was it!

I'd love to show you all of them.. but I'm holding off to see if they are planning to use them for Christmas photos.
Here's a peek. Are they CUTE or what!~!

Go Big Red!!! YAY!~

They were just leaving when I had more fun arrive.
Craig, Jerri and Candice brought the kiddos out to show me their costumes.

I swear this kid Cracks me up. She was on a mission to get to the granola bar.

Paper and all. lol She wasn't even bothered by the paper spider on the end.

Papers from Fancy Pants . Die cut spiders from AccuCut.

Rashad was quite a cute little batman.

Molly and Jerri seem to have always shared a special bond.. Molly hadn't seen Jerri for quite a while.. and as you can see, Molly was excited to see her.

It was so great to see them.
Later on Gabby , Tracy and Wyatt stopped by. There were so fun. I'm just bummed because my photos didn't turn out ..they are blurry..but I still have to share this one of Wyatt , so you can see the most darling little construction worker ever.
lol... look at what Gabby was. lol.. Tracy really didn't want his picture taken..but he was a Plunger.. and it was HILARIOUS. I should have just snapped a picture when he wasn't looking. ( it was so funny!)
What an awesome day! I loved every minute!

lucky me!


Nat said...

what fun photos- love them all! And love your projects girl!!!

debbie kaste said...

Oh Ms. Vicki, these photos are to die for! Soooooooo cute!!! Your nephew is one handsome little man. He'll be a real heart breaker someday, I'm Thanks for sharing:)

DeniseLynn said...

Such CUTE kids!!!

Gail S. said...

Love the photos! And the Huskers won...they actually won!! Woo hoo!

Elaine said...

Those are THE MOST excellent pictures!! Your costumed family worked hard to look that good - you should be proud!! Especially that toilet costume! lol

harrahx2 said...

Great pics and where the heck did that girl get that costume? Too funny. All the kids are darling and you got some great pictures!

Country Liv . . . said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of these great photos! Love them all!