Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekend stuff from Colorado

Having a fun/snowy time here in Colorado. Wendy and I stopped at this amazing store on the way home from the airport Friday. I could have spent all day in here. Talk about fun stuff!

The name of the store is Cozy Cottage. Its in the Promenade shops at Centerra.

Beautiful things to look at everywhere in this place!

Here is the owner and her daughter.. super sweet. .. oh..and that big bag they just set on the counter??? ... yup...mine! lol

Yesterday I took in part of Kaitlyns game.Wendy and Kyle have amazing kids. I'll sure you'll be seeing plenty of photos of them in this weeks post. lol Fun to have kids around to photograph.

Then yesterday afternoon and last night I got to spend with my nephew Ryan. He lives in Denver.. so he drove up to meet me. I miss him so much since he moved getting spend this one on one time with him as great! We had such a nice time.

The photo above is what it looked like after the movie. I was worried about him driving back to Denver..but it turned out okay.. and the trip back was fine. ( off course I made him call and tell me he made it.)... He laughed and said "I know the drill". lol I'm sure he does ... he's my sisters son. lol
Well gotta go.. the girls are out playing in the snow and I need to grab my camera!
back soon!


Elaine said...

LOVE the shop!! Wow - you sure had some fun! Next time I'm in Denver I will have to look up the Cozy Cottage place! Glad you got to visit with your peeps over there! Have a safe trip home my friend! hugs,E

Thanh said...

Glad to see you're having fun my friend!

Catherine said...

LOoks like a GREAT weekend!! I'm loving that snowman - I need one! ! ! LOL. KEep the snow in that neck of the woods, k?? xox.

MJ said...

I wonder whether that big Santa sign on the tree is a Crafty Secrets lift?!

Those are huge snowflakes! Keep them in Colorado, please?! Funny how you made your nephew report to you after his drive!

Charlene said...

Can't wait to find out what's in the bag! Looks like you had a great time. They are having that white stuff early there in Denver. My aunt said they had OVER 20" in their back yard. YIKES! Have a great week.

stampqueen said...

What a great looking shop - its probably a good thing its not near me!!!!
Love the snow picture - I haven't seen snow in about 12 years now....maybe I will get lucky and we'll have some good snow at home when I come in January
(Mom's having knee surgery).
Have fun!!!

stampqueen said...

P.S. - Had to chuckle about making your Nephew report when he got home - My Mom and my step Dad are leaving tuesday am to drive down here to visit and I told her she had to call me every night to tell me where they are about turning the tables....