Thursday, December 10, 2009

Internet was down for two days!!

I'm so sorry to be posting the winner of the recipe box so late..but we had .. shall we say... a bit of a snow and wind storm Tues night that took out our Internet until about 20 minutes ago! Grrr... talk about frustrating.
Anyway... the winner is Karen Denson so Karen ... email me your information.. and I'll get that in the mail right away
As you can see from the photo below.. the sun is finally shinning..but don't let that fool you.. it is FREEZING out there. The wind really created some drifts out here in the country. Neither of us could even get out of the garage yesterday.
Luckily yesterday and today were days days off .. so it wasn't a big deal.
I about went crazy with out Internet..but I focused on other things .. and actually got some things done.. that were on my list.

I worked on these file folders for upcoming classes. I Glimmer Mist them all (different for each class) and that's what I used to put all the kit papers in for each person.
I usually just use my awesome Misting Mat when I'm misting..but I'm talking "ALOT" of file folders. Atleast a hundred. So this is my set up. I have a $1 store shower curtain liner.. that I drape over my entire hosier. Since Glimmer Mist is water based I wipes off things easy enough.. but this just makes clean up that much easier.

I smoked through these pups , pretty darn fast. I just do light misting.. so they dry quickly.. I stack them up and start the next six.

Five classes.. five different sets. I usually stamp something on them .. and then they are the girl's to keep to use for whatever they wish.

Anyway.. I moved on to working on some Christmas backing after that.
I don't do anywhere near what I used to..with the boys not being at home..but I do a few different kinds to take to Christmas Eve for our big family gathering
(Straight in to the freezer I leave them alone!!) lol
Also finished up my Christmas Cards! yes!

Wrapped some gifts, washed the bedding, got two projects finished up.. and even watched a movie with Dan. ( without falling asleep I might add).. not because I was tired..but because I'm not much of a movie watcher..
If Im not doing busy work while I'm watching... I'll
always cover up with a cozy blanket, and then I'm OUT for the count) lol
So although.. no Internet for the past two days had bugged me beyond belief.. I did get other things done.. and that feels good!
I'll be back to share a project I just finished up.
Stay warm.. brrrr


stampqueen said...

I told my Mom she was sposed to save the blizzard for when I am up in Jan...
Wow looks like you had a lot of fun with the glimmer msit!!!!

Jan said...

A blizzard it was!!! Glad you were able to stay home for a couple days :) WE were snowed in to but we didn't lose our power..or internet! Your cookies look so good :)

Catherine said...

Looks like you were BUSY!! The cookies look delic, I could eat a couple right now, lol.

Got a generous package in the mail today, THANK you my dear!! Can't wait for a free minute to make something!! xox.

chelemom said...

Glad you got lots done! I just got my Christmas cards in the mail today (I order photo ones...) so I am hoping to get those out by the weekend!

Nat said...

wow- that looks like a looot of snow. Awesome idea for the classes!

Elaine said...

Hey you tease!! Those cookies look absolutely yummy! Glad you got power back and you're hooked up again online!

I hope you will send me your address!! I lost it :( and need to get my own cards out! Please don't feel like you need to send one send the nicest surprises throughout the year...and it's MY turn to send you something, dear heart!


Anonymous said...
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Scrap for Joy said...

I always say if you're going to get snow...make it big! No snow here in Pittsburgh, just bone-chilling temps! Sometimes breaks from the computer do make us more productive...hmmm, here I sit! Loved your recipe book from your last post. I think that might be a neat idea for my daughter and 2 daughter-in-laws...for Valentine's Day. Stay warm Vic!

debbiek said...

We got hit with a bit of snow out this way too but not as bad as you did! Your projects look great and the cookies YUMMY! I need to "freeze" instead of eatting most of what I

BTY, you have beautiful handwriting!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

What fun folders to get kit pieces in!

Yep, we got the same snow! What a mess! We live on a farm and it took 2 days for DH to get us dut out. Makes it hard on the animals too. We ended up with 2 snow days. I think the whole state of NE got snow!

Country Liv . . . said...

I was feeling down,came by here and your post makes me feel good! Beautiful files and cookies. Glad I don't have snow but wish we did have more of winter temps down here.

Bettyann said...

looks like all the snow in the world was dumped on your area lol...well I freeze my cookies too, but did you know that can be eaten right out of the goodies have to move off-shore for me not to sneak some..glad you are back..

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, my friend, please, keep the snow. I don't want it! I like winter for about 2 days, then phhhht, done! Cookes look wonderful, I am so not the cook! Folders look good. Sometimes, it amazes me how much I get done when I can walk away from the computer...Hugs...

Heather said...

Wow girl! You have been busy. We had 15.7 inches in 1 day here.

Anonymous said...
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Ali said...

BRAVO Vicki!! Loved the file folders, BTW! GORGEOUS!!