Saturday, December 26, 2009

snow.. snow and more snow

Well, were still stuck inside..but hopefully the roads will be cleared soon. Good thing, because I'm about to go stir crazy!! I haven't been out of the house since last TUESDAY! ahhhhhhhh
Haven't seen any family for Christmas yet..but hopefully the kids can come later tonight or tomorrow. ( hoping!!!)

I was actually so bored yesterday that I took the dogs out to play Frisbee in the snow. Molly wasn't sure about climbing and falling into the drifts up to her head.

She was tired by the time she got to the top..she just laid down. lol

The had their Christmas scarves on ... even though no one saw them. lol Even Aly seemed to like the snow for a while..then she was ready to come in. (me too!)

I really missed my family this year. First Christmas in all my life..that I wasn't with them all. ( but I was SO glad everyone was safe in their homes.. and not out on the roads).
I decided to set the timer on my camera and send a Christmas greeting to my sis's family in Lincoln. We had so hoped to see my nephew Ryan who had flown back for Christmas this year from Denver. ( so glad he go there)
Anyway , we sent photos and messages back and forth to their phones all night. Ah... modern technology. lol
I sent this one. ( No make up, hair not fixed. ..and in my pj's ..nice... I know...but it was just for fun). Pretty bad when you go through the shower and just put on another pair of clean jam's. lol

Then one from them. lol

and another from us.
Yep.. thats about how Christmas went around here.
We are hoping to all try to get together and make it happen NEXT weekend.
( if the weather cooperates.. we'll see)
Hope it was a nice Christmas for you!
we're going to try again next weekend.


Cathy said...

It was a very different Christmas for us as well! My kids are here! No Family and friends could make it, though!
Tons of snow here too!
I have greater appreciation for the next Christmas, missed all of my family!

Elaine said...

Glad you were all safe at Christmas...may that first time being apart from each other also be the last! :)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Looks cold, but fun! Hope you will still have a family-filled Christmas, sweetie.xoxo Lidy

Charlene said...

So sorrrrrrrry you didn't get to see any family on Christmas! I know what a family girl you are. But, everyone is safe & warm. Hugs! Charlene

Bettyann said...

oh so sorry you couldn't be together for Christmas..but glad everyone is safe and sound...just think of all those goodies waiting for you this coming looked marvelous girl..

stampqueen said...

I guess maybe I should fess up - my Step Dad says all this snow is my fault - I had told them I wanted to see a little snow when I am home next week so now he says all this snow is my fault LOL - I said for next week not this week and certainly not the ice and huge snow you guys did get!!!!
Cute pictures - I can just see how my old pooch would act in the snow!!!
ahh well off to work for me.....

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

We've been snowed in since Tuesday nite also.
DH got us dug out yesterday after the blizzard slowed down, so we're going to try and venture out to his parents for Christmas. We have no idea what the roads are like, so we may have to turn around, but at least we will get out of the house for a little bit. Ü

harrahx2 said...

Every day can be Christmas. I think that is my mantra for the new year. Sending hugs and love!

Country Liv . . . said...

Man . . . I was so hoping to see your 'Merriest' fam celebrating togetherness! I'm glad everyone is safe and warm though! I'm sure that whenever the family gets together for your Christmas celebration it will be special; please don't let the delay get you down.
The pups look so happy, especially Aly! I think the photo of the four of you is so adorable with the big kiss from Molly!
Kim and the children came for Christmas Eve dinner; Kim was doing pretty good. Joshua loved my special tree ornaments and now wants me to make him some 'snow globe' sports ornaments for his room! He's such a jock but is really crafty too-we will make some together if I get to HL before they put up the Christmas stock.
Merry Christmas again, dear friend, and big hugs to all of you!

MJ said...

Maybe you'll get together for new year's instead! Glad to read that you are all safe & sound!