Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ups and downs

Boy this past week has been filled with ups and downs for sure. After having to postpone Christmas because of the big snow storm.. we finally got together with the boys, and have rescheduled our big family Christmas for this weekend.
As some of you know we lived just outside a small little town here in NE. Monday night was a rough one here.

Fire broke out in one of the building on main street. ( main street here.. is about 3 blocks long.. with small business lining both side of this ONE street. That's pretty much.. "down town")
The fire was first notice mid afternoon..but by night had spread to the entire block.

It was a devastating loss for our little town. We are just thankful there were no serious injuries. Still such a loss...
Just a couple of weeks ago I posted some photos on my blog , and one of the apts above one of these businesses, was one of the things I had taken a photo of , because I thought it was to cool how the owner had some of his antiques displayed on the outside wall. You can see it here.

Volunteer firs depts from a number of surrounding areas were called to help.
It was touching to see how this little community of less than 1,300 pulled together. The city auditorium which is right on main street also.. was set up for firefighters to warm up. Gambinos pizza across the street, sent over boxes and boxes of pizzas, and people from North Bend brought in plates of Christmas cookies and food.
We're all sad for the towns loss,... the businesses, home (apt above building), and historical documents that were lost. Our hearts go out to everyone. And to all the volunteer firefighters who worked so hard battling this fire in the freezing temps.

On our way into Fremont yesterday ... we drove by. Fires were out in the morning..but it was shocking to see the loss.

Like I said... ups and downs.
On the "UP" side of things. Yesterday was our moms 88th Birthday.. so we spend the day with her. It was freeeeezzzing out.. and still icy.. so instead of bringing her out.. we went to her. lol My sis and her hubby came also , since they had this week off . We'll all celebrate more with her , when the family is together this weekend.
We had a NICE day!
Love ya mom!
We are SOOOO looking forward to a "belated" Christmas gathering with the fam this weekend. ( so keeping our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates!)
I haven't been able to create much this week to share...but things should slow down soon. It's been a very "different" Christmas/New Years week this year...but we are so thankful everyone has been safe.. and now out on these nasty roads.
I promise I'll share something creative next week. (see now I've committed myself.. so I'll have to get busy. lol)
Hope you are all doing well.


chelemom said...

What a shame!!! Fire is so devastating!!!
Your mom looks beautiful! Does NOT look 88 at all!!!!! Happy Birthday to her!

MJ said...

Sorry to read about the fire. Your town has had some tough knocks lately.

Loved your mom's birthday cake! Seems like a branch & a bird was in there too? No doubt you've been involved in the cake decorating somehow! Whenever I see a bird, I think of you!

Happy new year!

Thanh said...

Oh my goodness! I am so saddened by these photos, yet at the same time - it warms my heart to see community chipping in. What a beautiful little town you live in, Vicki.

GO MA GO!!! ;) Your mom looks great!

Elly said...

Oh my, what a terrible news... So sad for your little town.
But on the other hand, happy birthday Mom! Wow, 88 and still looking so good, what's your secret?
Vicki, I want to wish you a very Happy New Year, full of happiness, health and creativity!!!!
Hugs, Elly

harrahx2 said...

Fire, storms, holiday cancellation and just rough times. Glad to close 2009. Let's pray the new decade brings positive energy for change~ Hugs my friend.

Jan said...

I'm thankful there were no serious injuries but it's so difficult to look at the loss of your little town!
The one good thing is that little communities have a way of pulling together and supporting one another!

Jane Wetzel said...

Happy New Year Vic! Your mom looks wonderful! Sorry about your rough ending to the year..but things are looking up! Blessings to you!

LauraB said...

hugs and prayers~L

DebbieK. said...

Happy B-day to your Mom, Vicki! She looks so happy and that's wonderful that you took her special day to her instead of taking her out in the cold.

Sorry to hear of the loss of businesses in your small town. At least no one was hurt and shops/businesses can always be built again.

Happy New Year to you and yours. LOVE your blog.

Pattyjo said...

Sorry about the loss. With two fires so close together in time, do they think arson? Sorry...but I am married to a fireman for 39 yrs. these things rub off.

Bettyann said...

So glad no one seriously hurt..your sweet Mom looks so happy...will keep my fingers crossed that you can get to your family gathering this week-end..Happy New Year..look forward to 2010..I am going to be a new MIL and a brand new grandma..

Catherine said...

I'm so sad to hear about your pretty little town, was it the little junk shop that we visited a couple times, I was thinking that it looked like that! It's wonderful that your town came together to help out, that's the one good thing about things like that - you find out what people are really like!

happy Birthday to your Mom, loved her cake - did you or Jan make it?

Happy New Year my friend!

Country Liv . . . said...

How sad . . . but now I'm praying your little town will have a spanking new rebirth! You took some fab photos too girl-you ought to offer them to the town historian.
Happy Birthday to Sweet Mama too! Huge Hugs!

Gail S. said...

Vicki - I heard about the fire on the news! Very sad. We had a similar situation close by in Broken Bow a couple of years ago and 5 businesses were lost - it was a whole block on Main Street and only one of the bussinesses are back on that block, one of the others relocated and the others did not re-open. I wish the best for you small town. said...

Oh what a tragedy! So sad!!! I'm glad no one was injured.

Charlene said...

Vicki I am so sorry to hear about the fire!!!! Oh how sad & town wasn't that big! Happy Happy to Mom! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration. Hope she shared that yummy cake. Hugs! Charlene