Sunday, January 31, 2010

More to share

Still more to share from CHA.
I cant begin to tell you how fun it was to see the excitement about the die! I was giddy I tell you. lol Here are a couple of photos of the the die samples in the AccuCut booth.
Here is the post about it on the AccuCut blog.

If you aren't familiar with all the fantastic dies AccuCut has available are in for a treat. Look HERE.

A while back I posted links to the Crafty Secrets DT girls, showing what they did with the dies and the new Fairy Scraps from Crafty Secrets HERE. A couple of my dear friends also created projects with my die. Below is the darling project my friend Carol Halverson (HB) did and brought to me at the show.
Aren't her granddaughter's just darling. Thanks so much Carol!!

And , you may have seen Catherine's in an earlier post..but here it is again... for your viewing
You can see how diverse this die can be, no matter what your style or what the occasion.
I love them both!

I could not believe the creative ideas I saw when we were doing this as a make and take. I wish I could have taken photos of all of them.

Okay... more photos of booths to show you.
Here is the Tattered Angels booth.

They always have a beautiful both set up.

Gorgeous samples from the DT and LOTS of excitement about the newly released products!

Here is Celine demoing. Most all of the designers had demo times set .. so it was fun to get to see them in action! (Really fun when my friend Nat was demoing on the other corner , of the TA booth, just across from here I was demoing in the Crafty Secrets booth.. so we could make faces at each other from time to time. lol)

Heidis new line was a huge success also. WOW is all I'm going to say about that! Cool Cool Stuff!

(below) Jenni Bowlinbooth

(below) Pink Paislee
(below) Carolees

Oh.. and how fun is this. I looked up between the people at my make and take table and whos there to say hello..but Jarad and Jodi (owners of Fancy Pants Designs)... with the new baby. Are they just the cutest or what!!

I'm finally all unpacked, laundry done, house cleaned, and caught up on sleep.. so I'll be having some new projects finished to share with you soon.
I'm just enjoying being home and Dan has a nasty cold, so we vegged on the couch with the pups most o the day today. Jarad and Kate are gone for the weekend , so we have cloey here too. Aly and Molly LOVE it when they have her here to play with.
It's not sunshine and palm trees..but it's home.. and it feels pretty good. lol
Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

CHA... friends ( and other good stuff) lol

I have to tell you... this was one of the best CHA's ever.. because I knew Cat ( Catherine Scanlon )and I were finally going to get to meet our friend Nat (Natalie Kalbach) from Germany. We have all been friends since way back in our ScrapMuse (kit club) days.. when we were all on the Design Team together. With Natalie living in Germany.. we have never met in person, in all these years. We have been planning and talking about meeting for so long.. and finally........

Oh my gosh.. I can not begin to tell you how much fun it was to finally have this happen. We were all just Giddy! We chatted every chance we got ,... and had a fantastic time meeting for dinner one night. Oh... I love these girls!!!

Like I always say.... the very best part of CHA is meeting up with friends! Some you've known for years and others you've met on line and feel very close to , but have never had the chance to meet in person... which was the case with my "facebook buddy", Bronwyn Velazquez. (below). So fun to get to meet her in person!

and I was THRILLED to finally get to meet Mimi Hornberger ( Paper Rose Studio)! What a sweetheart! We have been blog buddies for a long time.

OMgosh... check out how fun the AccuCut girls are!!!! lol I LOVE this photo!

I got to have a peek at Lisa Paces new book "Delight in the Details".... and OH MY!! This is a must have!!! Ordering mine today!

And ... (below)...the sweet sweet owners of Pink Persimmon! Judi and Darci.
You'll have to check out their post HERE... when went to get the link.. I saw they had posted on their blog about us meeting also. lol

and then look below at who was looking cute as could be in her new booth....
Taylor Vanbruggen..... Taylored Expressions. Her booth was just adorable... and she was too as always! I look so forward to seeing her and her mom any chance I get. they are midwesterners that they have moved back to Iowa! YAY! It's been so fun to watch Taylors business grow the way it has!
WTG girl!
(Below).... I got to meet Crafty Secrets Design Team member Pam Hooten for the very first time. What a treat .. as she was with my dear friend Carol Halverson (HB)! See what I mean.. this is what makes going to shows!

(below).. Patty Marker from Sewing Seeds 4u. Just wait until I show you the bag she made me!!! ahhh.... I LOVE IT! I'll be showing you a photo soon! I have been freaking out about them since I first saw them on her blog. She is just such a sweet sweet person .. and so talented. Loved meeting her!

I missed getting photos of so many friends, and I'm sad about that. It's just that things move SO quickly when your there.. sometimes, you just cant get to your camera. Like I said.. seeing friends and meeting new people is the very best part..but then .. right behind this.... lol

yummy food. Luckily you are too darn busy during the day to eat much..but you blow all your calories in the evening. lol

One evening we were invited out to spend the evening with the Tattered Angels crew at their beach house. Good food, good friends.. and the ocean! Michelle and I braved the night to put our feet in the water. It was a blast!

Leave it to a Nebraska and a Colorado girl to HAVE to put their feet in the ocean in Feb. lol

So much more to share..but I'll stop for today. I was SO lazy yesterday, today I HAVE to get something done around here. Feels good to be home and laz around with my pups!
I'll be back to share more tomorrow!
Have a great day!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage at CHA winter in Anaheim

What a fun filled..but busy 8 days it's been since I left for CA. I was hoping to get my computer out and blog some while I was there ..but it just didnt happen this time. I do have lots to share now though, so stay tuned. lol
I just got home tonight and sized a few photos to share in this post..but I'll post some each day, along with projects. Although it was a wonderful week in CA .. and I left sunshine and palm trees for 13 degree weather and lots of snow here in NE... HOME still always feels so good!

CHA"2010" Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage

Of course I'll start with Crafty Secrets. Here are Sandy and I with Julie Campbell.
Julie worked this show with us.. and we all had a wonderful week together. It was great getting to know her.

The booth looked fantastic!! SO many gorgeous samples to display.

Oh..yeah.. and the dies on display with the Crafty Secrets new Fairy Scraps.
I cant even tell you how exciting it was to see people loving the dies, and using them in our make and takes. I'll show you more photos , and tell you more about than in upcoming posts.

Check out the Fairy , cupcake display. ( wish you could see it rotating.. it was so cool)

It was a great display! Everyone was so excited about the new stamp sets just released from Crafty Secrets. They are amazing! You can see and read more about them HERE on the Heartwarming Vintage blog.

No matter what show we do.. everyone is always "wowed" by the gorgeous samples our design team has made. They are such a talented bunch!

Photos just dont do it justice.. the booth was gorgeous!! Wish you could have all been there to see all the pretties.
After a good nights sleep I'll be all ready to get photos lined up to share...because.. trust me .. I have ALOT of them. lol
But for now... off to a good nights sleep in my own bed. My pups are sticking by my side.. and not letting me out of their sight right now. lol

missed you all.. feels good to be back

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All is well

just saying hello! First time I've had a minute to even turn on the computer here.. and not time now to upload photos. BUT... wanted to say hi, having a exciting time and I'll be home Thursday night. miss ya!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Off to California

Well my bags are packed and I'm ready to head for CHA. Now.. I just have to hope we dont get the ice they are talking about , so I can get to the airport tomorrow. I spent today on last minute things I needed to finish up. Wanted to do a quick blog post to say tootles . I'm taking my lap top..but whether there's time to post or not... we'll have to see.

I'll take lots of pictures to share for sure... (either during the week when I'm there... or when I get home.)
I thought I'd leave you with another little cutie from the new Crafty Secrets , Fairy sheet.

See you all soon!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Something new from Tattered Angels.... Glimmer GLAZE and Glimmer Glam

Check it out will ya!~ New goodness from Tattered Angels!! Glimmer Glaze...

and Glimmer Glam!

Tell you more??? Okay

"Glimmer Glaze will offer the same beautiful color and AMAZING glimmer as Glimmer Mist, but will now offer you the versatility to use on any surface. This product will be a translucent to a semi-opaque depending on how much of an application is used. Glimmer Glaze will also be a matte finished product if used in a fine application, yet as you build up the product the application will build up to a semi gloss or high gloss finish. This gives you an amazingly versatile product that can be used on any surface, offer any finish (matte, eggshell, semi-gloss or high gloss) as well as a variety of depth of color depending on how much you apply. Glimmer Glaze will come equipped with a paint brush insert for easy application. The container will also have a nice sized opening making it easy to pour out for large project.
Glimmer Glam will offer a similar base of Glimmer Glaze but with a slight more of a transparent color base, still have an AMAZINGLY GLIMMERY base, yet now we are adding custom glitters to add to the depth of the glimmery crafting experience! Using a ridiculous variety of glitters, we are not only customizing the glimmer in the product, we are now customizing the glitters too! This will give crafters a multi-faceted and unique art medium to work with. Glimmer Glam will come equipped with a pom like dauber for application. The container as well has a wide enough opening to allow crafters to use the product in larger amounts if needed.
Both products are easily manipulated with Glimmer Mist, so they blend very nicely if needed. These products were created to act as a companion to Glimmer Mist to give additional depth to crafters Glimmer Misting experience."

***You can read more about them HERE and watch the video to see more on how to use them.


I just PLAYED! I wanted a "textured look" for this layout.. so I just went for it. lol I took this photo out at the cabin last summer and have been meaning to do something with it. Today was the day. lol
(You should be able to click to see it larger..but I did post close ups also)

I used it in a couple of different ways. I brushed Glaze along the edges of some of the paper.. and I also just splattered some from my brush for a different effect. I loved it.

Like I said.. I was wanting texture and there's lots of different things going on . I first made my background paper, using new Glimmer Mist colors, "Sweet Clover" and "Water Slide".. and my old faithful stand by "Suede".

The glorious color of Glimmer Glaze I used was "Copper Kettle".

I used some old book print and even some cork paper. Did some hand stitching and some faux stitching with my tracing wheel.

I also used Tattered Angles "Alpha Fonts" chipboard letters and some different pieces of "Glimmer Glass" from the Nature set.

(Above).. I cut the handle off of the mirror piece.. and used it in a different way. I used the handle I cut off , in a different part of the layout. (you'll see it below in the last photo ).

I had such fun creating this layout. I can tell having different (and new) mediums to play with is really going to make me what to get messy! lol

Accually , it wasnt to messy at all... especially with the big awesome pink Misting Mat! Man , do I LOVE that thing. Everything just wipes right off it!

Seriously.. paint, stazon, glue, mist.. glaze.. ect... just wipe right off!

( you can see below , where I used the handle of the mirror)

Cant wait to play with these some more. I'm sure I'll learn as I go...but until then .. I'm having fun just playing.
I've been busy around here finishing up class kits for upcoming crops after CHA. I finally finished samples, kits and descriptions for 11 classes. whew!
I'll tell you more about those as they get closer.
Feels good to have that checked off my list , with heading out for CA in just a few days. By the way... I'm working the Crafty Secrets booth at if youre there.. come by and say "hi" okay?
**I really want to say THANKYOU for all your kind words of support on Fridays post about the dies. You guys are the best!
I was just giddy all day. lol

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New 3D Shadow Boxes and Altered Fairy Scraps for CHA!

I am SO excited to share my little Secret! FINALLY! ( it's been hard for me to keep quiet about something as fun as this.) lol
This is a page out of the new AccuCut catalog. yay!

You know how I love altering photo holders.. ... and creating shadow boxes... well, I came up with an idea for a die that I thought would be really versatile and fun for alot of different projects. So... I worked together with Crafty Secrets and AccuCut to release 2 dies for winter CHA. These dies work GREAT with Crafty Secrets new Altered Fairy Scraps and today is our Design Team Preview to show you how well they work together. ( see "Fairy" Creative Scraps below)**Each of the Creative Scraps come with two sheets. ( so be sure to check out both sides)

Are these adorable or what? ahhh... So many different images to mix and match. You have these fairy images to use, and then also separate hats, wings..ect.. to add to your own photos if you want.
(See that little crabby girl?... Oh my gosh.. she looks to cute with at party hat on.. holding that "Party Pooper" sign.) lol

Okay.. back to the dies. Here's the scoop.....
They are available in a Portrait or Landscape style, each of them has a center shadow box style ‘stage’ to showcase a multitude of creative themes and styles. You can create photos keepsakes, 3D cards, shaker boxes, altered art and dioramas ... you name it.

Both dies will be available from AccuCut and discounted 25% off for orders placed at the CHA Show. Crafty Secrets will also be selling Kits, with or without the Fairy Scraps included.

You can ask your favorite store to order these dies and most stores will let you use their dies if you buy the paper you want to cut from them. AccuCut sells to a variety of retail stores, teachers, kit clubs and consumers. They will be available to order online in Feb.

3D Shadow Box Portrait Die # VC101SJ $165.00 (25% off at CHA Show))

3D Shadow Box Landscape Die # VC102CD $165.00 (25% off at CHA Show)

Okay, how about some samples? I'll show you what I've been working on , and then at the bottom of this post.. I'll share the links to all the girls on the Crafty Secrets Design Team ,who are showing off their beautiful projects today. So be sure to check them out. yay!

Well, my first two samples are on the AccuCut catalog page up at the top of this post..but I'll post them larger ,here on my blog, over the next week.
This one is one I just finished this morning.

I love how well these dies work with these Fairy Images.. whether you want a warm "vintage" look, or and fun colorful cheery one.
I've done these samples as "free standing" altered pieces..but they make great dimensional cards, or even altered hangings. (Oh trust me mind has been reeling with different ideas I have for these dies.) lol

hmmm... wonder who that cute little girl is?? lol

These assemble so easy. I've found Scrapbook Adhesives double sided tape works perfectly!

Okay.. now an example of the "landscape" die
For this one I used other Crafty Secrets images and embellished with Crafty Secrets stamps.
As I look at these samples.. I just have to say again.. how lucky I am to work with Sandy (owner of Crafty Secrets) , and Cindy Van Koll ( Crafty Secrets talented graphic designer). They are creative minds behind Crafty Secrets.. and constantly inspire me!

You can see the dimension here.
Both dies can close if you are wanting to use them as a dimensional card. Here is just one of the ways that can be done.
· The idea below ... for a little tea light lantern.. is something Sandy thought up.
She said.. "if you connect four of the front pieces, add a bottom and, you could make a lantern". hmmmmm... interesting. So.. here's my take on her idea.
The images are stamped on vellum.. so the light from the battery operated tea light.. will show through.
( Stamp set is the new "Couple of Cuties" set.

I'm so excited to check out what the girls have created. Here are the links to their blogs. Thanks girls!!!

· Pam Hooten
Heidi Blankenship
Marisa Grosson
Michele Kovack
Michelle Van Etten
Melissa Phillips
Heartwarming Vintage Blog


As if that isnt enough inspiration.. my sweet and talented friend Catherine Scanlon.. who is an amazing artist and author ,created a beautiful project with one of my dies for me. Thanks Kitty! Be sure to check it out also. HERE

Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you!!!