Sunday, January 10, 2010


Don't let the sunshine fool you .. it's darn cold here! It finally quit snowing and blowing...but brrrr! There hasn't been school here for days, just because of the wind chill.
The snow plow finally took care of the huge snow piles at the intersections of the county roads and the highway.. so I'm getting out of the house today.. for the first time in a week! AHHHH! Dan had two of the worst storm days off because he had to work this weekend.. so at least he didn't have to go out until yesterday. He's vehicle rides alot higher than my little car.. so he got through the "snow wall" ... I wasn't about to try it before today.
( old mothers Hubbards cupboards are getting bare!)

The wind just blew and blew ... so the visibility was bad. This was after it was almost over the next day .. and the sun was shining ..but you can still see how the drifts collected.. and how bad the visibility was from the wind. This is looking up the road in front of the house to the East.

and this is looking up the road to the West. The funny thing is ... I didnt even take these pictures.. Dan did. He said.. "arent you going to go out and take some photos?"( does he know me well or what?)lol .... I laughed and said... "um.. no thanks, I'll pass." lol I was quite comfy in my jammies thankyou!
He picked up my camera off the counter, later when he had finished snow blowing.. and headed back out. I think my habits are wearing off on him. lol
Is it SPRING yet??????

Well... at least I had plenty to keep my busy this week, while I was stuck inside. I haven't really dug into these goodies yet..but .. Oh my! Tattered Angels has some incredible stuff coming out! Wow!

I have been working on classes for Coleridge and Albion that will be coming up over the next couple of months. 12 classes total... umm... so you can only image the messy piles I have stacked in my studio right now. I've finished 6.. so I'm half way there right? yay!

I'm thinking the others will have to wait until after CHA at this point. Yikes.. less than a week and a half away.
If you are going to CHA... be sure to come by the Crafty Secrets Booth and say hi. It's going to be so exciting with all the new product releases. I cant wait to see all the samples the DT has made for this show. ( especially the ones made with that little secret of mine) lol
We'll be having a blog hop on Thursday .. to share all the goodness!
Enjoy your day friends!


M!ssPr!ssy said...

Great pix. He's hired and wow...memories. Jealous

debbiek said...

Wow Ms. Vicki, you guys really got hammered with the snow. Thought we had it bad in Stay warm!

Elaine said...

Nice job to the Mr. on the pictures! lol I know you're super busy with CHA right around the friend Amy Tsuruta is going - I bet she tracks you down! lol Good luck with kitting and have fun at CHA! :)

Country Liv . . . said...

OMGoodness! I am a happy camper knowing that we don't have snow! When we lived in Virginia it would snow in November and remain on the ground for months-no thank you. Nowadays our schools close because of rain! LOL! These kids are coddled! Thanks to Dan for the photos!

Catherine said...

It's pretty frigid here too, but no new snow. It was only 2 this morning, brrrrrr is right!

I'll be sure to stop by the Crafty Secrets booth and say hello!

Linda the GiddyGardener said...

Congrats on teaming up with Accucut to bring us more goodies. I supersized the picture of the Glimmer Mists as big as I could get it, but no help. I did not touch the snow pictures, though. Y'all stay warm up there, please. The scrapbook world needs ya.

Mary Anne in NJ said...

Hope I'll get the chance to participate in some of your projects in 2010...via mail, of course, since I don't live near any of the places you have your of these days I'll have to get you out to the Philadelphia/New Jersey area! I gave some of my projects away at Christmas (it was soooo hard to give them away)..everyone loved your blog (as always!) Mary Anne in NJ

harrahx2 said...

I know it must be cold and nasty if you didn't get out to take pictures. Your husband sounds so sweet to take them for you and yes, we do rub off on our husbands...after awhile, we start to look alike. Well, except for the height thing and the fact that mine is skinny and tall and I am so not...and oh never mind. Hugs my friend. Your class looks interesting.

stampqueen said...

Great pics!!! I am hoping to stop on the way home from Mom's therapy in Fremont tomorrow - some of the fields along 30 look like waves on the ocean - really cool. So glad to have Mom home so she can relax!!!! The road through Cedar Bluffs is still one way in parts and there are country roads out by Mom's that I doubt they will even try to open anytime soon....
Can you tell I am glad to have internet again!!! They didn't have acsess at the rehab center :(