Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Garden Journal album

Wow.. I sure got lost in working on this album the past couple of days. lol Anytime I get to work with Glimmer Mist and Crafty Secrets images .. I'm happy! This is the Garden Journal Album from Tattered Angels.

If you were wondering where the Glimmer Glass fence and gate are.. I just used them in the middle of the book , instead of the front.
I Incorporated the use of a number of different screens, embossed chipboard, stamps and glimmer mist , from Tattered Angels.
All the images are from Crafty Secrets.

These embossed Chipboard peices are sooo pretty. After spraying and inking.. every little detail of the embossing just pops. ( and they're self adhesive!)

You should be able to click and see the photos larger.

Looking at these photos , really makes me long for summer!

I've done albums before with nature photos from around home..but I cant seem to get enough of it. lol I just love nature photos!
All the photos I used in this little album are from right here at home. That makes them extra special. Have I ever mention how much I love living in the country? haha.... I really really do. I don't think I could live in town again.
(although... I dont want to live too far from town)

Don't get me wrong.. I'm not a farm girl. I'm not that tough .. lol ...I hate bugs, horrified at the thought of snakes, and certainly know nothing about farming. lol ( oh .. and did I mention ...not even to crazy about sweating or getting dirty) lol BUT... I love most everything else about living out of town!

No street lights, honking cars, sirens, noisy neighbors,( worrying about having to constantly rake your leaves or blow your snow.) haha
It's smells good, everyone waves at you whether they know you or not. Flowers grow in the ditches. My pups can run!

Oh... and the sunsets.... ( yes.. Nebraska has some beautiful sunsets)

The colors of Glimmer Mist I used for on this album are Autumn Leaves, Yellow Daisy, Lily Pad, Cherry Limeade, Riptide and Olive Green.

I love Olive vine!! One of my very favorite colors. Along with Suede, Vintage Pink, Robins Egg Blue, and Iridescent Gold. ( umm.. and about a hundred others).
All of the background designs on the pages were done using different screens from Tattered Angels.
You can see how easy it is to design you own all the pages in the book started out ivory colored.

I wish it was a beautiful day .. working in my flowers...but no... it's SNOWING AGAIN! It's like it just wont quit. Mom and I were going in to Omaha for her eye appointment today..but we had to cancel because of the storm. Shoot for next week I guess.

Hopefully it will be warmer in CA in a couple of weeks. CHA is coming fast.

Heidi has a live broadcast on what she did with one of these Garden albums. The info and link are HERE on the TA website.

I just love how using the screens ads so much interest.

Like I said.. I kind of got lost in this album, and worked on it until late last night. I got up and finished it this morning. I love it when that happens....
when you are so caught up in creating... and having fun with it.
I was in a creative slump over the holidays.. so I'm just glad to have found my creativity again. whew! lol

Now ... to clean up the mess I made in this room. lol
Hope you have a wonderful day!


ybus said...

Beautiful! Apparently your art block unblocked?

Steph said...

WOW! amazing job

Bettyann said...

this garden album is so beautiful..fab love it !!!!what a class it would be..brings your photos...won't tell you that I had a light nylon jacket and running shoes on today lol...

Flowers said...

Nice blog. I am stunned by your Garden Journal Album. It looks great. I think I should create my own. Thanks for the inspiration.

Chris said...

I'm french and i discovered your blog with notre malle aux trésors. I really love what you realise. it's so lovelly ! really beautiful !

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Wow! The journal is gorgeous. I like the designs of every page, very artistically made

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The art is very classic like but elegant at the same time. I love this, very creative.

Katie said...

This is absolutely stunning!

Jane Wetzel said...

wow just blew me away with this..that sky pic was toooo much..GORGEOUS..

Darcy in Montrose Colorado said...

LOVE the nature photos from Nebraska. Being a Nebraska girl, but living in Colorado, I love to see those beautiful Nebraska sunsets and cornfields! Great job on your album. Let the creative juices flow!

stampqueen said...

Beautiful - love the colors and the pictures are awsome!!!!!

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, surely you have NEVER lost your creativity, just set it down while brooding over the missing holiday...then having the holiday, you found it again. I LOVE IT. You must start listing the supplies, item by item, so folks can reproduce it! You are so talented and I loved what Chris posted...couldn't read her blog but loved her posting!

Monika/Buzsy said...

What a fabulous journal. Love the swirls, the gates... everything about it... can't wait to see more goodies from CHA. TFS!

DeniseLynn said...

Seriously! this book is GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

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