Saturday, January 16, 2010

Something new from Tattered Angels.... Glimmer GLAZE and Glimmer Glam

Check it out will ya!~ New goodness from Tattered Angels!! Glimmer Glaze...

and Glimmer Glam!

Tell you more??? Okay

"Glimmer Glaze will offer the same beautiful color and AMAZING glimmer as Glimmer Mist, but will now offer you the versatility to use on any surface. This product will be a translucent to a semi-opaque depending on how much of an application is used. Glimmer Glaze will also be a matte finished product if used in a fine application, yet as you build up the product the application will build up to a semi gloss or high gloss finish. This gives you an amazingly versatile product that can be used on any surface, offer any finish (matte, eggshell, semi-gloss or high gloss) as well as a variety of depth of color depending on how much you apply. Glimmer Glaze will come equipped with a paint brush insert for easy application. The container will also have a nice sized opening making it easy to pour out for large project.
Glimmer Glam will offer a similar base of Glimmer Glaze but with a slight more of a transparent color base, still have an AMAZINGLY GLIMMERY base, yet now we are adding custom glitters to add to the depth of the glimmery crafting experience! Using a ridiculous variety of glitters, we are not only customizing the glimmer in the product, we are now customizing the glitters too! This will give crafters a multi-faceted and unique art medium to work with. Glimmer Glam will come equipped with a pom like dauber for application. The container as well has a wide enough opening to allow crafters to use the product in larger amounts if needed.
Both products are easily manipulated with Glimmer Mist, so they blend very nicely if needed. These products were created to act as a companion to Glimmer Mist to give additional depth to crafters Glimmer Misting experience."

***You can read more about them HERE and watch the video to see more on how to use them.


I just PLAYED! I wanted a "textured look" for this layout.. so I just went for it. lol I took this photo out at the cabin last summer and have been meaning to do something with it. Today was the day. lol
(You should be able to click to see it larger..but I did post close ups also)

I used it in a couple of different ways. I brushed Glaze along the edges of some of the paper.. and I also just splattered some from my brush for a different effect. I loved it.

Like I said.. I was wanting texture and there's lots of different things going on . I first made my background paper, using new Glimmer Mist colors, "Sweet Clover" and "Water Slide".. and my old faithful stand by "Suede".

The glorious color of Glimmer Glaze I used was "Copper Kettle".

I used some old book print and even some cork paper. Did some hand stitching and some faux stitching with my tracing wheel.

I also used Tattered Angles "Alpha Fonts" chipboard letters and some different pieces of "Glimmer Glass" from the Nature set.

(Above).. I cut the handle off of the mirror piece.. and used it in a different way. I used the handle I cut off , in a different part of the layout. (you'll see it below in the last photo ).

I had such fun creating this layout. I can tell having different (and new) mediums to play with is really going to make me what to get messy! lol

Accually , it wasnt to messy at all... especially with the big awesome pink Misting Mat! Man , do I LOVE that thing. Everything just wipes right off it!

Seriously.. paint, stazon, glue, mist.. glaze.. ect... just wipe right off!

( you can see below , where I used the handle of the mirror)

Cant wait to play with these some more. I'm sure I'll learn as I go...but until then .. I'm having fun just playing.
I've been busy around here finishing up class kits for upcoming crops after CHA. I finally finished samples, kits and descriptions for 11 classes. whew!
I'll tell you more about those as they get closer.
Feels good to have that checked off my list , with heading out for CA in just a few days. By the way... I'm working the Crafty Secrets booth at if youre there.. come by and say "hi" okay?
**I really want to say THANKYOU for all your kind words of support on Fridays post about the dies. You guys are the best!
I was just giddy all day. lol


Anonymous said...


Julie said...

Can't wait to get some of that new stuff! It looks/sounds amazing! Love the layout you made with it...perfect!

LindaC said...

You continue to amaze me! Great layout!

Susan said...

Just what I need is more gorgeous stuff to buy and play with. Love your layout and how you "grunged" it all up - bet it's beautiful irl seeing all the glimmer. Have fun at CHA - wish I was going, but just the owner and creative director are going. Maybe I'll see you at the June scrapbook show in TX.

Elaine said...

Oh My!!! Those look like lots of fun!! I cannot wait to play with them! Love the sample techniques you tried out and shared- they're right on track with that Tim Holtz style of dirty'n things up a bit (distressed I mean...could not think of the word a minute ago!)

annemk said...

vicki, this is absolutely a gorgeous page... i love it!
can't wait to check out the glimmer glaze and glam!
hope to see you at CHA!

janel said...

I am full of oh's and ah's!

debbiek said...

Your project is just terrific Vicki and you so DESERVE to be spoiled rotten with compliments:) You do such AMAZING work. Have tons of fun at CHA. Can't wait to get some of that new Tattered Angels Glam at our local store, looks like fun!

Melissa said...


You are such an inspiration! I love your cabin LO and the fun stuff you did with the Glimmer Glaze and Glam. Your blog posts always brighten my day!

rose said...

oh now this is just to much to bear!! These look wonderful mediums to work with and the layout is beautiful certainly got the dimensional effect 101% great work

Heidi Blankenship said...

GORGEOUS!!! Wow I LOVE you LO Vicki!! I love the photo, it looks so peaceful. OMGosh--LOVE the new products!! I love the texture it adds. I CAN'T wait to see all of the fantastic new products! Looking forward to seeing you soon too!! Hugs & safe travels.

MJ said...

Drat. It really is unfortunate that the local scrapbooking store closed; but at least they are selling from their homes. It is harder to access stuff @ peoples' homes stores!!

Love the projects!!

Linda Beeson said...

Wow, there is truly goodness on every corner of this gorgeous creation! I already love Tattered Angels so I can see I have some new goodies to find.

Anonymous said...

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Ingvild Bolme (Spinnvild) said...

I love everything you do Vicki, everything you touch turns out just beautiful! Like this work, just amazing, - look at all those layers and details! - love it so much!

Thank you for being such an great blogger and to share all your amazing and inspirering works!

wish you a fab. week!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this LO and the way you used the new glaze and glam! I checked you out because Nat said that your art was an inspiration to her (she's one of my inspirations). Peace, Sue Clarke