Friday, February 05, 2010

ahhhh Birds

I think I must have gotten my love of bird stuff from my mom. My mom has collected birds (no not real ones. lol) for years I'm so drawn to bird images.. and always have been. Crafty Secrets has so many gorgeous bird images.. and this is one of the newest ones. This is from the "Wacky animals" Creative Scraps Sheets. (The stamps and paper are also from CS)

When I look through my project files... there's no doubt I love their bird images..because I see.... I've used them ALOT. lol I'll share a few of them further down in this post.
But I have to show you some of my bargains from yesterday. I stopped at one of my favorite haunts.
These birds now hang in the bedroom. The wall in there.. is really blue.. so I dont know why it looks to white here.
Anyway.. all three birds for $3
Got this the day before at Hobby Lobby , marked down to $3.50
As this goes on , can you see how I came to the conclusion I have issues with birds? lol

99 cents
Okay... sharing some of my favorite bird photos and projects from my files.

All these projects are done with Crafty Secrets images.

Trust me... there are alot more.. but enough for today. lol
Speaking of "today"..... guess what we just got MORE of?????
What a winter it's been. Still nothing like what I remember it was like when I was a kid.
And... I'd certainly rather have this pretty clean snow than the huge piles of dirty stuff we've been looking at. yuck!
Still waiting to hear from a couple of the girls (from the list of 10) that are doing the shadowbox die.....BUT.. the rest are ready to mail! Coming soon girls! Hope you have fun!

Enjoy your weekend!


Deb Neerman said...

Ahhh, Vicki, a woman after my own heart!! I adore birds ... collecting everything from nests to feathers, and even a few eggs along the way.

I could look at your fabulous bird projects all day, every day. Keep 'em coming!

People aren't responding to your amazing offer?!? They must have been abducted by aliens ...

Have a fantabulous weekend, Sweetie!!

Elaine A said...

I don't think you have a bird issue Vicki! I love them as well, I have feeders out for them and I love to watch them. Love your bird projects, so sweet.

Elaine Allen

Deb Neerman said...

ADDENDUM: Go HERE when you get a minute.

You inspired me ...

debbiek said...

Vicki, love your bird projects and I had to chuckle when I saw the 3 birds you got at your favorite haunt. (I have those same ones but haven't hung them my wall yet -just too cute, no???

Can't wait to get your 3-D frame in the mail. So much fun to look forward to. Thanks for brightening my day....Have a nice weekend.

- Debbie K.

sewingseeds4U said...

There are so many projects in your post today that I can't wait to incorporate into projects. I especially love the nests that you've built into your pieces. beautiful.

Pattyjo said...

You have a great weekend too Vicki!
I just love your bird images and what beautiful things you make! Your just plain awesome!
Your #1 fan

Jan said...

All of the birds projects are beautiful and your photography of these winged little creatures is awesome. The picture of the robin on the snow draped pine makes me want to invited him in :)

The Rambling Papercrafter said...

You aren't the only one that loves birds. I have been collecting birds for a long time. I just love them. I even have three cockatiels for pets. I just love all the CS bird products. I have the stamps but I really need to pick up some of the other items.

Hope you have a great weekend. I know I am going to be staying inside and hopefully crafting.


Charlene said...

Sooooooo funny! You can tell which pictures are of now (snow) & which are archived (green grass). Love your tweets! Thanks for sharing. HUGS! Charlene

Julie said...

I love all your birds, Vicki! Your newest projects are just beautiful!

Excited to see what the 10 ladies do with your fabulous shadowbox card! I've made 2 of them today (still working on one...) and I can't get enough of them--so much fun to play with!

Hope you have a beautiful, restful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh Vic, they are all so beautiful...the wooden birds on the wall are wonderful. We are BURIED, BURIED I TELL YOU, in Washington, under 2 feet of snow. Now you may be used to this but we are so not! NOT.
If you need to redraw for non-responders....count me in! Hugs honey and please, please, please take back your snow????

LeAnne said...

Wowza, these are BEAUTIFUL! My sis & I are bird nuts, too, and vintage nuts, so these are right up our bird house! LOVE THEM!

Catherine said...

I'm going to start calling you the bird lady, LOL. Love all these bird projects especially the last one with the nest! Have a great snowy weekend, we're not getting any, yeah!

Country Liv . . . said...

Okay, you left yourself open to this one: I guess you could be called . . . Bird Brained?! JJ

Love all the projects, Vic!

rush8888 said...

i have my living room done in birds! and plenty of feeders outside the windows, too! nests, eggs, feathers... thank you for brightening my day...maybe spring IS coming closer!

Elaine said...

WAcky animals is a funny name for the Crafty Secrets I love what you did with it! And if you weren't ga-ga for birds, we might not have all the beautiful creations that you it's worth it, right?

cards4u said...

What an inspiration packed post! TFS

mindy said...

I too am a bird house is filled with birds, eggs and birds nests!! thanks for the post!