Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Getting back in the grove

It's late..very late. And I'm wide away so I figured I'd do some blogging. Why am I wide awake? Well.. that would be because I had a bit of a headache this afternoon , so I took something and thought I would just rest my eyes for a bit... ummmm.... you get the idea. {NAP} So that would be why I am not able to sleep now, I would image. Not smart on my part. ( but it did feel good at the time) lol
thought I'd share a project I did a while back with a new Spellbinders die set.
You can click to see it bigger if you want.
Wish I would have taken a better photo with daylight..but this will have to do for now.

I spent most of today, putting things away , and tidying up my room after leaving it in disarray before I left for CHA. lol I put out my NEW Glimmer Mist Colors! YAY!

I also added some of the new trims and pom pom trim to the hangers. Geeezz... I'm thinking I need a "pom pom trim intervention". LOVE it all!

Remember the other day when I posted this photo and told you have fun it was to meet a fellow blogger ( and friend) Patty Marker.

Well, look what she made me!! I ADORE these bags she makes.. and I am so stinking happy to be the proud owner of one! THANK YOU Patty!

I'm still on cloud nine after CHA and the great responses I got from people about the shadowbox die. I have decided I'd do a give a way of sorts. One of my next blog posts I'm going to take the first 10 people who would be willing to do a shadowbox ,using the cut die I send them , and post it on their blog during the month of February. I'll give all the details when I post..but just wanted to give you a heads up , if you think it's something you might be interested in doing.. be watching. I'll post about it and let you know when to sign up. Hopefully if your interested, you can be one of the first ten. If you dont get in this time.. no worries .. I plan on doing it again. ( Remember.. dont start yet.. wait for the post ,silly) lol

Okay.. I'm thinking I better TRY to go to bed, because my sleep is going to be really thrown off now. yikes. Miss Aly belle has been faithfully by my side ... her and I are both getting too old for these crazy hours. lol

If you think I post alot of photos of my dogs.. can you even imagine how obnoxious I'll be if I ever have grand kids. lol
oh my.
night night


Nat said...

ahhhh what a sweet doggie!!!! love the bag you got and I need to sort my glimmer mists- mmpffhhhh -what system do you use? LOL I need one

janel said...

All is so wonderful.Love the layout, your GM and all the trims...yummy... and the photo of sweet Ally is darling. I say no intervention...with the way you use all your "treasures" I think you deserve whatever kind of trims you fancy.
What a fun post.

Anonymous said...

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debbiek said...

Vicki, your art room is beautiful! I think I'd live in there if it were mine:) Your layout is very sweet and the girls cute too. Keep showing those doggies, we luv 'em! The idea of people working with your new die is soooooooo exciting, can't wait to hear the details. Have a great day, minus the nap...lol.

Susan said...

Love the idea of working with your new die! I'll be keeping my eye on your posts as I'd love to do this. Glad you are home - what a sweet pic of your doggie!

sewingseeds4U said...

Thank you for the sweet mention of my bag. I am anxious to get started on my shadow box. I will be sure and post it to my blog this month. Thank you, again...and you can never have enough pooch pictures!

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

I love the poochie prints!! And I love your Pom Pom stash!! The minute I start to run out of any one color, I swear I start having the sweats!! Got have my pom poms - and NO, I was not a cheer leader! heee heee!

stampqueen said...

All kinds of goodies to look at today - your new bag, the pics of you craft room, your sweet pup :)
I have 3 whole days off starting today so I am sure going to be checking here every 5 minutes so I can maybe one of the lucky 10 :) - oh I guess maybe I had better clean house too.....

Anonymous said...

How is Aly? I don't have a blog :( but I do love your new shadow boxes. I am now making the post card shapes I ordered! I am so slow................ duh. Glad you had great time.

Jane Wetzel said...

love your Ally...I know how u feel cuz my oldest is just getting married and I am TOTALLY attached to my 2 dogs..waiting for grandchildren! :)

Darcy said...

There is no such thing as too much pom pom trim!

So fun finally meeting you in person Vicki!

Darcy (Pink Persimmon)

MJ said...

I've been avoiding all the scrapbooking stores. I'm trying to work down my stash!!

No worries about the puppy photos! I love dogs but live vicariously through you so I don't have to pick up doggy poop! It is a mutually beneficial blog!

Country Liv . . . said...

Now, MJ sounds like me, i.e. living vicariously through you for the pups! Aly is definitely looking more gray; not so much you though. It's amazing to think you actually could be a grandma right now! You still look like an 18 year old! Look at Sweet Momma, she doesn't look a day over 50!
Great layout and I love the giftie of the purse! I just finished making my 'country' granddaughter a custom purse. She asked for and got pink and green John Deere fabric! LOL! To think that I have a country granddaughter is so funny, but she is the sweetest!
Loving seeing you post again.

Elaine said...

New Glimmer?? woohoo!! :) It's so purdy on the shelves like that!

Love sweet dogger!! Grandkids are good too though...and you never know-it's not too late, right???

Kara Ward said...

I wish I would have got to hang out with you and Catherine at CHA! I miss you but wish to have a crafty weekend her in KC sometime. I will meet you at the airport and bring you to my house. No city driving---I live in the suburbs! I am heading to Lincoln for a Claudine Hellmuth workshop. Wish you would meet me there! Anyhoo! Just popping by to say hi and your studio is so lovely. All those bottles of glitter mist look like eye candy to me!