Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Painting with Glimmer MIst

It's been a busy week. Lots going on.. so my blog posts seem to be happening later and later. Deadlines to finish up and Friday is coming fast! I need to kick it into gear. At least the sun was shining here to day...even if it was still freeeeezing. Sunshine helps! It's been a long winter!
Have you ever painted with Glimmer Mist? It's a beautiful effect! These are the new Tags from Tattered Angels. They start out just black and white.. which is cool enough..but oh.. the possibilities!
It takes such a small amount of Glimmer Mist when your painting areas like this.. I just shake and then spray a little directly into my bottle lid. I use a fine detail brush.. and just remember to give the glimmer mist a it's swish or stir with my brush each time I dip in .. to keep the goodie all mixed up with the color.

It's fun for sure. Aren't all the new pieces gorgeous? The "with love" and the rose, are new TA pieces I added to the tag.
Between Tattered Angels and Heidi's new treasures... ahhhh
Check out that designer Crete paper. Woo hoo!

I added some vintage buttons, trim and that little green pretty.. just because .. I COULD. lol
You can see my other Tattered Angels projects along with the rest of the DT here on the
Tattered Angels blog.

Today we all went to see Jarad and Kates new place today. Everyone is so excited for them.

They already have all kinds of plans for their new place.

Everyone got the tour. That's Kates mom and her little niece in the doorway.
I know they kids are anxious to find out the date they can move in . Hopefully all the paperwork will go through quickly for them.

Oh yeah.... meet Stanley
And Steve. lol

Jarad and Kate just adopted them from the shelter. Oh.. our family just keeps growing. lol

Before a end.. I wanted to remind you to be sure to enter for the giveaway
in THIS POST. We'll be drawing for a winner on Friday.

Happy Day Everyone!!!!


Jan said... the painted tags and the stamped crepe paper trim! Very pretty.
The kids have a beautiful new all the windows and the hardwood floor in the kitchen. Hope they get in soon :)

debbiek said...

Your tag is just beautiful, Ms. Vicki!
Best of luck to Jared and Kate. That's super exciting to move into your first home:) Cute new additions to the I'm sure they'll find it comfy too!!

Linda Woerth said...

just gorgeous tags, will have to give that a try. Congrats to Jared and Kate on the new home.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Country Liv . . . said...

Stanley and Steve are so cute! They made me LOL! I'm really happy about those kids getting such a great place to begin home ownership. I don't think I'd ever want to give it up-I'd just have to add-on.

Wow, what detail painting you did on the tag; just gorgeous. And I wish I had as steady a scissors hand as you!

We got some more ice down here last night but we have sun today too. Stay warm!

Pattyjo said...

Vickie I LOVE the new house for Jared & Kate! All the windows and the spacious property, how gorgeous!
I also totally love your tag! Seriously that has to be the most beautiful one I have ever seen! I
love the way you misted the ruffles, everything comes together so nice!

Aimeslee said...

Congrats to your kids on the new house. And thanks for showcasing another neat way to use the Glimmer Mists. xoxo

chelemom said...

The tag is gorgeous!!! And those little critters are too cute! how the heck did you get them to sit long enough to take a picuture? Yay for new houses!!! Looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I see she has a stamp room all ready for you? The one with all the windows..........oh yeah! Such fun times.

MJ said...

I didn't know you were a grandma to a hamster! I'm waiting for the scrapbooked photos of little Steve!!

DeniseLynn said...

Great tag of course. Love me some Glimmer Mist! And the house looks soooooo nice. Yea for them!!!

cards4u said...

Always learning something new here - never thought about using my Glimmer Mist to paint with! Love the new additions to your family : )

Have a Great Weekend!!

stampqueen said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Love the tag you did on this post!! Beautiful colors and love the ribbon on the bottom.
Looks like a great house the kids are getting and their new pets are cute too!!! said...

As much as I love the shimmery look of Glimmer Mist and as much as I paint- why on earth have I never tried that?? Thanks!