Monday, April 05, 2010

Fairies on spools/ Easter

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter yesterday. It was such nice weather here! The kids were happy to get to hunt eggs outside. I'll share some photos below..but first I'll share a project. These are some "spool fairies" I did using the images from the "Altered Fairy" sheet of Creative Scraps from Crafty Secrets. So many options with this amount of images. (see below)

All you need is the sheet of images, spools , towels (or large bbq skewers cut in half), some hot glue and whatever embellishments you want. Trust me.. once you make one , you wont be able to stop. lol

"Altered Fairies" Creative Scraps



As you can see... as usual.. plenty of yummy food. This is just the desert table. lol

We lucked out and it was a gorgeous day! Sunshine and not much wind. Everyone enjoyed being about to spend time outside!

The egg hunt was a success. I think everyone ended up with FULL Baskets.

Griff on the run

Shel is back from Australia and got to join this crazy bunch for the first time. She has been getting her visa lined up to move here. She starts her new job here in the US tomorrow. Congrats Shel!

Wes, Shel,Kate, and Nathaniel... QUACK me up. lol ( sorry I had too) lol

I wish this photo of Halle would have turned out better. She has grown so much and is just adorable! This little bonnet belonged to her Grandma when she was a baby.
Aunt Jan brought this fairy outfit for Kirstyn to wear to play in.. and let me tell you.. she was enjoying EVERY minute.

Isn't she a doll?
Do you think she liked having her picture taken? lol

I just an blown away by how the kids in this family are growing up so fast! Check out Nathaniel... he is 13 and TALL! He played guitar for us.. and is really getting good!

The day went by so fast.. I didn't take half the pictures I usually do.
Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!


Bettyann said...

Someday I would love to snack at your dessert table LOL...glad you had such a fun and happy Easter with your the fairies..

Debby said...

I love the spool dolls. I have everything waiting at home to do angels of my grandbabies.....I like the spool idea.
Beautiful family.
Easter is such a blessed time.

Nat said...

these fairies make me so happy!!!!

Oh and I love love love the ducky picturs- LOL

MJ said...

I hope those duck beaks were horns that quacked! I'll pretend that they did!

Wow, has Nathaniel grown! I remember him as a littler gaffer in your scrapbook layouts!

Happy belated Easter! Quack!

debbiek said...

Looks like a wonderful Easter you had, Ms. Vicki! The pixes of the little ones are soooo cute. Maybe Crafty Secrets should make some images with those cuties!!! I chuckled to myself when I saw the sheet you posted and made the spoolies with as I just bought that same one last week. Ideas are stirring in my head with how to use them....:)

Pattyjo said...

Your family is growing bigger and bigger. Has either of your sons spoke of marriage? Sorry I am such a romantic and as you know I love families!

chelemom said...

LOVE those spool dolls!!! I am definitely going to make some of those!!! So glad you had a wonderful Easter with your family!

Elaine said...

Wonderful family pics! Looks like the visit and time together was a success and I bet they love you with the camera snapping pictures! :)