Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Spring layout and a great day with friends

Again.. because it's the main thing on my mind lately... a .. "SPRING" layout.
I did this one using Crafty Secrets Stamps, papers and images. (listed below)
I'd love to say this photo of Kirstyn was taken this year..but not a chance.. we still have snow! Actually we had another snow storm of sorts just yesterday. blah! Next week it's supposed to warm up! I'm going to hold the weather guy to that one!

Layout shape- Accucut die Vintage 11 1/2 V1003 G

Bird Lovers stamp set
Classic Paper Pad
Images from "Garden" Creative Scraps

Pop over to the Heartwarming Vintage blog to see some great samples and enter to win the giveaway.

Speaking of giveaways, remember a while back when Scrapbook Adhesives By 3L let me host a giveaway for $100 worth of adhesives? Well one of my long time blog readers Debbie Kaste was the winner!! Not only that..but because the most signups for their news letter came from MY Blog... I will $50. SO... Thankyou to all of you who helped out by signing up! (and thankyou to Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L for making this possible)

Today was such a fun day! This meeting of old friends has been planned for some time now.. and I've really been looking forward to it. I cherish the friendships I have in these 4 girls. We have all been good friends for 15+ years. You know .. the kind of friends that matter how much time passes between when we you each other, no matter how far away you end up living from eachother, or what changes life brings your way, .... when you get together it's like no time has passed at all. The kind of friends you could call for anything .. and they'd be there in a minute if you needed them. Yep.. that's what these girls are to me.

(Julie, Pam Daun, me and Liz in this photo)

We had lunch at Mimi's and the food was amazing!

Dauns hubby even brought their Granddaughter Olivia over for us to get to see. What a little sweetie face! Oh my
Lots of chatting and catching up going on here. lol It was great!

I am SO blessed to have these amazing women in my life! Blessed I tell ya.
It was a fun filled day. After spending time with the girls, Weston and I met my sister Jan and my (bil) Kieth for a margarita and yummy Mexican food in Lincoln for dinner before heading home. ( poor Dan missed out.. he had to work today)
I have to share with you what I found a Bed Bath and Beyond today.
We live in the country on an acreage, and although our dogs are total "inside" dogs , when they do go out ( you know.. for things that dogs need to go outside for ) sometimes at night they are hard to see. (No street lights in the country).
They are usually really good about coming back in when you call them but "naughty Molly" likes to wander a bit sometimes (esp as the weather starts getting nicer)lol They usually stay on the grassy area but I don't like them to get out by the trees because of ie: skunks ect. Plus I never want then to get near the road.
So look what I ran across. I think it's the coolest idea. You just click it on when you let them out and you can see them wherever they go. I tried it tonight when I got home and it works great!

We are dog sitting Cloey this weekend , so of course she got one also.
Just like to share things like this, in case it would help one of you out. $2.99
Be sure to stop by on Monday. Monday is the day I'll be posting all the Shadowbox die projects from the 10 girls to signed up to have them sent to them. I cant wait!
Until then ...
have fun and stay safe!


Mandy said...

awesome page and love the

Elaine said...

Love that curvalicious layout, Vicki!! Sounds like time with the buddies was fabulous and fun :)
And that light up thingie is cool! I'm going to look for it too! :)

Julie Higgins said...

Vic-What a great get-together we had! I don't think there was one moment of silence...we sure like to talk! Michelle enjoyed it so much too. I am so lucky to have such wonderful life-long friends! We all have our special talents and I am so happy every time I look at your beautiful work to see how you found a career niche that suits you so well. Your work is truly amazing! You were an awesome paraprofessional though too! I was so spoiled...remember all those lunches you made me! The chicken salad was out of this world! Thank you to you, Liz, Daun, and Pam for being such great friends! Julie

Jan said...

Lovin your Spring layout...the design is amazing and the photo is adorable!!
I'm so longing for Spring and I guess it's officially here but we got 4" of snow too! Thankfully, most of it has melted :)
Good times, good food and GOOD is GOOD!

harrahx2 said...

Fantastic page Vic. Love the bird set. Know what you mean about friends...they are there to kick butt if you need them to! LOL, I hae a couple of friends like that. I didn't compete with the 10 ladies but I did finish my frame and post it on my Facebook. Hugs and bountiful thanks.

Nancy said...

Love that layout! The shape is beautiful, and the photo absolutely adorable!

debbiek said...

Love your spring layout, Ms. Vicki! I too have spring on the brain. We got hit with a few inches of snow here in Wisconsin yesterday:( We are just iching for some sunshine....Am looking forward to receiving my blog winnings of the 3L adhesives! Thanks to you for posting that on your blog:)

I will have to get one of those pet lights for my brother's dog. What a NEAT idea!!!!

Can't wait to see what eveyone created with your 3-d shadowbox. Made another one and posted it - guess a paper sun is better than none, right? LOL!

Big Hugs....

Yoli said...

Beautiful little LO. Pretty enough to display outside the sb album. I may have missed it but can you tell me who mnftr the background paper? Or is that a chipboard you cut out yourself? Thanks!

2amscrapper said...

Love that curvy background for your layout.