Monday, April 26, 2010

Kicking off a week of fun!

Crafty Secrets is celebrating National Scrapbook Day (May 1st)... ALL WEEK this week. Monday, April 23, 2010 to Sat. May 1
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I personally will be posting projects using Crafty Secrets Products every day this week , here on my blog and doing my giveaway at the end of the week. So .. stay tuned.

Okay... I'm kicking off the first day with a storage idea , using some $ store tins, stamps, paper, magnets, and odds and ends of ribbon and embellishments.
I was inspired by the new "Material Girl" stamp set from Crafty Secrets.
The tin in the background is one of the shapes that I have found at many $ stores over the last year. There are also round and oval shapes. I have one just like this screwed under the shelf above my work table, with stickles and glues
(with magnets glued on the bottoms) hanging upside down from it. ( all the product is always down at the tip .. ready for use)
This one will just hang on the wall. I bought some of these little round favor tins, glued magnets on the bottoms , to hold them in place on the tin.
This will hold sewing notions.
( you can clickon it to see it larger if you want)
Gorgeous new "Material Girl"Stamps.

I've found , hot gluing them one works best. The ribbon on the back is also hot glued. I am using my hot glue gun on a daily basis again, after not using it much for years. Why did I ever stop using it so much??? It's great!

I used some of these super detailed border stickers to decorate the round tins. (available from Crafty Secrets soon)

I punched out little round scalloped patterned paper pieces for the insides of some of the tins.

Great space saver. Inexpensive and convenient storage.

I know my room is full.. when I can barely find a place on the wall to hand this. lol You can never have enough crafting stuff right? lol
Be sure to pop over and check out the giveaways this week! HERE
I still have so many photos from AZ I want to share, I'm planning to add some to each post this week. ( you know me... love photos.. and have to share! lol

Here we all are out for dinner on Rich and Rhonda's Anniversary.
Rhonda( my niece) and I. She is 2 months younger than me. ( and she will certainly remind me "SHE" is the Younger of the two of us).lol

The view from my sister and brother-in-laws front yard

The rest of these are just fun pics from our sightseeing/ shopping day. Small towns along the way. I think most of these photos were taken in Miami and Globe AZ.

I love getting to see and experience things that are different from what your used to . The grand...

and the "everyday". I love it all. I was just soaking it all up.

Oh .. and I decided I could just live here.. in this little yellow house with the mountains as a backdrop. Hook up my little camper when I want to travel.. and see the sites. lol Cute huh? Pretty tiny.. I might have to build on a craft room. lol CUTENESS

Miss my Arizona Family already.
Mom and I certainly enjoyed our time with them.
Happy Monday everyone!~


Julie said...

LOVE your cupcake tin tray, Vicki--fabulous! Great way to use the new stickers--they are perfect for that! Wonderful way to kick off a fun week!

Love your photos from AZ--I really miss it there--I think I've only been to Mesa once since my grandmother died in '01--terrible! I still have family there...need to go!

Love your little yellow cottage...but I DO think you'll need to add on!

Nat said...

ohh AZ looks os cool - I wanna be there.

Love the cupcake tin tray- so so so cute!

debbiek said...

The cupcake tray idea is great, Vicki. You are sooo clever and never cease to amaze me:)

Glad you are back home safe and sound and had a great time with family!

Earline said...

Arizona is a beautiful state I live in Yuma, Arizona, it is so down to earth there.

JeanFB said...

Fabulous project - and thanks for the tip about using hot glue for the magnets! Looks like you had a great time!

cottagerca said...

thanks for sharing those photo's. Nice to see the real neighbour hood photo's makes you feel like a local living in the area.

cottagerca said...

thanks for sharing those photo's. Nice to see the real neighbour hood photo's makes you feel like a local living in the area.

Jane Wetzel said...

wow Vickie- awesome pics once again..really enjoy seeing them! I did just recently see those trays..hmmm...great ! Very cool idea!

stampqueen said...

Love the tray!!
I love the tiny house too - but yellow is so not my color - would have to paint it purple or teal.
You could live in the camper and the whole house could be the craft room!!!

Terri Conrad said...

hey Vicki, love, love, LOVE what you've created with the tins, magnets & trays. Such fun!

Nancy said...

Love the tray with tins. Can you tell me did you use the glue gun to put the ribbon on the back to hang the tray from the wall? Thanks, Nancy

Pattyjo said...

I really love the way you decorated the tray, with the round containers. You are so clever and everything you touch turns out so beautiful. I know the ones you work for must appreciate your talents so much.
Thanks for showing all your wonderful pictures. You are such a good photographer!
Your #1fan!

kt54 said...

Tout est si beau !