Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunny AZ CKC Mesa and some time with family

I seriously can not tell you HOW MUCH I am loving a little sunshine. It was just too long of a winter in NE this year. The weather here is just PERFECT right now!

This post is going to be alot of photos with little writing because I'm sitting in the hotel room write now and everyone else is down by the pool. lol
Here is a photo of my little nephew Tate, with my niece Rhonda and my mom, while were were out to dinner last night. ( somehow didn't get a photo of my sis and hubby) next time. lol

Here's momma sitting outside enjoying the glorious weather.


We had dinner last night at this fun western place out of town by the desert.

This was the view when we came out to the parking lot after dinner. I even got some beautiful photos of the sunset. ( on my other camera)

Mom is staying with my sis and bil while I'm here at the hotel with the rest of the Tattered Angels group for the days of the show. Then I'll go back and spend a couple more days with family.
Today was set up ..the show starts tomorrow.
Check out this GM stash.

Have you seen these new Clear Compacts that fit inside the pocket watch chipboard pieces??
Oh my!

Almost set up.. just some final touches in the morning.

The new HEIDI stuff is AMAZING

Just a little sharing this time. But I'll be back soon!
Take care!


Julie said...

What a gorgeous hotel, Vicki--love that southwestern style--all those arches!

Your mom is beautiful--she looks very happy!

The sight of all the Glimmer Mist, etc. makes me weak in the knees--enjoy, my friend!

debbiek said...

Thanks for sharing the photos Vicki! Looks like you will be having lots of fun with your family after the convention and enjoying the wonderful weather. Take care!

Amy Hall said...

Have I ever told you I so want to be YOU!!!!! Have fun girl!

becky said...

I didn't realize that your mom was going with you! That's so awesome! Love catching up with you : )