Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Flea Market Saturday

Had super fun day today with my sister! Her and I took in the spring flea market in Venice NE. They have these every Spring and Fall , and they seem to be growing so much each time. Tons to look at.

We seriously spent the entire day there. Checking out everything outside and then inside the antique mall. It was a beautiful day! No rain or clouds for a change. I actually got a little sunburn.

We saw lot of fun things. Some we could live without and others we just couldnt. lol You know.. the price has to be right. It's all about the bargain!

I love this.. but no room in my studio. To much stuff in there the way it is. It's beautimus though isnt it?

Somebody was getting their craft on with some glassware and epoxy huh! The photos don't show them off well.. they were really pretty in the sun.

I just noticed a peek of my sister in that mirror. lol

This was really cool!

Sometimes when I look at vintage goodies.. I'd just love to know the stories behind them , wouldn't you?

I just had to take a photo of this. Look at both our cars.. side by side with the hatches open ..ready to load up. ha

Here's a few of our goodies. Some are mine and some Jan's.. we just put them all in the back of my car here so I could take a photo.

suitcase $10, frame-$2, brayer 25 cents, light cover $2, all the bottles and the basket they came in $2.50, Red checked toaster cover $4. That dresser.. that everything is sitting on , is for Shel, Westons girlfriend. She just moved here from Australia and is starting from scratch furnishing her apt. It was only $10.When the guy saw me looking at it, he came over and said he'd take $7. I said...."SOLD!" Shel was thrilled with it.

Bunches of lace $2

Here's my 25 cent brayer (still in the box)

Below are some of sis's treasures.

Okay.. not sure what I'm filling it with ..but it's so so pretty in the sunlight. Yep.. it's my new bowl.. .um.. I mean light cover for $2. lol I just put it on this base. What do fill it with??? ideas anyone??

And that suitcase.... this is where I planned to put it. Things will get moved around and changed but it will defiantly stay on top of this cabinet in the back bedroom.

It was such a fun day! Totally enjoyed every minute.
Anytime I get to take in a flea market is good... if I get to spend the day with my sis... and go to a flea market.. well that's just about a perfect day in my book!


Precious Treasures said...

I looked at tat receipt holder for a long time TRYING to think of something to do with it. Did you think of anything?

Glad to hear Jan got the high chair as it was adorable!

Susan said...

OMG, I want to go to the Flea Market! What wonderful treasures. Love, love, love that blue cabinet. Can't wait to see what you do with those gorgeous laces.

MJ said...

I zipped over here to see your goodies! I love vintage stuff! I can't believe that you spent 25 cents on a brayer?! You'll get tons of use out of it!

Catherine said...

Looks like you had a great time, and the weather was great. When we went to Brimfield on Wednesday it was very cold and rainy - but we still got a lot of good stuff! xox

Dawn said...

A real fab day I love your bird cage next to the suit case yummy. You really gor some great bargains I love this kind of shopping.

Love Dawn xx

harrahx2 said...

I saw the highchair and I thought, oh Vic, is there something you haven't told us? (LOL!)
Great bargains and the lace is wonderful. Love the light bowl. Talent and VISION! Can't stand it. I would never have thought of that and yet, it is beautiful.

Carol (HB) said...

WOW! There is so much *stuff* at that flea market! I love looking at your finds through your eyes - you see things I would NEVER EVER see! lol
Lisa took me to an estate sale yesterday (yes,it's true. you can come out of shock now.) I saw nothing - she saw an adorable tablecloth and pillow case. I need "vintage" eyes I guess. sigh

Miss Shawn said...

Vicki you and I HAVE to get together this summer to do something fun. Look at your calender and let's make a plan!

Julie said...

Gorgeous stuff, Vicki! Being able to do that with your sister is wonderful--wish I could! Mine are too far away....sigh...

Can't believe all the treasures you found...okay, that aqua cabinet--YIKES! I want that!

Trying to finish my card for the to you later!

LindaC said...

Great the toaster cover. Was it cross-stitched over the squares? Clever use of the light cover. That receipt holder was awesome. I'm like Precious Treasures, I would have stood there looking at it trying to come up with a reason to buy it. Glad you had fun!

Linda Beeson said...

Now I would say that looks like a TON of fun! Even better to do with a friend!

Nat said...

so so so cool- I want to visit you some day and go with you to one of those fleamarkets!!!

debbiek said...

You sound just like me Vicki. Can't pass up a bargain:) A flea market is a perfect day in my book too! Lots of goodies you were able to find and able to spend time with your Sis.