Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mothers Day from Michigan/Nebraska

Well, it's been a fun week..but early tomorrow morning I'll be on my way home. As I always stay, it's fun to get away..but home is good!
I wanted to share some photos from yesterday and today. Hows this fun a fun class. Messy hands all around! lol

After lunch... make and takes.learned some fun techniques.. um... and even made some flowers out of left over paper towels. lol

Dinner and then back to the hotel last night to do a little Glimmer Mist 101 with Kim and Lynn from (Rusty Pickle).

I didnt take many photos today during the show because we were hoping. Here's a photo of Kyle (right) , and Andy on the (left), after we have it all about packed up, and ready to go. Kyle and his Wife Wendy are the owners of Tattered Angels.
Nannette, Andy, Kyle and I were the 4 that worked this show.

I have to show you this fun hotel we are staying at tonight ( a little closer to the airport.. since we are heading out early in the morning). Such a cool place. I wish I would have taken a photo of the lobby. ( looked like "the Jetsons") I'd go take one now..but I'm already showered and in my pjs.

Like I said we are heading out early .. so I'll be home tomorrow to stop by and wish my momma a Happy Mothers Day!

*** Well , Last time I told you I'd tell you why I've been without a cell phone most of this trip.
It 's such a "me" thing to do. geezzz.
The first night here Nannette was going down to sit in the hot tub for a bit because she was having back trouble. She asked if I wanted to come with her... I said .."Well... Im not getting in ..but I'll go down and just put my feet in, since I had capris on.. and just chat with you". We go down there, and while Nanette is setting her stuff down on the table in the pool area.. I walk over to the hot tub to set down...but instead of setting down first , I decide to step in with one foot... add the other and then sit on the edge.. since I could see that there was a step. What I misjudged was the depth of that step(seat). I little deeper than I had planned when I stepped in I totally lost my balance and tried up just put my other foot in and balance myself. ummmm.... let just say, THAT did not work! I lost my balance completely. SPLASH
You have to know me .... once I knew I was getting wet... I just didnt fight it.. I let it happen. Here's my take on it... If your going down ( and your not getting hurt hopefully)... just make the best of it and get a laugh...because you're going to look stupid any way it plays out. lol
Well, when I fell in .. Nan and I both started laughing so hard we would hardly breathe... and all I could think was ... holy moly , this is funny...take a picture. As soon as I thought to have her grab my camera I thought... oh no... the only camera I have with me .. is my phone.. and it's in my pocket!! I grabbed it right out. Seriously .. it was not in the water 5 seconds..but it was 5 seconds TOO LONG! Because it's cooked!
It was funny when it happened ...but not so much every day after when I didn't have a phone!
Here we are back in the room afterwards. Wet hair, wet clothes.. wet phone~!

I'm sure my face it so red from laughing so hard. We were still laughing about it the next morning.

It seems every trip SOMETHING memorable happens. Something to help set one show apart from the others. lol
Have a happy Mothers Day everyone!


LindaC said...

I don't know how you do it, but you always look like you are 20 years old. Must be the Nebraska air! Happy Mother's Day!

Robin said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Karen McAlpine said...

Sounds like you are having fun in Mich. Just have to stay away from hot tubes LOL. I live in Mich, but I am from Loncoln, Nebr. Go Cornhuskers! Have a great day.

harrahx2 said...

Happy Mother's Day Vicki and same to your mom. You gave me such a laugh today! I totally got the picture of you stepping in and going down. Hugs and hope your trip was a good one. Be safe at home now!

Amy Hall said...

Seriously Vicki, I feel like we are sisters separated at birth! The phone, splash, laughing, phone thing is so something I would have done! Looks like you are up to fun stuff! Hope you had a great Mother's day!

Bettyann said...

Happy Mother's Day Vicki...I would've love to have had my camera ready when you fell in lol..take to await the birth of my granddaughter..

Kim said...

Hi Vicki! So nice to meet you in Michigan! I love your posts about the event. I didn't take one picture....that is my own fault! I am going to snag the pic of us doing Glimmer Mist 101 if it is ok with you! Hope to see you again soon. Happy Mother's Day!