Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Like Father Like Son" line from Fancy Pants Designs

I am busy editing photos, unpacking , doing laundry and giving my family and pups some attention..so here's a new layout I did before I left, so you have a little something to check out while I catch up on things. lol This is new Fancy Pants "Like Father like son" line.
The photo is of Wes from last summer.

Also used some Fancy Pants Clear Acrylic, stickers and Chipboard.

I love that my boys appreciate nature. I think growing up having the cabin, and also camping with Dan really influenced them. They don't hunt.. only fish..but enjoy the outdoors ....they defiantly DO!

I love candid photos like this.. .most of all.

Speaking of the River.. we are having serious flooding issues here in some parts of Nebraska. We have been very lucky so far..but this year the water has come the highest it has ever been, since we've owned the cabin. ( which was 1993). As of yesterday we had none in the big cabin and only some in the corner of the little cabin. We have never ever had water in either before. Seems while I was gone basking in the Mexican sun ..it was storming here most every night, and dumping rain like crazy. Most all of the other cabins out by us, now have water in them.. so it's been rough for many. Many bridges here are out..and People who have homes near high water have had to find other places to wait this out and see what happens.
Please keep everyone in your prayers. What a crazy year for weather huh.
Take care everyone!
Cant wait to share some fun photos with you!


Nat said...

Hope all will be well with the flooding! Love the layout- so amazing!

Home and Heart said...

So sorry to hear of the flooding trouble! The page is wonderful though!

Charlene said...

Glad your cabins are staying somewhat dry. The flooding has been bad in many places. Hope you stay dry. We could use some of that rain. HOT here already. Hate it that we didn't get to hook up while you were in town. I was gone to Houston that weekend (I think). HUGS! Charlene

Jan said...

Love your layout and the papers are so cool!
Do hope the flooding stops!!

debbiek said...

Cute layout, Vicki! Hope things dry up quickly in the cabins....Can't wait to see the other projects you made:)

becky said...

glad you're home! i hope the water issues are resolved soon and that the cabin will be okay!

Anonymous said...

The weather pattern this year, the flooding and storms, all of it, has been so scary and weird! Welcome home, love the layout and hope you found some fun waiting for you!