Monday, June 28, 2010

Coming and going

Before I start rambling about my busy weekend I thought I'd share a canvas I did, using Fancy Pants "Our Family" line. It's a simple canvas..but just what I had in mind. It's a Housewarming Gift for Kate and Jarad. (kate.. if your reading .. forget you saw this) lol

When I saw this saying I thought it was perfect. It's amazing how different things can inspire you. This saying instantly made me think of doing to big simple flowers intertwined.

My weekend

Wow.. to say this was a busy weekend would be a understatement for sure. Super fun, classic summer weekend. I got to spend time with kids, which is always something I look forward to and totally enjoy. Spent some time with Weston in Friday..then dinner with him.. and Jarad and Kate at their house. Saturday, a nice drive, a trip to Hobby Lobby , followed by a yummy dinner and great conversion with friends. I had mentioned that our little down was celebrating their annual celebration ofer the weekend... so that was in full swing. Ended up meeting with the kids and Kate's family at the park Saturday night in the beer garden to watch the fireworks... which was really fun.

Sunday is always Parade day. Nothing like a small town parade, on a summer day. Great breeze .. so it was perfect for being outside.

It's days like this this that really make it LOVE living in a small town.

This weekend is a BIG event in this little town. Trust me .. I think everyone here takes in some , if not all of the events. ( so .. yeah.. you see pretty much see the entire town right here) lol

After the parade with walked with Kates family over the the "central hub" lol aka.. the city park. Carnival, bingo, beer garden, yummy food and any homemade pie your heart desires.
ummmm... I was good and didn't have any..but every time I look at this picture I regret it. lol
Kate was babysitting her darling new little niece, until her sister and brother-in-law could join everyone. I think she's smittened.. how about you??
I can certainly see why... what a doll
We all kidded Jarad and Kate.. about the rumors that will probably fly. lol
(it is a small town after all) lol
Time to call it "good", for the town celebration and head home ... because...

if the weekend wasn't action packed enough...
My friend Deb called and said...
"Do you want to go see Micheal Buble tonight?" She had gotten Box seat tickets from a family member who wasn't going to be able to make the show .

a.... YES!

So .. off we go!

What a fantastic showman he is. It was a great show, and a fun time with my friend. Totally enjoyable .......the cherry on top of this weekend. Thanks so much Deb!

Is that rundown, any indication how much "Creating" I did this weekend. lol NONE! ..So today, I have to kick the creative juices into high gear.
I'm refreshed and ready!
Need to go dig through paper!
Have a fantastic start to your week!
Life is Grand
Love is Real
Beauty is Everywhere
(Roger Clyne)


Jan said...

OH! Happy day!! Looks like a beautiful weekend with family and friends!

Bettyann said...

Wow you had a great time with family and Michael Buble..creative needs the "fun" factor before it grows lol

debbiek said...

Gosh Ms. Vicki, sounds like my! EXCEPT the Micheal Buble part. I'm so jealous, I would love to go to one of his concerts. Hope you soaked it all in:) Can't wait to see what you create after all that excitement!

Bev said...

What a great weekend! I hadn't even heard of Michael Buble until I saw him on SNL and there are 2 song I LOVE!!! I especially love the videos! Jealous for sure!

Gail S. said...

Oh Vicki! I am soooo jealous that you got to go see Michael Buble! I am so in love with him - he can sing to me any day :) I wish I could have been there.

Michele said...

OK....I am a bit jealous....or a lot jealous....I LOVE Michael Buble! I would LOVE to see him in concert!!! What a fun weekend!!!

MJ said...

You had a fabulous weekend! Now go create!

Jane Wetzel said...

great pics once again! hey, love that son is getting married and just bought a house...hmmm..mite have to case this..looks simple enough..any deets?

Mandy said...

your whole post put a smile on my

Anonymous said...

It just doesn't get any better than family, friends and food unless you throw in some card making!

stampqueen said...

Ahhhh Love the 'Old Settlers' pics - I really miss being home for that. Growing up we were in the parade almost every year - 4-H floats, rode my horse in the parade one year, in HS it was with the HS marching band......
The pirate festival they do down here is fun but just not the same.... said...

I just ADORE Buble!! What a great night out, I'll bet it was wonderful.