Friday, June 25, 2010

Enjoy summertime

After a LONG Nebraska winter, I am just totally enjoying summer! I love all the colors.. having the windows open, being able to go barefoot, drinking sun tea.. all that good summertime stuff! I have been working on things around the house and in the yard. To tell you the truth.. I'm really enjoying it.. even the "work" part. It just feels good to be home putzing around.

This weekend is "Settlers Days" in this little town. It's the event of the year for sure. Class reunions, beer garden, fireworks, carnival, ect...

Like I always say... "you know it's a small town when the set the carnival up on the middle of the street". lol
I love when the ditches are full of lilies this time of year.

Not only did I work in the yard yesterday, but I acutally washed windows! Dont like doing "that" all that much..but love it when it's all done, and they are all clean and shiny. (they dont stay that way every long out here in the country ..but still).


I cant tell you, how much I was inspired by all the color when I was in Mexico. I love color in my art.. and in life.. but not so much in my clothing choices.. I've noticed. lol Not sure..but maybe it's because when traveling, black and brown are just easier to accessorize with color, without having to take so much. lol
As for my house....

I have lots of color in my kitchen..but our main living area (living room and dinning room) are pretty much .. brown, gold... blah blah blah. Although I love those colors I have been wanting to add a punch of a color or two.
I've decided to go with this deep red (pillows)

and the kind of sea foam greenish blue of this dish. Baby steps for now..but I'm trying. lol I fell in love with this big bowl.. and it's perfect for the shells I picked up on the beach while I was gone.

Like I said... totally inspired by all the color I saw while I was there. All I could think of when I got home .. was "I'm committing to adding color to my home decor!"

It's hard to see here but the vase is the same red as the pillows. I also have a red and gold vintage throw on the chair in the corner. I'm trying ...

hope in time it will all come together.

I messed around in my plants yesterday. I totally love that and miss doing it. I used to have so many plants out on the deck in the summer , but with being gone so much .. that leaves Dan to take care of them.... ummmm ..lets just say .. he tries. lol

The dogs loved being out in the yard with me yesterday also. We all slept good last night. Aly even had a nap before bedtime. lol

I'm looking forward to seeing the kids for dinner tonight! YAY

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


debbiek said...

Enjoy the nice weather, Ms. Vicki! The seasons fly by far too fast. I too live in a small town and our winters are brutal here in Wisconsin. Have fun decorating your house.

LOVE the photo of your buddy on the!

Gail S. said...

Hope you have a great weekend Vicki! Suppose to be HOT Saturday. Working on a new Random Act of Kindness for my little town :)

Cathy said...

So funny, cause I'm content with my browns, tans and golds thru the winter in my home, once spring and summer come along...I have to add color. Have fun decorating!

Jan said...

Glad you're home and enjoying some putzing time! SURE wish my windows were done...but maybe another day!!
Lovin' your colors of Mexico!!

Jane Wetzel said...

Love looking at the pics Vicki! I usually go to New Mexico this time of year- I know what u mean by the COLOR...I MISS it..the art in Santa Fe is so incredible...It really feeds the spirit!

Pearl Maple said...

Looks like you are enjoying summer and all the fabulous colours and shades it shows up with.

MJ said...

How interesting that you only have pops of colour in your home! Somehow, I had imagined lots of colour (perhaps Glimmer Mist as well?) all over ~ accidental or deliberate! We are hoping to have more sunshine soon ~ it's been a rainy spring so far!

Charlene said...

Love the look at all your colors! And your plants look so pretty with the flags all stuck in for the 4th! Have a great week! Sorry I didn't have a sewing photo for you. :( HUGS! Charlene