Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A fun day of Art in Sedona

Hey everyone! Having a great time here in AZ. I wanted to post tonight because we leave for Mexico and I'll be with out Internet. So much as gone on and I have so many photos.. I dont know where to begin. lol
I guess first of all I have to explain the story about "flat Roger" lol You may have seen him in my earlier post (between Sandy and I). here's the short version of how he came to be. I was in a store with my sister a few weeks ago and she found this little "jolee's" (scrapbook embellishment) that was a T shirt... that said "some like it hot in Mexico". She said .. you just have to do something with this , knowing I was leaving soon to go to Mexico to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers play at Circus Mexicus. ( a band that we love that puts on a huge show in Puerto Penaso Mexico in June each summer). Okay.. so from that point... my wheels started turning. I decided I find a head to toe photo of Roger Clyne and print it off on cardstock, put the shirt on him and add him to a stick.. (like a "flat stanley") of sorts. lol... totally normal right? I know it sounds weird...but I thought it would be funny to take photos to put together a little album from the trip with photos of us ( with Roger on a stick guy)... lol... in all the places we went along the way. We have seriously ... had SO much fun and laughed SO hard over this stupid thing, it's ridiculous! I'm sure anyone who sees us doing it thinks we are completely NUTS.. but it's still... it's funny.
Yesterday when we got in the car to go to Sedona... Sandy and Scott got a laugh when they turned around and saw that I had Roger strapped in the seatbelt. hahaha

While we were in Sedona we got to check out some amazing art galleries.

Gorgeous creations everywhere you turned.

Amazing colors and textures.

The weather ..was of course quite warm... okay.. HOT..but I'm loving the lack of humidity.. that I'm used to.

Okay..Seriously.. I can not begin to tell you how hard we laughed at this picture of Roger in Sedona. ( the breeze was kind of blowing his had backwards..but otherwise... priceless)
I know it's crazy... dont send little men with white coats for us. lol

More beautiful things was saw in Sedona.

I was blown away by the amazing art .

...and the gorgeous stuff everywhere you looked.

Sandy and Scott.

I had been to Sedona when I was young... but I think you just appreciate things like this so much more as you get older dont you?

We hiked around a bit .... and I did have one little issue with this. I was walking down the hill and Sandy was in front of me. She turned around and said "what's on your leg"? I looked down and I had a fist size blood spot on my jeans on my right shin. I had realized that I had bumped in to something..but you know how you just keep going when your busy and dont give it much thought.. well.... blood was running down my leg, ankle and foot like crazy and into my flip flop. I tried to stay calm.... but I have to admit I was sure I'd need stitches the was it was bleeding. I took two fingers and applied pressure for just a minute... the bleeding stopped.. and there was nothing there but a little hole really. It was so odd! only ME! Im just so glad I didn't rune the day with a trip to the emergency room. lol Really glad I had extra clothes along also.

It really was a fun day. (other than that) lol
Below is Sandy, I ( and "Roger" lol) at happy hour by the hotel pool. Scott was taking the photo.

The photo below was a "had too have" because one of the places we are going to in Mexico that Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers play at is call "J J's Cantina"... look at the name of the place for Happy Hour by the pool at our hotel. lol

Ok.. just one adventure after another. lol Tomorrow morning we head to Mexico.. so off to bed at a decent time for me tonight. I sure miss my fam and my pups but this has been a super fun "once in a life time " thing... so I'm enjoying every minute.
Miss you all...but I'll be back soon with lots more to share!
(I'm hoping as your reading this.. a Peacemakers song is playing from my sidebar music)


harrahx2 said...

I woke at 3 am today....don't know why. So I am sitting here, reading your post really early! I am laughing so hard, I may need to reapply my make-up for work. Just the mascara running down from the tears of laughter! Nice way to start my day. You sound like you are having way too much fun! I am so glad. I hope you share the pictures with Mr. Clyne!!! He would get a real kick out them. Make him an album. You can even add to the album by sending him around to your blog friends to be photgraphed in all kinds of places!

Nat said...

LOL - you are cracking me up! Awesome fun!


OMG that really is hysterical! And I didn't even see him in the first picture, haha guess he just blends in like he belongs in all the pics : )

debbiek said...

Ms. Vicki, looks like you are having a great time (despite the bloody leg incident:(

I love that idea of sending Roger around to your blogging friends. He could be a world traveler and then you could send him on home to Mr. Clyne as a gift!

Have a WONDERFUL time in Mexico and be safe....

Catherine said...

Looks like you are having a LOT of fun with FR (Flat Roger), LOL. Glad you didn't bleed to death in them iddle of the desert, LOL> xox.

Donna said...

Oh Vicki! You are NOT nutters! I love when we grown ups can have fun and be silly! Your Flat Roger is just adorable and exactly the sort of craziness my family and I enjoy!
Thanks for sharing the Sedona pictures....the glass bubbles fixture and really all the glass art is just breathtaking! Have a safe, INSPIRING trip!

Precious Treasures said...

I love the guy on the stick idea. It totally cracked me up. I loved looking at all your photos!

cheryl McAdam said...

Vicki, you so crack me up! I think I'm gonna have to make a "flat Edward" for my twilight classes, lol! Too funny.