Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A new project "Sewing" theme

After a long busy weekend (not working).. Monday I locked myself in my studio the entire day to get something done! lol.. oh.. you feel so sorry for me right? Good thing I love what I do.. so ... not exactly torture. ha
I knew exactly what I was planning to work on before I ever stepped foot in my room. I have had this idea in my head for some time. I was planning to create something with the new "Sewing" themed images and stamps from Crafty Secrets, and then I found this frame at a flea market. Yes! Idea!.. now create!

The frame is in great shape, but super light.(which is great for using for display at shows).. so perfect for this project. The frame didn't have a backing , so I just cut one out of chipboard to build on, then cut a nice fitting one to cover the back when I was finished.

These ( below) are the images I used to not only create the collage look of the background but the colored images I accented with. There are SO many images on these sheets.. and SO many choices! I only used 1 sheet for this project! I think I used every single piece of what you see below.. but never cut into another sheet. With them being double sided you have even more to choose from.

It's pretty amazing how dimensional the images look. See what looks like a top to a thread spool? (just to the right of the bow). It's just part of the image. Cool huh?

I also incorporated these new "Sewing" themed stamps.

Perfect little pieces for accents in corners ect.. also.

I used only little bits and pieces of Crafty Secrets papers for the leaves ect..

Oh.. and that pink thread spool .. is "real" this time. lol You cant see it very well at this angle but just above the thread...(on the brown frame) I stamped the scissors and colored them in with a silver pen.

Lots of stitching, a little inking , bits of trims and vintage buttons.
Do you see the little measuring tape I have sticking out from under the rose? It's

also on the sheet of Creative Scraps.

I love adding doilies to projects.. but I cant bare to , if they are in good shape. Someone put lots of time and love into making them. I always think about that, and feel sad to see them and crammed in a bin for a dollar or two. Anyway.. this one was torn..so I was okay with using it this way.

Those silver things in the corners are snaps. And do you see the needle? I love adding little details that you may not even notice initially.

You can bet that .. as usual, when I was finished, it all got a little blast of Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mist. lol It's just never completely finished until I do that. I'm obsessed with the stuff.

I hope you can see the photos well enough. I really love to photograph my projects outside when at all possible..but because of all this rain and the flooding ..the mosquito's are RIDICULOUS! I tried to take this out and hang it on the tree to photograph. They were literally "swarming" around me.

NO way! I am so over that!



Why is it when I create something like this, I always have to take out EVERYTHING! Wow. messy! I better get busy putting things away, so I can find it when I start on the next project.

...and start making another mess. lol

Happy day everyone!!!


Home and Heart said...

It is FABULOUS!! I don't have a craft space, so I have to drag EVERYTHING out and put it back! It takes me forever to make one thing!! I love your work, it's always wonderful!

LindaC said...

aVicki, this is very nice. I love the sewing theme combined with the vintage look. Your grandmother's picture looks great in the frame.

stampqueen said...

Absolutly STUNNING!!!! Love all the textures and thousands of details!!!!

Jan said...

Another work of art and it'sso pretty! Love all the detail you've put into this!!

Scrap for Joy said...

I love every wonderful detail of this piece. Sewing themes always attract me even though I haven't sewn in years! I do collect dress form stamps and I think I neeeed this new CS set. Love the Crafty Scraps also, don't have them around here so I'll hunt them on-line. I am always awed by your projects Vicki. This one is exceptionally beautiful!
Hope you're having a great day!

Jane Wetzel said...

Amazingly beautiful- it couldnt be more perfect!

kathy/North Carolina said...

Oh, my! So lovely....everytime you send out a new project, I say the same thing..."this one's my favorite!" Beyond beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration....and stay away from the skeeters...deer flies attacked me in our yard about 2 weeks ago, and I still have welts to show for it!

debbiek said...

Oh Ms. Vicki, this is a LOVELY piece. Just gorgeous. LOVE the new stamp set:) Glad those killer misquotes didn't carry you away. Aren't they just awful? Wish we could eat them....lol! On second thought, maybe not - yuk.

Scrapthat said...

Oh it's simply gorgeous! I always love your attention to detail!
Very lovely indeed! TFS!

Lana said...

This is beyond stunning WOW I am in love with it!! Fabulous job!!

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely adorable!!!!
Good job. Marcy

Kinzie said...

Absolutely beautiful Vic! You are so talented and LOVE your blog! AND on a different topic - My nieces and nephews came to visit and they all LOVE Tilly and the Wall!!!!

harrahx2 said...

As usual, you attend to EVERY deetail! Wonderful work. Hope you got my welcome home.....Hugs! If you make the same mess I do when stamping, it's tough to clean up!

Anonymous said...

Vic, this is gorgeous!!!! All of your embellishments are so sweet!

Susan said...

This is SEW gorgeous! The old photo looks beautiful in the frame - everything is just perfect. Love it.

Sarah said...

WOW, Vicki!! What a treasure!

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous Vicki...the details are AMAZING...thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!!

Rbarakat said...

Awww you poor dear a whole day in your scrappy room! LOL! Beautiful job girlie! Cute stamps too!

md said...

superbe bravo MD

Dawn said...

WONDERFUL!!!! love all the details and will be using this as a starting point for a sewing project that I have been itching to do for ages thank you for the inspiration it's just A_MAZ_ING!!!

Love Dawn xx

2amscrapper said...

This is amazing! I'll be back to study the details!