Saturday, July 03, 2010


One thing I really love about summer is being able to take lots of photos... in natural light. I have so much to learn about photograph... and that is something I plan to commit time to this next year. . Over the last few years I've really seen "what and how" people photograph change. It's fresh, and artsy and edgy... and I love it! I've mentioned to you before,that the things "I" photograph and how I photograph them have been greatly influenced by my brother-in -law Keith. I noticed long ago.. he just looks at things differently. The angle, the lighting ect... He's eye seems to be constantly drawn to things, that most people might just overlook or not notice. He has a great camera and lots of fantastic lens , that he has gotten throughout the years of this being a huge hobby for him.
The difference between him and I .. is that he is one that really educates himself on things he's interested in. (That meansreading manuals...which I don't like to do) lol and taking time to try things and figure out what works best. Learning
everything his camera can do.
THIS is what "I" need to do. Now that I've written that... I'm hoping that will be the push I need to commit the time to do just that.
The point of this post is kind of getting lost here.. lol.. but what I'm really wanted to talk about was "inspiration". I think all of us ... find inspiration in different places, and that all of us ..inspire others in one way or another, whether we know it or not.
I'm using just using "photography" as the topic for this post.... because I've been so inspired by others when it comes to taking photos in a different way.
I mentioned my brother in law.. who was my first big inspiration.. here are just a few other photographers who's
style is so inspiring to me.

Tabitha Worthington
Becky Novacek
Keisha Campbell


I had fun taking pictures of Lexi at the water park the other day. This one pretty much sums it up. lol

Shes growing up so fast.

She wasn't sure she wanted to get wet at first ..but once she got over that fear..there was NO problem. lol

Jerri had to go with her to convince her it was okay to get wet. ha

Here is another reason this post came to be. I saw these shots Wes had taken on the motorcycle trip him and Eric took a few weeks ago. He asked if he could borrow one of my camera to take with him when he went. I was so impressed when I saw these. I can only hope I was some inspiration to him .. if nothing else I can see that he "gets" it. I think each of these are so cool in their own way.

I know that the camera bug has bitten Jarad and Kate also..because they just purchase a great camera. (better than mine... if that doesn't make me jealous) lol They are using it alot and getting lots of enjoyment out of it. Hope to be able to share some photos of theirs soon also.
So there it is in a nutshell... Seek out things and people who inspire you .. and continue to share... inspiring others!


harrahx2 said...

Hey Vic........great pictures....Like Mother, like son?

Gail S. said...

Really fun pictures! Your son has talent :) (wonder where he gets it?) Hope you are having a great 4th of July weekend.

DeniseLynn said...

Great shots. And I'm loving Wes' shots on the bike and the legs on the picnic table ... so fun and different! There's that inspiration again my friend. Denise Roberts

Catherine said...

Funny I should read your post about photography today - I was just looking at a flyer from the local community college and thinking I would take the photography class they are offering for this fall, LOL. Love your inspiration - especially the ones Jared took! have a great day Vic!!

LindaC said...

That's why I read your always inspire me! Great photos from your son. Our son, Griffin, is a biker also.

Charlene said...

Summer is MADE FOR KIDS! Cute photos! Have a great week!