Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Designer Spotlight/ Fancy Pants Blog

Hey everyone! It's a cool rainy day here in Nebraska, and I have to say... I'm kind of enjoying it. Sometimes is nice to just stay in and putz around the house getting things done. Thought I'd do my blogging before I got started on the project I plan to work on today.
Yesterday was my day for "Designer Spotlight" on the Fancy Pants blog. I made this little mini album using all Fancy Pants Products. ( except the vintage bingo cards)

When we do our projects for the designer spotlight, we can use any FP products we want... no specific line, whatever stikes us. yay! That really makes it fun!
I have been designing for Fancy Pants since before they had a Design Team. lol That's quite awhile. Jared and Jodi are fantastic people with the most darling kiddo's you could images. (you can see them in photo on layouts Jodi has created the the website) here.
It's been amazing to watch this company grow over the past years!

I did this little album with a combination of FP chipboard pieces and notebook Journal pages, a long with vintage bingo cards and tags.

I TREASURE the old photos I do have ..but wish I had many more!

( That's my grandma, great grandma, and me on my moms lap)

my sisters, Donna and Sharon , with my brother Gary.

My momma (second in from the right)

My beautiful mommas graduation photo.
(photo below)- My dad on the far right and my Great Grandpa far left.
Doing a little mini album like this is so fun, because you can just add whatever you want. Each page is like it's own mini page.. that is finished quick. (instant gratification.. that what I'm talking about) lol
You can do as many pages as you need. ( or add more to it later). Use up little bits and pieces of papers, chipboard and ribbons that aren't big enough for a larger project or layout.. but are still beautiful none the less.
If you want a complete supply list with photos you can get that on the fancy Pants Blog .
I love photos!
Old or new..but there is something so interesting about looking at photos from many years ago. If it's something you have memories of, of course you get that comfy nostalgic feeling. It just helps take you back to that moment in time. If it's from a time before you.. don't you just love to look at the photos and wonder what a day in the life of that person(s) might of been? Baking everything from scratch, no microwave, or dishwasher? eek No air conditioning, washing machines or dryers. I think about my grandparents and great grandparents, as farmers, getting up early, working the fields, taking care of the farm animals.... (and usually lots more kids to take care of and feed than most of us have now).
Every photo.. really does capture moments of time.. and tells a story. Oh.. if only they could talk. I Often think.. I wish there was a detailed description on the back of each photo, because it seems so sad that often, as the years go by and memories fade... the people and places are forgotten. The old photos are shuffled around in a box or .. even worse..at an estate sale .. each one, with a story that no one knows. Sad. When I see this .. I think to myself.. I need to start writing on my photos.. so that doest happen. But I have to be truthful.. I still haven't. Life gets busy... other things come first. ( and a million other excuses) I am glad I do scrapbook to document things..but I have SO many photos, and most of them have no writing on the backs. Time to change that! New promise to myself the the coming year!
Because photos are so important to me .. I guess I always hoped they would be to my boys also. Here's hoping..... maybe??

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things , long after you have forgotten everything." Aaron Siskind


Jane Wetzel said...

wowzers Vicki- I can REALLY see the family resembliance -you son/your mom...awesome! Love the book- that tag in the middle is darn cute and I am gonna have to case it! Just got several old pics from my dh side of the family and I am promising myself a book! :) Thanks ALWAYS for the inspiration! (hope I can pleasantly suprise you later) :) hugs, jane

Home and Heart said...

It turned out darling!! I too wish I had more old family photos!

A Vintage Chic said...

What a wonderful post, Vicki! Love all those sweet family photos--so beautifully brought together in your album--love it!

I need to show my daughter the quote you used at the end about photography--she'll love that! She wants to be a professional photographer someday...right now, she uses her thousands of photos to help her remember recent events for catching up on her journal...they really do capture moments forever, don't they...

Enjoy the cool weather, my friend!


Jan said...

beautiful family photo's! Love your album!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

Such a wonderful book - and I love those photos you used!!!

Love your post my friend :)

kathy/North Carolina said...

Vicki...you are a papercrafting goddess! I love, love, love your mini album. About 2 years before my sweet mommy passed away, I got inspired to do a heritage album. I got all my siblings to send me all their old photos, scanned them all into my computer and then organized them into decades, starting with the birth decade of mom and dad. I spent hours on the phone interviewing my mom and journaled those stories into the albums. They are among my most cherished possessions today. A mini album would have been SO much easier, though! Thanks for sharing!



I love that mini album, you know I never was really into them but am getting more and more, but typically I give them away. I guess I feel I have way to many photos to scrapbook to use a mini album lol.

You know one thing I love about your blog is how it's more than just posting projects it's about you and your life, your family, your feelings and I don't know you post today made me tear up, haha I guess I'm a sap.
It brought be back in time talking about old photos cause I LOVE OLD PHOTOS! My dad quite a few years back made a video for all the kids (I'm the youngest of 8) of all the old photos. Back in my parents day it was the thing to do to get all your pics on slides so they have tons and tons, and my dad used his video camera going thru all the slides some with music playing and some with descriptions of what the pic was or of who. I will have forever his voice on that tape with all the pictures of my child hood and before. So special. Thanks for always sharing with us!!

debbiek said...

Love, love, love this post of yours, Ms. Vicki. I too wish I had more family photos. If I could offer any younger people today some advice - take TONS! Life is short and memories are forever - especially if you make scrapbooks with them:) They become your true treasures...

Michele said...

Beautiful albums!!! Love all of your pretty details!

harrahx2 said...

Okay, just catching up! Love the guest blooger idea but then, I haven't met one of your ideas that I don't love. Love the little drawers with the paper! Too cute. I like the idea of writing on the backs of pictures but have too many so right now, I am trying to go through and get rid of "nothing" pictures so the ones I do have mean something! I'll be happy to be able to do that, never mind writing on them! Hugs to you and love your book, but then you knew that because I told you about 10 different times! Hugs.

Valerie said...

I just want to say...Thanks for your talent. Your attitude is ALWAYS awsome. And the music from your niece tops it off.

Anonymous said...


Yvonne said...

Love all the photos and book!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

This is simply amazing and that doesn't even do this project justice : )It's been wild here so I am getting back to looking about and starting to create.I appreciate your love for family and convinced now more than ever the need to treasure and create for that which is truly important! Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration!