Friday, August 06, 2010

Stuff..... you gotta love it!

Hey everyone! Hope the week was great for all of you. It seemed to fly by for me ..but it certainly is good to be getting things done around here. Seems like after a crazy time (CHA) lol.. I have to come home and take a day to just put things in my room away, where they actually belong. I do love organization..but when I'm busy... step back... because I am a big time mess maker. The good thing about labeling and organizing is it really does make it easier to put it all back in it's correct place. Which saves time when you need to look for it when you want it. Sounds good doesn't it? lol Well it's all true..but when you are a "collector of STUFF" like I am ... no matter how much you label and organize.. there is still ALOT of stuff!

I did take time out to make a couple of things this week. One of them is this Bingo card using one of the images from the "Girlfriends" double sided Creative Scraps, and .......

This amazing new set called SL3 Artsy Banners. There are SO many things you can do with this set to mix it up. You can see on the large scalloped border I added to the bottom of my bingo card.... I stamped the script stamp first on the green paper, and then stamped over it with the large scalloped border stamp, before cutting it out. I then layered in twice.

The borders are really easy to line up, so that you can repeat them to make your border whatever length you desire. I have been waiting for a stamp set like this!! Borders, book print, script , music notes.. ah.. what more could I ask for? Woo Hoo! You'll be seeing me use this alot!


Back to my obsession with "Stuff". Sometimes I wonder if part of the reason I love to organize is because It gives me an excuse to sit down and look through my collection of goodies. lol I've talked about this before.. how I love little "do dad" things. Lot of the little things like this.. I leave out on plates or in glass jars.. because just having them "in sight" inspires me to want to create.
These little mixed piles of old and new trinkets, just make me giddy. Of course I find the vintage things super interesting and love to ponder where they came from, ..what dress that button was on, or who wore those crazy ear rings.... but..I love it all .. old and new.

I always wonder if my love of containers of little things, stems from my Aunt Pauline. When I was a little one, and we went to visit them on the farm in the summer, she always has this little peanut butter jar full of "stuff". Random things like, a marble, a army man, a barbie shoe, ect... lol Really, just silly little things like that... and even though I had lots of nice toys at home.. I loved that jar of stuff! I couldn't wait for her to get the jar down off the window ledge and hand it to me, so I could see what little treasure she might have added, since my last visit.

Well.. I don't know if that is why I am the way I am about "little things" but it certainly made an impact on me. lol If given the opportunity, I could sit and dig through these pile of stuff,... all day long and never get tired of it.

The thing that really makes me smile is that I see this same trait in my niece Neely.
She loves little treasures also.

Here it is .. the weekend. Hoping to take a little bit of time to enjoy the sunshine and a glass or two of tea.

Hope your weekend is fantastic!


A Vintage Chic said...

Love, love, LOVE your bingo card, Vicki! Okay--can't wait to get the new stamps and play!

I love stuff, too--only you sound WAY more organized than me! Oh, well...I manage to find it all when I need it!

What happened to your Aunt's jar? My grandmother used to have a jar like that, and I have no idea what happened to it...I would have LOVED to have that!

Have a wonderful weekend--take care, my friend!


Angela said...

I love your bingo card, too! Very vintage! Where do you get those bingo cards? Are they from an old stash or current?

Paben said...

The Bingo card turned out Beautiful,you must have been a busy bee today or after I left Thur.Yes you get a lot of traits from your Aunt Pauline and your DAD!lol!I think I have a dozen of Grandmas jars,too!

Nat said...

Love the bingo card- those stamps- I need to get them! wow and you have so many treasures- love them!!!

harrahx2 said...

Nice work Vicki! Love that assortment of ideas on the bingo card. Show me a woman who does NOT LIKE containers. I love containers of old buttons. I used to go through them all the time when I was a kid. I keep odd items and it's funny you mentioned army mne because I keep a found on the beach container and in it is an Army Man! Too funny. Love you!

jan said...

Wonderful art! Love your inspiration from treasures! I feel the same way, my room is overflowing with little finds, old and new! They bring me to smiles every time I "reorganize" LOL, messy, messy I am!

kathy/North Carolina said...

That is so funny....I have little jars and containers of "stuff" all over my studio....but I know right where it all is. About every 6 weeks, I go through all of it and re-organize...and I always come out with a ton of inspiration. I just love your blog!

debbiek said...

Cute card Ms. Vicki and I really enjoyed rummaging thru all your Have a great weekend!

Jane Wetzel said...

Awesome bingo card Vicki! LOVE STUFF TOO! Guess thats why I love your blog...he he he! I seriously NEED to get organized myself! :) Enjoy your is just wonderful here today!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I know, stuff gets all over the place when we are creating. I'm really trying hard to put things back where they belong, all the time. Love the Artsy banners, so cute, you can do so much with those. xoxo Always love visiting your little corner of the world, xoxo Lidy

stampqueen said...

Love your pics of 'stuff' - such wonderful 'stuff' :)

Home and Heart said...

Your card is gorgeous, as is your "stuff" I am a stuff lover/hoarder!! I hate to part with it!! I may need it for another crafty thing!!