Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Wishful" canvas

Midweek already? Seems like if it's already Wednesday I should have gotten more done by now. hmmm Woke up this morning feeling like I have a bit of a bug. Hope it passes quickly. I have lots I want to get done.. no time for feeling icky.
The weather has been so nice and cool, we've been able to have the windows open! Love that!
Thought I'd share a canvas I did for the
Fancy Pants Blog ,using "Wishful thinking Strips".

You can see other projects done with the Wishful Thinking Strips here on the Miss Fancy Pants Blog.

I love love love this photo of "A". She is such a doll! She used to be kind of shy, but it was so cute to see her with the other kids when we were all together, and how she was hamming it up for the camera with them. She is defiantly the apple of my brothers eye. He's an awesome Grandpa.

I did lots of stitching on this. You know how sometimes you REALLY enjoy working on a project? That's how I felt about this...just enjoyed the process.

All Fancy Pants papers, felt and buttons.


Have I bragged on my kids lately??? lol Well, I am really proud of the Adults they have become. Jarad has so many things going on , I don't know how he keeps up with everything. He is now training to be a volunteer figherfighter. This involves a huge time commitment with alot of classes. I am so pleased that the kids are taking it upon themselves to be a part of their community.

Of course I'm super proud of Wes also. He has an amazing work ethic. I always think of how proud my dad would have been. My dad was always a stickler about that. lol
Both our boys are passionate about music. They quite possibly came by that naturally because Dan and I both love all kinds of music..but it's different with the boys.. they actually HAVE musical talent. lol They both can sing and both play instruments.
I'm really a lucky momma. I love those guys.
Now I have to tell you a story about something kind of funny. When I was visiting at my sister Donna's in Arizona a while back, I had gone for a walk and noticed these pods on the ground. I thought they were really cool , so I decided I wanted to take some home. I brought them back and set them in the back room with my suitcase and other things at their house.
A while back my sister was cleaning and noticed something way back against the wall under some things in the back room. She was a little freaked .. wondering what the heck they were. She couldnt see clearly way back there ..and could only see these dark little things..that looked like they had "tails". eeekkk You can only image how her mind was reeling.
( my sister is an immaculate house keeper ... so I'm sure she was freaking out).
After getting a flashlight so she could see back there and something to get them out ... she realizes that it is just a couple of these pods that had come off and somehow fell back under there from my pile of stuff.
Being the funny girl that she is ....

I get "these" in the mail yesterday. lol ( yes.. crafting runs in our family)

I showed them to my dogs and Molly about went crazy. She crabbed it out of my hand before I could pull my hand back.( she is QUICK) I had to chase her all around the house to get her to drop it.

Oh.. the shenanigans that go on around here. Good grief! lol

Have a great day!


Debby said...

Beautiful LO of your daughter. It does make you feel good when your adult children succeed.
Can't beliee that your sister sent those back to you like that. So funny about the dog running with it.

Gabriela said...

Oh I LOVE that your sister returned your beloved pods to you and with faces no less. I love it I tell you!

harrahx2 said...

Oh my word Vicki, I needed that laughter today. I just burst out laughing, a good healthy heehaw! Your boys and Neely...what a and skills abound. Love the picture of the little girl. Those cheeks are made to be pinched! Hugs my friend.

debbiek said...

Your layout is precious, Ms. Vicki! I couldn't stop chuckling about the 'pod' story. Lucky you to have a sister that loves to tease Have your dogs ever ate a mouse? My brother's did the other day. We think she's hanging around their cats too much and got the idea from them. Never heard of dogs eating mice...yuk.

A Vintage Chic said...

Okay...first of all...Miss "A" is adorable--what a sassy little thing! Love the layout you did--I can tell that you loved putting every bit of it together--it certainly shows.

Isn't it great to be proud of your kids? I feel the same way...what a blessing, huh?!

Love the mice your sister made with the pods--cracked me up!

Hope you're having a great night, Vicki!



Haha that story about the pods is hysterical! Love love the Canvas layout, adorable little girl, love that hair!!

Love that you are so proud of your boys, makes my heart smile to hear others talk about their kids. My son is my baby and although at 17 he can certainly drive me nuts at times I love him so much and he is always coming up with something that makes me laugh. From the time he was little he and I would go to Panara Bread (a coffee house that also serves meals) and we would get something to eat or a snack and then talk and he would have me laughing so hard. Even to this day we take time to go there on occasion and he still gets me laughing. Children are so special and I'm so very thankful to have my son even though at this age I don't get to see him much : ). Happy Wednesday.

kathy/North Carolina said...

Love that story! Oh, the things we hoard when we papercraft. Love it!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Hope you're feeling better : )What a fun layout - the banner is perfect and love the stitching! Glad to hear your guys are doing great and the story about the pod reminds me of the children's book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" but yours could be "If You Give a Crafter a Pod..."

Sandy Ang said...

Such a beautiful LO. Love all those patterns coming together in the background.