Saturday, September 04, 2010

Everyday Memories

When I as uploading photos from when we were out at the cabin the other day.. It really got me thinking about "making memories". I know it sounds corny..but it's true..
"It's surprising how much of memory is build around things unnoticed at the time."
author~ Barbara Kingsolver

The photo above was taken the other day, When Wes took me for a ride in Jarads go cart. Even going to the cabin that day was a last minute decision. Things just fell into place for us that day, so Wes, went out to paint.. .. me to clean and then Dan met us there when he got off work to grill for dinner. When I read that quote about memories.. I was really was fitting for this day. The most unexpecting day can bring the opportunity for really great memories.

I look ridiculous in the photo..but it's to funny not to share. (I'd been cleaning inside the cabin all day.. I had my hair pulled back and no makeup on.. scary) lol
The funny thing about this photo is it is so "not typical"of Dan to get on ANY of the boys "motorized man toys". It's just not his thing. Wes had taken me for a ride down the road on it.. and when we came back I said.. "you should take Dad". Well when we pulled up in front of the cabin .. Wes got out and said to Dan.. "Hey Dad .. why don't you take mom for a ride?". I never thought he would.. but he walked right over and got in. He was driving like his was in a nascar race.. geeezzzz As you can see by the look on my face.. I was freaking out at first. (Thanks to Wes for grabbing my camera.. and documenting the moment) lol
I have to say that over the years.. I have been totally inspired by others who truly scrapbook the "everyday" things. Those will be the things that will really tell the story you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren right? Posed photos are nice ..but I love looking at old photos where you can see the background things also. Looking at things like your Grandmother "in" her kitchen. ( where if your Grandma was anything like mine.. she spent alot of time . Cooking for her family... baking and canning). You can say.. "I remember that cookie jar", or the color the walls were painted, ect. Before you know it... you can almost remember how things smelled and felt there when you were a child. SO many things trigger memories!
They don't have to be big special , important events... or fancy places. Sometimes the simplest things give us the fondest memories.

Over the years our little cabin has given us a great place to create memories. It's is defiantly NOT fancy...but great memories made there ..none the less. I don't go there nearly as much as I used to ..but the guys still spend lots of time there. It's great to see them enjoying it now that they are older also. Jarad, Kate, Wes.. and alot of their friends have enjoyed some really fun times there.

We got this cabin when the boys were little and spent ALOT of time there over the years.
We used to have lots of gatherings there, with family and friends. Fishing , fireworks, campfires, grilling, boating .. you name it.
Years ago I put together this little acrylic album.. but I still really love looking through it.
I thought I'd share a few of the pages with you.
This is the back of the main cabin. Told you.. nothing fancy.
After we had owned the cabin for a number of years..the lot next to it became available.. and it had a little one room building on it. The boys were getting a little older and were excited about the idea we had of getting this lot,. and building so that they had a little place of their own. The building was in rough shape.. A definite fixer upper project for Dan and the boys. ( that alone made some great memories). They re-sided, re-roofed, put in new windows, dry wall ,trim, carpet... the works. They had bunk beds, a fridg, microwave and TV.. what else do pre teen boys need. lol They have gotten alot of use out of that place over the years. Since it doesn't have plumbing.. yep... they have a fancy outhouse. lol The other cabin has a kitchen, bathroom , no worries for me. lol I'm all about nature.. but not about roughing it to much. lol
This little place was the perfect place for them to feel like they were more independent and had their privacy... but was good for this mom also..because i could look out the kitchen window and see what was going on at all times. lol
(below) Dan and Wes scrapping and painting the little cabin, last summer.
Inside...other than painting .. everything looks just about like it did back when we got it in "1994"..but every time I talk about changing it .. they all say.. "no.. we like it like this". See... we all hang on to memories. lol
as simple and used as it my be... it's a been a great place to relax....

and to create memories.

Just a little reminder...
Everyday.. you're Creating Memories.. even when you don't realize it.

(so always have your camera handy)


Jane Wetzel said...

Awesome Vicki- I know I have told u this before - but I soooo love sitting here drinking my tea and reading your blog EVERY morning! So funny because yesterday I was snapping pics and thinking about this very same thing. The everyday pics tell such a GREAT story! Thanks for the inspiration- hope you enjoy your weekend!

mindy said...

Ditto Jane....I love reading your blog Vicki. You're so talented and creative - it inspires me! You're so lucky to have a "get away" place and I'm sure when you were creating that album it brought back a lot of memories!

Everyday pictures are the best. Maybe not documenting an event but documenting a feeling!

kathy/North Carolina said...

This was such a great post. Your album is great. One of my favorite layout pages is a pic of my mom pulling freshly baked loaves of bread out of the oven in the kitchen where I grew up. You are so right about scrapping the every day moments. Loved this!

A Vintage Chic said...

Loved this, Vicki! So the unposed, unexpected moments caught...the simple, everyday things.

Your cabin(s) look just perfect--and what a gorgeous place by the river! Love that picture of you in the car, too--it's great!

Hope you have a wonderful, restful Sunday, my friend!


Donna said...

Hi Vicki! Loved this blog post....very enviously enjoyed hearing the history of your family's cabin and I also appreciated your comments about the everyday pictures being so integral to our memories! Your Cabin Album rocks, of course!!

DeniseLynn said...

Oh indeed!! My hubby and 2 little boys have been busy putting up a new fence ... slowly replacing our broken down one over the summer months. yesterday they finished it up and I was busy clicking away with the camera. Oh how I will tear up one day as I look back at these times when the boys are so little next to that big split rail fence post! You said it so perfectly when you wrote "sometimes the simplest things give us the fondest memories."

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Love the side by side cabins - can't imagine how fun that was for your kids! Hope you are able to enjoy the every day moments of today : )

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Love the side by side cabins - can't imagine how fun that was for your kids! Hope you are able to enjoy the every day moments of today : )

MJ said...

Thanks for the reminder to focus on every-day memories. In fact, I just posted about one of those to-be memories! Perhaps I'll incorporate it into a LO one day!

Thanks for the tour of your cabin!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! I drove my son and I in a go cart for the first time this weekend and my hubby took a crazy picture of us (can't wait to scrap it). Lake vacations are always the best for us and friends and my son likes to look at those LO's much more than others.
Sue Clarke

debbiek said...

Great post, Ms. Vicki. Love your stories and the book you created. Your words make me feel like I too have been at the cabin:) Thanks for a very relaxing read!

Michelle Wooderson said...

Love it Vicki! Your words are so true! And your book is absolutely darling. How far apart do we live....can't be too far, we're practically neighbors...KS..NE. Yep, definitely close enough for us to get together! Hey I went to the Sparks, Ks flea market. FUNNNNN. I had to go by myself though. Look it up on the map and see how far you are!

Jan said...

Love the cabins and I bet your boys loved having their own place :)
The go cart pix are so cute and I see your dogs are NEAR their MOM :)


Awww so cool, hey I love that pic of you on the go cart, totaly scared outta your mind lol. Too funny! I feel the same about our camp although we haven't had it quite as long only since my son was 9, but still have lots of memories from each summer there. Thanks so much for sharing and that little album is adorable, great memories!!