Friday, September 24, 2010

Junk Bonanza

Finally I got my photos transferred from my laptop to this computer and sized so I could share them.  I just randomly took photos while we walked and looked..but of course my focus was on LOOKING. I had to remind myself to take photos now and then. lol      Junk Bonanza

Carol and Heather picked my up early Saturday morning and off we went. I was so excited because it wasn't something we had planned on doing, but when I found out my classes that day didn't start until 1pm.. it was just too tempting.  It was just a fantastic morning..... couldn't have been better.   Carol was such a trooper.. just wanting to show us a good time.. when she isn't really even into "vintage".   It was such an interesting place... she even said she really enjoyed all there was to look at. (and of course .. we were all just happy to be able to spend some time together. Usually when we see each other at Trade shows.. there just isn't time for more than a little chat, and a hug.  It's just such a busy time.  To get to have this much time .. was so great!

  I loved the old wheels on the wall with vintage photos clipped on them in this booth.  I cant help but laugh when I see things like this .. that I think are so cool and unique.. wondering what the look on my mothers face would be. lol   She thinks stuff like this is so silly. lol    To me.. it's "silly" too..but in an AWESOME way! lol


So many different, unique and interesting things going on as you walk from booth to booth.

 Different Color combos, fabrics, textures, .... just about enough to put me into creative inspiration overload! ahhhhhh... so good!

The only things I wish could have been different about this day.  More TIME, a  UHAUL and tons of Money!! lol   

 I was so inspired by some of the things I saw.. I was just wishing .. at the end of the day, that I could just go home.. create, rearrange, and decorate. 

So many beautiful and unique things to look at... and the display ideas people come up with .. just blow me away.  There are some real "creative thinkers" our there.  The displays were just amazing!

 Here we are.... lol

I didn't get alot.. just some small things.. since I only had (part) of a suitcase for space.   That big Red "V" was one of my favorite things.  I had planned to put it up above my kitchen cupboard in the soffit area..but tried it today and it's too tall. I'll have to re-think  where it will go now..but I do love it.
I can not wait to alter that book with the hole cut out of it.  I'm also excited about the decorative towels I found. They will be great for my wooden spool fairies.  Those different heights of old bed springs were displayed with gourds sitting on them.. and also holding peat moss cups growing herbs.   Can you see those small metal film reels?  wooden needle holders, ephemera, clock face  ect...   just random fun stuff  ( fun to ME anyway.. my mom would be laughing at my purchases.. thinking "what in the world are you going to do with that junk? ) lol
So the saying goes.. "One mans trash is another mans treasure"  right?  lol

It was a super fun day!!


I wanted to get these photos posted like I had promised...but I'll be back tomorrow with a project to share.  I have been totally in the mood to create. I love it when that happens.. and your just excited to start a new project the minute you finish one.  
Until tomorrow....



Jan said...

LOL!! The picture of you girls in the truck is so CUTE!!! I'd love to dig through some of that junk!

Carol (HB) said...

These pics are GREAT! It was such a fun fun day... I think if I would have spent much more time with you two I would have become a *junker*! LOL

debbiek said...

How FUN, Ms. Vicki. Love the photos, especially of you gals in the truck. The picture of Griff is adorable too. Makes me chuckle as when my nephew was just a little guy, he'd climb up on Grandma's kitchen chair (with nookie in mouth, of course) and jump right in with us and our acrylic paints! Too funny...Have a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to see what you come up with, with all your new found TREASURES:)

Bevie Pearl said...

I agree Vicki, I would have driven a truck to Junk bonanza and filled it to the brim. I am so glad that HB, told Sam and I about the place. WE had an absolutely fun day there, too.


Oh I'm sooooo jealous, I want a junk bonaza here!!! Looks like sooo much fun and awesome stuff to look at. Dan too thinks Im crazy for always wanting the check out things like that. We have a weekly flea market that is similar here and I sometimes go to that, but I'm sure it's no where as big as what you guys went to! so much fun!!

harrahx2 said...

Geeze....I miss one day and look at all that is happening! You look wonderful, in case I haven't said that yet. You look TerrifiC! Loved all the pictures and the jars and you have given me (yet again) ideas to use some of my jars......The little wooden needle holders! I have never seen them. They are darling. Everything looks so good. Can't wait to see you use them...I am so with you on the ONe Man's Junk deal! You just never know....Hugs and welcome home. I'm like the dogs...glad to have you back.

Jenn Balcer said...

what a wonderful day! So glad you had some YOU time!

A Vintage Chic said...

Wow, Vicki! Why is there nothing cool like that where I live???? Looks amazing! So much inspiration! Can't wait to see what you do with your finds!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


Pearl Maple said...

fabulous day out, you girls look like you were having a lot of fun

Susie said...

Oh how fun?!?! I would LOVE to have been there, just watching you go through this place :)
Thank you for sharing with us!

janel said...

It looks fabulous. I bet you could have spent way more time there...and of course the trouble one could get into with an unlimited amount of $. I love the old wooden spools you got...Have fun and enjoy this beautiful fall day! We both know what is coming after these great temps, and beautiful colors. Thinking of you.

Precious Treasures said...

Love that big letter "V"! What are you going to do with the springs?