Thursday, September 02, 2010

Starting to feel like Autumn

Hey everyone!
Hope your week has been going well. I've been working on my "color challenge" for tomorrow. (I'll tell you more about that further down in this post). But first of all a huge thank you to my guest blogger Amy Stewart. Loved her pinwheel flowers! Wish you were all close enough to visit Precious Treasure (her store).. it's an amazing place!
Okay... I have been wanting to remember to tell you that Tattered Angels has posted a Design Team Call. So if you are interested read ... click on this link to find out more.
Tattered Angels Design Team call.

It's REALLY cooled off here today. For the first time this year.. you really get the feeling that fall is on it's way. I thought it would be a good time to share some Fall/Autumn projects from last Fall , done with Tattered Angles products. Watch the Tattered Angels Blog for Fall themed projects from the Design Team this month. My posting date is the 19th of each month on both the Design Team blog and on the Educators Blog. If you were wondering what the difference is in those two blogs... The Design Team blog will be finished projects from the Design Team. The Educators Blog is the Tattered Angels Educators .. showing you techniques, and step by steps on ways to use Tattered Angels products. They are two different groups of girls with the exception of "Golden Ambassadors" who are designers AND educators. That would be Natalie Kalbach, Trica Ladouceur, Sally Lynn McDonald, and I.

Above is a 8x8 layout I did with the left over paper towel as my background.

Tattered Angels Bingo Boards and stamps work great together. In this case I stamped the spider on transparency and then cut it out to add to the other pieces.

Above.. I stamped the spider on black card stock and then embossed it with silver embossing powder before cutting it out and adding it to the pumpkin.


Okay.. now a reminder about the color challenge
I would LOVE to have any of you play that can. It's a simple challenge.. but hopefully it's inspiring!

We all see color all around us...but sometimes.. we get in a rut.. using the same color combos time and time again..because we like them.

changing it up a bit .. can give you that little nudge to try new things.. starting with something as simple as trying new color combos.

I find simple little challenges really help me stay "fresh". My plan is to continue from here with other little challenges from time to time.. that I hope you'll want to play along with . Inspiration is all around us.... color, design, music, lyrics,home dec, nature, photos ect... If you have ideas for challenges let me know in your comments. Lets see what we can come up with for challenges to come.

Here is the original post for tomorrows challenge. It's a super easy one..but there is still plenty of time to play. If you don't have a blog.. send me your photo and I'll post it here. If you do have a blog.. send me your link .. so I can post that here in tomorrows post okay?
be sure to stop back tomorrow to check out what everyone creates!
Have a fantasic "colorful" day!!


Nathalie Kalbach said...

ahhh know the secret- LOL - man I have been biting my lips for quite a while! Love love love your TA- Projects- so amazing! I wish I could play in your challenge- One week later and I would have been part of it :)


Vicki, I love that layout with the paper towel, so unique and the colors are beautiful!

I don't really have any ideas for challenges at this moment (work is causing a brain block lol). But I watched this show once about Ralph Lauren, and he is a sports car nut, and I don't mean like the ones we see everyday I mean like things we've never even heard of including concept sports cars. He owns I forget how many but an unbelieveable number. Anyways he gets his ideas for colors schemes and designs from sports cars. I know crazy right? Well if you'd of seen these cars you'd know when you look in the store and see some really wacko things lol. Anyways just wanted to share as I found it an interesting tibit that fit with this color challenge. : )

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Great layout! Love the fall quote, the spider on the pumpkin, and inspirational color pics! Thought I was going to get to play along but have been getting ready for Earl in case he decides to stop by : ) Looking forward to seeing everyone's projects!

debbiek said...

Ohhhhh, Ms. Vicki that paper towel layout is gorgeous! You are such an inspiration. Wish I had the time to do your color challenge but unfortunately have too much to do right now:( Thanks for posting such great projects for all of us to enjoy:)

Rbarakat said...

Girl I LOVE that paper towel lo! AMazing!!!! Totally trying that!!

kathy/North Carolina said...

Stunning!!! I LOVE fall! Wish it would cool off here in NC.

Jane Wetzel said...

AMAZING amazing amazing Vicki! That paper towel is amazing- gonna see if I can find time to do the color challenge..:)