Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn Days.. a drive in the country

For the first time in a very long time .. I'm just sharing photos of my day.. not even a project today . I hope you're not disappointed..but inspired.  Inspired you say?? Inspired to take the opportunities that are right in front of you to CREATE "memories".    I thought about that today as I sat in my room working away this morning. Actually I was doing more of the "sitting" part , and not as much of the "working" part as I should have been.    A bit of a creative block you might say.  Usually when that happens.. for me .. it's time to just walk away for a while.
That is just what I did.. and I'm so glad, because I had a really nice day !

In the scrapbooking world we talk alot about "preserving memories". Sometimes .. like today, it was about enjoying  "making the memories".  

For years  mom and I have always taken a day each fall , to just take a drive in the country to enjoy the colors of the changing leaves and the beautiful countryside. We usually end up at the apple barn to get apples for pie and some cider.  We started doing this when the boys were just little guys. They always picked out a pumpkin to carve and never left without a caramel apple.

The drive was really nice and so relaxing, although  the leaves haven't turned as much as I thought they would have by now.
We took the long way around , ending up at the apple barn, and then since we were within just a couple of miles of the cabin we made a stop there also.  Today was Dans day off , and he was out there working on a project, so we all chatted for a bit. 
( the photo below was taken at the cabin)

The next two were taken at the apple barn.

lol.. funny mom.  She was acting silly in the photo because..  She didn't want her picture taken since she hadn't curled her hair..but.......   I just had too.. she was too cute! lol 
(She's a good sport!) 
How tall are you anyway mom??? lol 

Mom and I both got some apples for baking and I picked us both us some of their delicious Raspberry Cider. yum! I tried to talk mom into a Caramel Apple ..but she said no.  Good thing I convinced myself to eat one in front of her would be too rude. lol Because I wanted one BAD. lol  
** Walked away from those calories!Whew!**

I wish I could have gotten closer..there was this gorgeous solid black horse standing there  just looking at me like.. "what are you doing lady"?

And he was just down the road from the house I always dream of living in......

isn't it amazing??  Every time I see this house and where it is, perched up on this hill with a beautiful view of the river valley.. and think......    ahhhhhh.. I love this place!  

Speaking of things I love... I'm excited to see Jarad and Kate tonight.  They  are coming for dinner.   I {LOVE} when the kids come home for dinner!  I think I may have mentioned this a time or two before (snicker, snicker). They are always so easy to please. I don't have to make anything fancy, they are always happy with a home cooked meal.    These apples will hopefully make a yummy pie for desert! 
( I got "no sugar added" vanilla ice cream to serve on the pie.. so it's "totally okay". lol

Around every corner is a new opportunity to create memories!


Gail S. said...

Vicki - Wonderful fall photos! I love the house you took a picture of (I love old homes but live in a newer one). We have had a beautiful fall this year.

Donna said...

Vicki, you are so right, that we scrappers have to remember to make time to create the memories and to savor them as they happen. Too many times I know I am guilty of wanting "the right shot" or a background or clothing, etc to "match" my hoped for layout!! LoL! Enjoyed seeing your photos; they're all so good!! And happy you and your mom had a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much.
Makes me feel refreshed just reading it.
Perhaps I'll take drive out in the Black Hills today, or around the farmlands...
It's always good to stop and smell the roses (or Apples for you!)
Good of you for taking pictures of your Mom! Wish I had done more of that last winter.


Awww that is so awesome, what a beautiful fall day. About the only thing I like about NY is the change of the seasons. Not that I like all the seasons but the change from one to the next always brings new things and even though I do not like the cold and snow I love the first snow fall. It reminds me of hot chocolate and snugglin in front of the fireplace. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us! And awesome to have the kids over! Boys are great they always just love a good meal haha. My son is like that now and always has been ; )

debbiek said...

Loved your photos, Ms. Vicki and your MaMa looks sweet even with her hair not curled:) You inspired me to take a fall walk too. Have a great day!

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, I miss the midwest, Vicki! Love all your beautiful photos of your memory-making day with your Mom! Magic...

Hope you have a wonderful dinner with your kids--sounds like fun! Can't wait to see photos of your apple pie...yum!


harrahx2 said...

You are living your scrapbook....those memories will NEVER fade. I love them all. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Hugs...

Jan said...

GREAT pictures and I love the one of your mom :) She's adorable, even if her hair isn't curled :)
I've been busy canning apple pie filling, apple butter and apple sauce!

becky said...

i can't stop smiling over the shot of your mom standing in front of the height measure caricature! i love it!