Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hey everyone!  Wow... what a fast and furious long weekend here. Seems like it just flew by. Hope all of you had a nice weekend and that all of my Canadian friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
If I haven't convinced you to make a garland... here's one more attempt! lol
I made this garland using Tattered Angels Chipboard Alpha fonts. ( letters and frames) and...

The images on the side of these new sheets worked perfectly for backgrounds.

Aren't these images fun?
With the Chipboard being self adhesive, it was easy peasy..just cut the image to the general size of the frame and stick it on.  Then just add the self adhesive Chipboard letter to the top of the image.

I used these fun Fancy Pants pins to attach them to the ribbon.

I punched small holes in the tops of each one with my crop-o-dile to add the pins.

I cant even tell you that this is the last of my garlands..because I think I have one more to share from an upcoming project for the Fancy Pants blog. THEN.. I might actually have enough fall/autumn/Halloween garlands finished. lol


I mentioned before that 10/10/10 was our son Weston's birthday.. and that they had big plans.  Jarad , Kate, Wes, and their cousin Ryan have been planning a trip to the Black Hills for quite some time.
The last two or three generations of our (big extended) family all have lots and lots of fond memories of this place.  Our Uncle Jake and Aunt Viv have owned a cabin there for many years.  We've all spent lot of time there over the years.  My Uncle Jake passed away a few years ago and .. as we know now .. the cabin is gone.  But the memories... oh.. those we have plenty of!   My parents, brothers and sisters.. and their children, cousins , Aunts and Uncles ... SO many of us have year after year of memories of vacations spent together here.  I cant even find the words to express what a special place this was for our family.  Good times shared there, fishing, hiking, playing cards, ect...   Oh the stories those cabin walls would tell if they could talk. lol     I could go on and on about the good times spent there. Summer trips we remember as children, and then those of the summers we took our children to stay there and enjoy those same things.
All of our kids  would still probably say, going to Uncle Jakes  cabin in the hills was probably one of their most favorite things ever.
It was really fun for my sister and I to know that our kids would be sharing the past few days together up there, reminiscing about good times they had there as kids, and... making new memories there together as adults.

Kate, Jarad, Ryan, and Wes.

The kids were texting photos now and then while they were gone.  The photo below of the boys standing where the side walk went up to where the porch of the cabin used to be, defiantly put a lump in my throat.  When I was there a few years ago the cabin was abondoned but  was still there. We are all really going to miss this place.    ( In a blog post quite some time ago I talked about a little pine tree seedling that I brought home to plant in our yard from Uncle Jakes cabin lot.  I got it right there, in what used to be the front yard. Dan and I just planted it in our yard this past week.)

Along with lots of other kids in our family, my boys spent alot of time climbing that mountain behind the cabin.  Years ago the boys had spent many hours up the mountain a ways ... making forts, and arrowheads and other "boy" stuff .lol  I'd call them down when dinner was ready.. and as soon as they were finish.. back up they would go.  They told me later , while there were up there, they were carving their names on a rock. Chipping away at a rock.. with another rock. okay?  I never really gave it alot of thought. 
When they were getting ready to leave for this trip, Wes said to me, "I'm going back up the mountain to see if my name is still on that rock".  I kind of laughed ..thinking .. "yeah right". What are the chances of that?  That was 14 years ago!

This was this photo he sent me the first day they were there.

Can you see is says   96 W.C.  
 1996  Weston Chrisman  was there! lol and carved his name in that rock. lol

Thanks for the memories Uncle Jake


Jan Hennings said...

Love this post and he must have worked pretty hard to engrave his name deep enough in the rock that it's still there..14 years later :)
The spooky garland is adorable :)

CaninosArtisticCafe said...

Ok is it mean of me to sometimes scroll down past the projects to get to the story first? I always go back and look at the project(s) but I have to say many times I'm just anxious to get to the "story of the day". Haha I know I'm a nut. That story bought tears to my eyes I guess that with my son being a senior this year and feeling the almost empty nest syndrom I'm feeling a little emotional. But even this past summer Elias and I were talking about the summers we've spent at camp, the things we did and before we had the boat and stuff. Then the other week he was telling me when he was with his BF Connor (they have been best friends since 4th grade when Connor switched to St. Rose) he was telling me how him and Connor were talking about all the fun they had when we lived in N. Syracuse. I bought my first house there when Elias was just about 10 yrs old and it's right in the village. Connor lived 2 streets away bike riding distance of about 2min. He was talking about how much fun they'd have in the summers playing bike tag and swimming in Connor's pool at night. But they always ended up back at my house for dinner and to spend the night. Connor is like the 2nd child I never had and now that they have cars I don't see him much and I miss him like he was my own! Okay totally went off on a tangent. Anyways thanks so much for the stories I love them! And that banner is adorable! I'm going to try to do the Online class tonight with Cari over on the Prima site so I just may make a banner for fall lol : )

debbiek said...

Cute garland Ms. Vicki. I never get tired of seeing what you come up with. Always something amazing and beautiful. Loved the story about the boys and family get togethers.

janel said...

What wonderful memories...it is wonderful to know the the circle never ends, and that the memories continue, even without the cabin...the rock and the tree, what special visual reminders of a time well loved. Beautiful post.

Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

Hi Vicki! Love, love, love your garland!!!!!
Congrats on your son's birthday!
That rock, wow, that rocks girl! Happy memories.....

Anonymous said...

How amazing life is.....it just goes in little circles filled with big love........wonderful memories and many emotions.......Don't you love it? I do! Hugs and love the banner! Where's mine? Need to try that as I have some little "thingys" (technical term) to make them with.......so darn busy!

Kinzie said...

Super cute garland Vic!
LOVED that Wes's name was still in the rock - can NOT believe how grown up you boys are. You should be so proud - good job mom!