Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby shadowbox

Thought I'd squeeze in a post before tomorrow.  Things have slowed down around here this afternoon.  I had my mom out to visit on Friday and Saturday. We worked on her Christmas cards and letter, and watched some things Dan had recorded. Last night the kids were here for dinner and to watch the football game.  I always love it when there are home! I think they left with their tummies full! lol   Weston was here until today, and then he headed back to Lincoln, since he has to work tonight. (The dogs are sulking because all their attention givers are gone now) lol  
I have some  projects   to share that are done using products from the one of the new companies I have been mentioning lately.  "Ooh La La Design Originals" . They have lots of great goodies, like those fun dress forms, hand dyed ribbons, flowers, embellishments, ect.  You can see more of their products here

This is just a dollar store shadowbox I re-purposed.  ( it originally had an ugly rooster print in it).  I think it's so fun to find something (not so cute) but with potential and re work it, making it into something you really like.  Sometimes it's just all about looking past the initial piece and thinking about the possibilities.
The flowers, ribbon, lace, pin and bottle are all from Ooh la la.  The darling baby brought to you by my niece Christine and her hubby Justin.

You can see in the photo above, even with $ store shadowboxes that have a flat back that is glued on, how easy it is to make look nice. I usually just stick a butter knife down around the back sides and pop it off. When I 'm all finished with my shadowbox and and ready to close it up, I just glue the back on again using hot glue, and then over it neatly with paper.

Just to you can see how much that little baby has grown....

a photo of her from Halloween.
How is that for a dose of darling!


I was trying to push myself to think about starting on bringing the tree in and starting to decorate, but I think that will wait a few more days. I don't think I have it in me today.   I need to totally clean up and put things away from "this" holiday, before dragging out things for the next right?? ha
I have been putting out some Christmas thing over the past few days, but I think the tree will wait for now.

ps. Thank you all for all of your nice comments in my Thanksgiving post. I am SO thankful for all of you also. Some of you are new friends and some of you have been coming by for years!  I have made such great friends through this silly blog!  Some of you have blogs of your own or I have your email and we have talked, but their are many of you who comment  that I haven't been able to have contact with.. and would love too.  Please feel free to email me sometime.

I read ALL of your comments and feel like I know you all so well.  I wish you all lived close, so you could come over for an afternoon of chatting. Wow.. what a time that would be huh?
Anyway.. thank you all from the bottom of my heart ...
 I am so thankful for you!

                                                        hugs, Vic


LindaC said...

Vicki, I am thankful for you also. Your blog was one of the first I ever read. You have inspired me so! I will cherish my journal from you forever.

Love the re-purposed frame with the cute baby picture, and the Halloween ladybug is adorable. You are blessed with family!

Happy Holiday Season!

harrahx2 said...

That little cosutme is so cute and that little girl grew up really quick! Love the frame and of course all that you do. Glad the kids came by and shared some holiday special time. Sending my love!

debbiek said...

Great project Ms. Vicki. Love the photos of the little sweetie....I also am thankful for you. You inspire me everyday, even when WEEKS go by and I'm not able to sit down and create anything due to family obligations.

Have fun decorating, Christmas will be here in a blink of an eye!

Dawn said...

Stunning photos (Halloween SO CUTE!) and the crafty shadow box is also very YUM!

Love Dawn xx

Mickie said...

You can take the simplest things and make a beautiful piece of art from it. You Rock Vicky!

Anonymous said...

I love ALL your creations Vicki, and this one is no's simply stunning!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!

LeAnne said...

Great idea and ADORABLE Halloween pic!

kathy/North Carolina said...

icki... I love that shadowbox! I'm going to have to make a trip to the dollar store!

And I'm with you....can't even think about Christmas til I get past Thanksgiving clean up!

Hugs to you!

Jan said...

Beautiful shadowbox and the picture is too cute!!

The Scrappy Tree said...

I love the frame, it's adorable. And the little ladybug is too cute!!

malia said...

right back at ya, lady!
vicki i am adding your blog to my blog love section on my front page. i am not on blogger so i am sort of limited J about how I can connect to other blogs.

hope you had a great thxgiving! malia