Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A "blogging" sort of day

I hope you are are up for two blog posts today.  Why?? Well because I am doing my post here, and then I'll be doing one for Sandy over on the Heartwarming Vintage blog today also.  You will want to check in over there, when your finished here, because I'll be posting great projects from the Design Team  AND projects and a link to a tutorial by Lisa Zappa. Lisa was a Crafty Secrets DT member for a very long time, and is coming back this month as Guest Designer.    For those of you who know Lisa.. you know , she does not disappoint!   Great projects and a great tutorial ... so be sure to check it out.  I'll post the link again at the bottom of this post.
Actually Lisa's tutorial is quite fitting for my project, as she is showing how to create "accordion fold pinwheels"!  wow.. how well did that work out. And it wasn't even planned. lol
I have been making pinwheels alot lately also, so decided I'd try a little something I had rolling around in my head, as I was sitting on the plane coming home the other week.     Making graduating sizes, with a mix of pattered papers. Adding them to a dowel and into a base to create a Christmas Tree.  Okay.. sounds good.. now to  try it.

Just like anything else, once you make learn what works best, and what you would do differently next time.  I think next time I would not take the easy way out and just "eye up" the sizes... I'd actually MEASURE.  I know.. who would have thought?? ha   Depending on how tall your tree will be, you can decide how many pinwheels you want and how far apart to make them.  (  appox 1/2 difference between sizes will probably work best).   You can also vary by how LONG your pieces are when you start folding, or how BIG your folds are.   If you haven't made these pinwheels before, Lisa's tutorial will be REALLY helpful to you.  There are actually a number of different ways to assemble the pinwheels. I'd say.. do what works best for you!   Here is a link on ScrapScene to a tutorial I did also.

Here are a couple of other photos , so you can see how I put it together.  I just used a towel for the center and a large empty ribbon spool for the base.

To make a more decorative base for the empty ribbon spool, I used a round scalloped die cut.
(all of it covered in silver Glitter of course). ha
To add the glitter edge to the pinwheels, I put some glue down on a piece of paper and basically roll them through it.... then through glitter on another piece of paper.

  I also wanted to mention, if you own an AccuCut machine, or have a store near you that does, .. AccuCut also has  die that creases the paper for you!   Talk about time saver!

AccuCut Accordian fold

 Okay... I need to share one more thing here before heading over to the Heartwarming Vintage blog.  Mom was here the other day and we worked on her Christmas cards.   It was a perfect time to use these new stamps from Crafty Secrets.   Mom thought they were so darling.  I told her to pick out which she wanted to have stamped on her Christmas letter and on the front of her envelopes.

She chose the "God Bless" saying and the darling little singing children for her Christmas letter... and...

This sweet little "pointing angel baby" for the front of the envelope.    I decided to add a star from one of the other CS sets .. so it would look like the babe was pointing at "it".
I think mom was pretty happy with her Christmas Cards when she dropped them in the mail. yay!

Birthday Wishes

Oh.. and 25 years ago (Dec2)  we were blessed with Jarad.  I can not believe our baby is going to be  25!
Yes.. I did what my dad used to do to me... I called him our "baby".  When I was a teenager I'd cringed  every time  my dad would introduce me as the baby.  I'd say.. "Dad.. I'm not a baby", and he'd say .. "you'll aways be the baby".   When you are the last born.. you "are"always the baby of the family.
I would tell you how proud I am of him but this momma gets teary just thinking about it.   Lets just say.. I am SO lucky!   Happy Birthday Jarad!   We love you!


Don't forget to pop over and catch my post on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog.   I cant wait to show you what the girls have been up to!


Elaine said...

My oh my!! That tree is divine and so cute!!

Kate said...

Jarad and I have a lot in common, but it is funny to realize that our "moms" both call us "the baby" - My Mom proudly introduces me as "her baby" to every person I meet, or she introduces me to. It's something that I've come to embrace, now if I meet Mom's friends, I say, "I'm the baby" lol- I have two older siblings and Jarad only as one, but in the end, being the "Baby" is more often a blessing than a curse!! Thanks for the post Vic!!

Jan said...

Oh Vicki...I heard the same thing from my Dad as I was the baby, too :) Brings back some cherished memories!
Love the pinwheel tree, too :)

A Vintage Chic said...

LOVE that tree, Vicki--think I'm going to have to make one of those! Love the way you glittered the pinwheels by rolling them in the glue & glitter--very clever!

Since I'm the oldest of 6, I was never called the baby...but my Dad still calls me "punkie", which I love!

Beautiful job on the HVCS site, too, my friend--you're one busy gal today!

Happy Birthday to your sweet baby--you're right--they're ALWAYS our babies! Mine just called me a few minutes ago from far away at school...I miss her!

Now get some sleep!


Sand said...

I love your Christmas tree, so cute!!!
Hugs from France!

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Vicki, you are one creative cookie! That pinwheel tree is amazing!

Bettyann said...'s the cutest thing I have ever look way too young to havae a 25 year old son...

harrahx2 said...

How cute the tree! Oh yes. I love it. Great pic of Jarad. I only have the one son so he is the oldes and my baby and everything else all rolled into one. Looked at the stamp set and my eye ent right to the stamps you used, even before I scanned further down. Love them! Talent baby!

MJ said...

Sweet tree! Unfortunately, I can't get so motivated as I'm in the midst of painting Xmas ornaments!

Happy birthday, Jarad!

Nikki T said...

This is such an awesome tree, beautifully done.

Lynne said...

Wow! Your tree is fabulous, the glitter on the edges finishes of perfectly, love it. Thanks for sharing, might have to have a go. Lynne xx

jan said...

Beautiful tree and so very clever!!

Michelle Jackson said...

Vicki, that tree is incredible! It can now be wrapped and shipped too... (worth a try...) :)

Happy bday to Jarad!

Country Liv . . . said...

Goodness me! I just got a chance to check out this entry and I totally love, love, love the little tree! You would think that someone my age would have thought of doing this eons ago-just shows I don't know EVERYTHING and that I'm not too old to learn a new trick! Sweet Mamma's cards are super too. Thanks, Vic!
PS: Happy Birthday Jarad!