Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guest Blogger - Kate Givens

Hi Everyone!
I'll start off by saying, I feel a little out of my league, getting to post on Vicki's blog- when I barely consider myself a "creator" in comparison to her and the other guest bloggers. However, it's an honor- and I have a pretty cool project to share!

For starters, I'm the girlfriend of Vicki's son, Jarad. Jarad and I have been "featured" a few times here and there on this blog, so you might recognize me! I've known Vicki since I was 14 (and I'm 25 now), we joke about the times in high school when I'd come over and nap on Vic's couch, even when Jarad wasn't there- that should tell you, in case you ever wondered, she has ALWAYS been this sweet!!

So as you might know, Jarad and I bought a house last March and the last 9 months have been FULL of projects. Luckily, Jarad and I strive on projects, we joke that most couples do dinner and a movie for a date, we do "pizza and a project" haha - Most of our projects have been out in our shop, trying to get things comfy and ready for winter. But, I started a project in the house recently as well- and that's what I'm going to share with you!

Since I forgot to take "before" pictures because I got so excited to just dig in- I'll try to describe what I started with- the picture below is our sun room and if you notice on the left hand side, there is a inset area with a light and a picture in it, right above the table. We didn't realize there was a picture there because when we moved in it was covered in mirrors with gold paint, very 70's looking, on top of the mirrors were little shelves, which were poorly hung. The only reason this bothered me as much as it did, is because the rest of the entire house is remodeled and very up to date- but this room was still very dated and I was determined to fix that!

So, I pulled the shelves and mirrors off the wall, and found that a wallpapered mural was behind them, quite a surprise! The sticky tape that the people before us used to attach the mirrors had ruined the picture, but at one time, I could see this room being very nature/woodsy and I liked the feeling of that.
So, I decided to keep that feeling in that room, but try to bring up to a more modern style. I like to reuse items and give them new life, so while shopping for something to hang in that spot, I thought- why don't I just make something.. another thing about this spot is it's right by our back door, the door we and pretty much everyone uses all the time, so having the mirrors there wasn't terrible because you could glance at yourself on your way out and make sure all hairs were in place-so I decided I was going to reuse the mirrors as well. Here is what I came up with -

Of course this is ont he shop floor, and in the process of finishing all our other projects, it sat there for a little longer than I had hoped, and I'm sure I don't have to explain that mirrors on a shop floor are guaranteed to get kicked. Well one got stepped on and I accidentally kicked another one, so my original art, continued to change over time :)  I used double sided foam tape and super glue to get the mirrors to stay on a piece of wood. Here is the back of it -

Ok, so that was the first step- mirror art, done. Now to tackle the wall space where it was to hang.. I decided to go with Green because I wanted to stick with the nature feel, we have three small trees that we are growing in there, and soon to come a very large ficus tree (if we ever get it from Vicki's house :). So Jarad cut a large thin piece of smooth plywood to fit in the spot and I painted it...

Then we nailed it into the spot with finishing nails, it was the easiest and most efficient way to paint that area, with all the wall papered mural there was no way to just "paint over" it- plus this way, we are still preserving it for years to come! I had to take most of these pictures in the evening, so the lighting makes some of them look a little odd.
Jarad put screws in the top of the wood piece and we used extra strong wire to attach, then we put two screws in the middle of the area and hung it!
I'm not completely finished, as the trim around the inside and out needs some work, I haven't completely decided what I'm going to do about that yet- but I am happy about the way I was able to reuse the mirrors- not sure if you can tell in the pictures, but I removed most of the gold paint that was on the mirrors but left a little to give it a little more design. Here is one more of the room, to give you an idea of where the door is, etc.
Well, that's my project and it's a good thing that Vicki asked me to share it on her blog, or it would probably still be sitting on the shop floor waiting to get stepped on again!! If you look at the first mirror picture I posted, compared to this one, you can see a few changes- haha Oh well, Art is a process :)

Thanks everyone for reading, and THANKS to Vicki for having me post on your blog. Glad you will be back soon!! Hopefully I didn't draaaaag on too much! I'll leave you with a happy reflection of me :)  - PS. Mirrors that sit on a shop floor for several weeks don't clean all that easy at first, don't judge my smudge marks!! haha

I Hope my Reuse of Reflection, inspires you to create, or even better REcreate! Enjoy your Day!!


A Vintage Chic said...

Hi, Kate! Yep--I think I've read about you once or twice here!!! (hahaha!)

Great project--looks wonderful! I can relate to your "pizza and a project" nights--my husband and I designed and built our home about 6 years ago, and that was our typical Friday night for months...head over to Lowe's...get stuff we needed for the next project, and get some pizza (or whatever!)

Thanks for sharing with us, Kate!
Have a great night!


Vicki C said...

Awww.. thanks so much for sharing that project here on the blog Kate. I was so impressed (once again) with the creative way you look at things. Repurposing,but still hanging on to a part of the "first" home you and Jarad have together. Very cool!
**Right up there where your framed "burner" photos. I LOVED those too!
It makes me so happy to see how you and Jarad work so hard to make your house a cozy and beautiful HOME.
Thanks for Guest blogging!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

Hi Kate- ....I might have read about you before ;))))
I love the project- what a great idea!
Thank you for sharing this!!!

Jan said...

Hi Kate :)
Love to read Vicki's posts about you and Jared and you're always SO busy!
LOVE how you recreated this and kept it as part of your home :)

Deb S. said...

Hi Kate!I Love that you shared your project with us!!So cool!Looks like you and Jared have really fell in love with your house and made it your home!Love that!Oh by the way I have seen you a few times around this little blog of Vic's! ;-)

debbiek said...

You are as clever as Vicki, Kate! Your new place looks wonderful. You and Jarad should be very proud of what the two of you have accomplished. Can't wait to see what else you do around there. Admire all the energy you two have, too:)

harrahx2 said...

Hi Kate! It's so nice to finally "meet you in person" LOL. I am a long time friend of Vickie and we "meet in person" on the blog daily so I feel like I already know you! I have been watching with fascination your handiwork and you are quite the talented young lady. Need to fly you and Vic to my house to "redo-repurpose" my life! You are such a good fit for the family. Hugs and thanks for sharing and a wonderful mate for Vic's son! Have any girlfriends like you? My son needs one!

Sarah said...

Hi, Kate! You are so cute, so creative, such a DIYer, and so lucky to be a part of Vicki's family. I'm glad Miss Vicki let you have a post of your own on her blog! Hope to see future posts from you.

Bettyann said...

Thanks Kate for letting us in on your fab project...

Rbarakat said...

Very Cool Kate! Thats a really neat project!

Steve Finnell said...

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Okay it's Monday morning lets try this again lol, I tried to post 3x over the weekend and each time lost my comment, not sure what went on. But anyways Kate, I wanted to say that the mirror piece of art is AMAZING! I love what you did with that and the space, totally love the green behind where you hung the mirrors. Thanks for taking the time to share with us : )

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Aren't you the creative one : ) Love how you worked with what you had! Feels good to complete a project doesn't it? Enjoy your new home!