Friday, November 26, 2010

Pretty little box / and Sharing our Thanksgiving

Well, I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and ended your day with your tummies filled with turkey and pumpkin pie!    We had a really nice day spend with family and enjoyed it from beginning to end.
You know me, I'm all about sharing the photos, so I'll share a project first ,and then bombard you with family photos. ha  That way if you can read (look on) past that if you only if you wish. Like I said, my blog started years ago as a way to share with my far away family members, so that's just how I roll... when you get me .. you get my family.( and lots of photos.. so you've been warned) lol
But first... a project
This is a project I did using Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam on bare wood.  It has a beautiful effect and is so easy to put on.  I just brush mine on with a small foam brush.
( Tattered Angels website is currently under construction)

The embossed Chipboard pieces are also from Tattered Angles.  The Bird Image and the "Believe" stamp are both from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.

 You can find all kinds of these unfinished wood alterables at most any Hobby Stores and at some dollar stores. I love having them on hand.They are great to alter, and easy to make into different styles just by changing your colors or image. They come is lots of different shapes and sizes and are quite inexpensive.

I love the bits of metal hardware on them ,but never liked dealing with it when I painted. Now with Tattered Angels products, I just use my Glimmer Mist, Glimmer Glaze and Glimmer Glam, right over the hardware and then just use a small piece of paper towel to wipe it away. SO much easier!


It's not fancy.. it's not formal.. but it's perfect for us.
We are together and that's all that matters. There was a time when we did sit down meals, where we ate off pretty dishes with moms special tablecloths, all the food set on the table, passing it around the table from one person to the next, until it had reached everyone.   Mom did it all for years and it was always the best.  As the years went on, our family grew, and grew and ..... finally we outgrew that space. We had to make the decision .. would we give up this tradition and start having our holidays with just "our families", our kids/grandkids...... OR  did we still want to all be together and find a way to make that happen?  I think the decision was anonymous, we wanted to be together. This meant giving up gathering at the place that was "home" to all of us. Mom and Dads.  It just wasn't big enough for all of us. Really no ones house was big enough... (there were alot of us), we needed to rent a place with lots of tables and chairs and a BIG kitchen.   So ....we did!  I have to admit , I think in the beginning we all felt a bit uncomfortable in our new surroundings.. it just wasn't like being at moms.. it wasn't "Home".  But .. you know what?  We've adjusted, and it's great now.  We're together and that's what matters. It sounds cheesy but it's so true.   For the average person walking in.. it would probably look like "semi controlled chaos" lol, but to us, people coming and going, kids running around everywhere, 15 conversations going on at the same time and eating buffet style off chinet plates is totally normal !
(** note the food we eat off those paper plates is made by a amazing bunch of cooks) I am talking GOOD food people!
 I tried to get a photo with everyone in it..but just couldn't get everyone all in it. lol    And this is just the family that is close enough to come.  We miss our sisters in Florida and Arizona and their families that cant be here for every holiday,but we know they are with family too, and  sharing the holiday with loved ones.  ( that and.. we keep the cell phone companies in business)
For Christmas we'll have these plus six more. For Christmas we do soups, meat, cheeses, and Christmas goodies. Thanksgiving we do a big meal with turkeys, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, salads, deserts .. the works.

Always different things to try. New recipes and then..the tried and true faves.

Oh.. and deserts! ( hardly ever any) ha

Kate helped me with mashing 20lbs of potatoes....

While Dan and Jarad worked on carving the (3) turkeys. 

 Thanks to all the fantastic cooks in this family, Brent said the blessing and we all sat down to enjoy a ultra delicious meal.
  Later in the afternoon a got out these little trees I had picked up the other day, so the kids could  do a little craft project.  My sis Jan is usually the one to come up with these things, but when I saw these I thought they might be fun for the kids.  I had gathered some things from around my craft room , like buttons, punched shapes, sequins ect, and gave them foam squares to stick them on.  I'll tell you what, if you need to do a craft project with young children, use these instead of glue! Wow.. no mess and they loved using them.
( cracks me up that K has brownie on her face)

Can you believe how G has Grown?  He's in kindergarten!  Poor little guy, is just getting over having his tonsils out.

They were all pretty proud of their creations.

Speaking of "growing",look at baby Haley!  She has grown so much just since I saw her last, I couldn't believe it.   SHE even liked making a little tree.  Well.. at least she was REALLY intrigued with double sided foam squares!  "seriously intrigued" ahha

It was a good day!

So much to be thankful for.

Thanks for letting me share a little bit of my family with you once again.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!


debbiek said...

Gorgeous box, Ms. Vicki and wonderful story and photos. Looks like everyone had a great time. Getting together is so much more important than the surroundings. We had a tornado hit in our neighborhood last Tuesday and boy, it sure makes one appreciate what they have MORE! I couldn't get home for three hours in 30 degree temps...brrrr! No damage to our place but not everyone was so lucky. At least nobody was hurt. Have a great weekend!!!!

Bettyann said...

love the craft box....never thought of actually painting with the glimmer or glam...hmmm great looking at pictures of your family at looking through a photo album with friends..we had 6 to 8 inches of snow yesterday..but rain is washing it away today..have a great weekend..

Pearl Maple said...

Happy Thanksgiving, that is a darling little creation to celebrate the holiday.

Like the term semi controlled chaos, what is a family gathering with out a little sprinkle of all that fun.

Susan said...

Happy Thanksgiving Vicki. Looks like a wonderful celebration and so great that so many of your family can come. It doesn't matter where, as long as everyone is together.

MJ said...

It was wonderful to read of your family's Thanksgiving! I was searching the Xmas trees for Glimmer Mist but you didn't seem to have broke it out for the kids!

Sesil Cratin said...

Amazing project and an amazing family. You are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your family to us. Truly a blessing.

harrahx2 said...

Okay, let's see, as I wipe a tear from my eye, (for real)because I loved your pics and post and because I love your story. Always love that the best! Your box? Totally amazing but then everything you do is amazing! Such great lines on the box, very cute! Hugs to you and so glad you had a good time. Thinking of you always.....And yes, your nephew is getting really big.

kathy/North Carolina said...

thanks for sharing your day with us.....and your heart with us in every blog....and your amazing creativity with us, too. We are so thankful for you!

Elaine said...

You've shared the real way the Holiday is meant to be shared...not on pretty plates but WITH those you love and care about!! Very touching and a great reminder that it's about the people and love, Vicki!! Oh, BTW, the box with easy 'paint' is FAB-YOU-LOUS!!

Country Liv . . . said...

I almost cried when I saw the Grifster! It seems like forever since I was able to catch up with you. Fam is looking great and sweet Momma is beautiful as always! Please accept hugs and kisses from me to all!

Dawn said...

Lovely to see you having such a great time and the vintage box is SO ME ME ME lol

Love Dawn xx


Happy Belated Thanksgiving Vicki! I'm so so happy that I found your blog, I just love reading your stories esp the ones about your family. I feel as I almost know you guys : ). Your projects of course are always awesome but that's not what always keeps me coming back, i have to admit that I'm a sucker for your stories : ). I too have a big family 8 kids in our family, 22 grand kids, 7 in-laws, and with my parents makes 39 and my great niece made us and even 40 this year! We used to do kinda what you guys do and then after awhile everyone decided to break off into their own little families, it really just hasn't been the same since and I think that I may suggest that we get back to this next year. We do have a few that live far away so that does make it difficult for everyone to be there but we definately would have majority of us together. I still enjoy the holidays but definately miss all of us getting together! Thanks for sharing : )

stampqueen said...

Love the family pics - looks like a great day!!!We were pretty mellow with just the 4 of us....and then I worked the rest of the weekend

malia said...

aack is that jadite i see? i love jadite -- are you a collector?