Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Simple:beautiful" Canvas (Glimmer Mist techniques)

Wow.. I better get posting the rest of my "fallish" projects before Thanksgiving is over and everyone is thinking "Christmas"!  Whew.. where is the time going??
  I did this canvas a while back, using fall colors and I love how they blended the way they did, and came out looking so warm and rich.

When creating projects with Glimmer Mist, Glimmer Glaze and Glimmer Glam.. trust me .. the photos never do it justice.  Photos just dont capture that Gorgeous shimmer like I wish they did.

I started by using one of the Tattered Angels Screens and "Cowboy" Glimmer Glam to create the first step.  I randomly moved the screen around as I went, brushing on the Glam.

Once that was totally dry, I started added and blending my colors of Glimmer Mist.  With Glimmer Mist, you can just keep adding colors until you get the look you are trying to achieve. I do like to use my heat tool to add colors then dry, add colors then dry.. letting the colors run together and blend in between drying with the head tool.

I tried something different on this project.  Because I love to look of stark contrast, I decided I would outline the design using a fine tip permanent marker.
You never know exactly how things work, if your have never tried them before... so only one way to find out , right?? Well, I learned as I went here. I found out that even permanent markers will bleed if you don't have your canvas totally dry.... BUT.. I found I kind of "liked" that look... so it didn't bother me. ( you can see this in the second photo in this post).  In the photo above you can see that if it is completely dry, you get the more "crisp" line.  So if you choose to try this , you can choose which you like best.   ** That outlining.. really isn't as time consuming as you think. It went pretty quick an was actually kind of fun to do.**

The thing I love most about using these mediums is .. playing and trying new things. 


I keep trying to upload more photos but for some reason blogger isn't letting me , so I'll post more later.

Whatever you have planned for your Thanksgiving, I hope it's extra special.  We will be having our usual gathering, with the big fam.  The turkeys are thawing and I have my recipes pulled out and on the counter.  Now we just need to keep our fingers crossed that we don't get nasty weather.
I  hope you have a great day... turkey, pumpkin pie and a nap??  Sounds good to me!



Maggie said...

Awesome canvas! Yeah I am having the same problem uploading photos too I was wondering if it was just me. Grrr talk about frustrating!

Jan said...

A beautiful canvas and love the autumn colors, the technique and a very helpful tutorial!
Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.
The weather man said we may get freezing rain and snow today..keeping my fingers crossed that the roads will be clear tomorrow so Mom doesn't have a problem getting here :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your whole big family too!! Tell your family "hi" from me. I am making my grandma's cranberry salad and hoping my parents make it to my house when I go to pick them up. That canvas is is everything you do! I give my student teacher the chipboard TEACHER banner today for her 40th. I bet she will love it. Thanks to you I was inspired and knew how to do it!

Julie Higgins said...

Oops..didn't mean for my comment to be anonymous! Meant to sign it, Julie Higgins

debbiek said...

Beautiful canvas and love the techniques you used. Your projects are AlWays inspiring. Happy Thanksgiving, Ms. Vicki! The nap afterwards sounds pretty good

Rbarakat said...

Gorgeous!Have a wonderul thanksgiving!

Donna said...

This color turned out beautifully, Vicki! You are so good with the Glimmerthings..........
Hope your Thanksgiving is blessed.

Bettyann said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family !!..interesting autumn canvas for thought..take care..snowing hard here,,

harrahx2 said...

Hugs to you honey! Happy Thandksgiving. My family laughed when I said the blessing and included my blog friends. They don't "get it" but I do! The canvas looks ike it glows from within. Fabulous! Hope your dinner went well, your desserts were perfect and you get a nap soon! Ours was really nice but not sad to be ready to sleep!