Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye Bye 2010 photos (people)

Well I'm back to share some "2010" photos .... playing along with the my friend Natalie Kalbachs idea.  You can see more about it HERE if you want to play along also.
Last week I posted "Bye Bye 2010 layouts", and today I am sharing some of my favorite photos from  this year for "Bye Bye 2010 photos).
The only problem is I do often... I'm having a hard time following rules. lol  I started looking through photos to chose and could not manage to keep it to (12). lol  I decided I was going to share Favorite photos of PEOPLE that I've taken this year, .. today.  Then in one of my next posts, I will share, some of my favorite photos of PLACES
For me there may be many different reasons why I might be drawn to a certain photos.. usually, the lighting catches my eye , or the fact that I feel like it just really "captures" the persons personality. Might be that the perfect opportunity was just there, and I happened to have my camera in hand. lol 

First photo is of my friend Julies daughter Michelle. It's been amazing watching Michelle grow up from the little girl she was when I first met her, into this beautiful, smart, confident woman.

Couldn't let this one pass by. lol This is the one an only Roger Clyne. (from my favorite band.. Roger Clyne and the Peacmakers.

This photo just makes me smile.  It's my Sister-in-law Lori's Mom. I love the lighting on her face.

I don't think I need to say much about this.. just CUTE! OMGosh.. what a little character.Cracks me up every time I see it.

This is my sweet as can be" niece Lyndsay. Talk about a natural smile! Love this girl.

Below .. my good friend Julie, her daughter Michelle, and pup Elly. I think they love that pup as much as I do mine.. and thats alot!! lol  I love how Elly is kissing Julie in this photo.

Jarad and Kate = jeep ride   awwwww

                                                               Again... no words necessary. Sweet Addy

Loved so many of the photos taken of family when everyone was home this summer...but this one of Becca is defiantly a fave.

 I LOVE the photo below.. and I cant even take credit for it, because I didn't take it..Wes did... but isn't it fun?

This one was just a couple of weeks ago. Nathaniel playing guitar and singing at his show. Amazing kid!

I just realized that this photo was taken at the same spot as in one of the photos above. lol  This handsome guys is my nephew Bryan.   We had such a great time this day.  It was a gorgeous out! ( oh.. how I miss those warm sunny days!.. is winter over yet???)

Ok, I had to toss this one in for good measure.  I'm no "amazing photographer" I just have fun with it and enjoy the process. Lots of times my favorite photos aren't even that great "quality wise" but I love them none the less. 
This one was just snapped quick , while I was sitting on the floor putting away Christmas ornaments yesterday. Gabby and W where here and ..he said.. "hey look".   
He's a hoot!

Wishing you all a Happy Happy Happy New Year!


Nathalie Kalbach said...

Those are so fun photos- love them all- the last one made me laugh - LOL
Happy New Year sweet girl!

Jan said...

Happy 2011~What great 2010 photo's and you do an amazing job with that camera!

harrahx2 said...

You really make one want to reach out and touch the people! Great work Vicki.