Thursday, December 16, 2010

A little Christmas Cheer!

My little post today of  Crafty iinspiration will be on the "Vintage Street Market" blog, so I'd LOVE for you to come over and see this little Candy Cane tree project and other fun holiday Crafts.


But I also wanted to take time before things get crazy busy for everyone.. to say I hope that your Holiday Season is filled with all of your favorite things. Time spent with the people you love, creating memories, enjoying traditions... ( and a little time just for you, to enjoy some good food, put on some Christmas music, light a candle and curl up on the couch with a cozy throw). because that's just what I plan to do.
( below is the photo of Jarad and Kate I had promised to share. lol.. Both Guinea Pigs , Cloey, Jarad and Kate. 

I've been busy baking and putting things in the freezer for next week , but....

these are still warm.. so please help yourself. 
While your enjoying your cookie, I hope you'll watch this funny video I found. It's is as silly as can be..but it makes me laugh.. and I LOVE the message!
( you may want to scrooll down to the music play list at the bottom of my blog posts and hit "pause" or mute.. so that you can get hear the music on the video.  The video is  not long and every CUTE!




Nathalie Kalbach said...

oh that tree is soooo cute!!!! Love it and the christmas photos too

Jan said...

Wishing you are yours a beautiful Christmas. Curling up on the sofa sounds like a splendid idea. Christmas music is playing and I'm ready to enjoy the Season! Baking done, shopping done and Christmas cards NEED to get done :)

Charlene said...

Your tree is adorable & I LOVE the family card/photo. I need to catch up on your blog... I am so behind! Loved the video too. Hubby just MADE us get a new puppy. Hope you'll go by & see the post done Sunday. We looked at adopting but, you'll see his comment on it in the post. Happy Holidays! HUGS! Charlene

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, my gosh, Vicki! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! That video is just hilarious!

LOVE your family photo--you're just gorgeous! You look FAR too young to be the mother to those two grown men!

Love your candy cane tree, the cookies...everything! Have a beautiful day, my friend!


Anonymous said...

Love the video Vic! Now I feel even more guilty about buying a dog and not going to the Humane Society! I didn't know then what I know now. I am so much smarter now that I am a 'dog-lover'!!! Julie

MJ said...

What a great video! I also liked Jarad's dog's antlers!

I couldn't help but contemplate how, if your dogs had thumbs, they would be crafting and decorating cookies along side you!

Liszha said...

What a cute video! Gonna place it on my facebook.
Your christmas tree is gorgeous! what a great idea!

Montse said...

what a lovely tree :)

and the video is great! i love animals (i have a dog, a kitten and a singing bird, hehehe)

merry x-mas to u all!

harrahx2 said...

Vic, that video made me laugh. My husband watched it twice because he enjoyed it so much. Great pictures and thanks for a wonderful year of sharing all your fun! Luv U~

Lana said...

I love your blog you are a true artist! Lovely project today and I LOVE the video AMEN to that message!!!
Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

debbiek said...

LOVE your blog Ms. Vicki, love the artwork, love the photos of your cute family and most of all LOVE the video. JUST PRECIOUS!!!! Can't wait to share it with family members who are coming to celebrate Christmas with us:)

May you and yours have the BEST of Christmas' and a wonderful and healthy New Year!