Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas you you!!!

Mom and I , (and our snowmen) wanted to pop in a wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!
I'm not sure if I will have a chance to post again before Christmas so I'm popping in now to wish you a Fantastic Holiday.     My mom has been been a little under the weather so she here visiting us this week, so I can have a chance to baby her a bit. ha  ( I love that).  Anyway, I want to spend time with her, so I wont be blogging the next few days. Good time to take a  little bread anyway right?  
I do have to share with you what mom and I worked on yesterday. (yes .. I put her to work) lol  Nothing to tiring, just a little afternoon craft.
I cut out these little AccuCut Snowmen  S1708J  Snowman #2 (3-D) , and then mom and  I dressed them up. It was kind of fun.  They will be to set on the tables Christmas Eve when we all get together.

Mom .. picking out snowman buttons. lol

 I also had to share this cute photo of our neice Becca.  She's getting her letter mailed to Santa, at the mall.
I love this girl! lol What a sweetheart.

Her letter cracked me up..      had to share.
she just wants...
a pony.. to be a princess of everyone, and to get  prince with a Tiffany ring in hand.
I hope she gets it all! lol

Wishing you all the most wonderful Holiday every!  
 Christmas hugs all around!!!!    

                                               Love,  Vic


Bettyann said...

Dear Miss Vicki..your Mama is so sweet..have a very Merry Christmas also...good wishes to you and your family...

Jan said...

sweetest snowmen! Enjoy the time with your mom and have fun :)
Merry Christmas!

Julie Higgins said...

Merry Christmas Vic to you and your family! Tell your mom a special "hi" from me:) Love, Julie

MJ said...

Your mom is such a trooper! I wouldn't have been successful getting my mom to cooperate!

In Canada, we send our letters to Santa with a postal code of HOH OHO & the kids often get a reply back. N got a reply last week at daycare in English; today, K got a reply back in French from school.

LindaC said...

Merry Christmas Vicki! I hope you and your family have a great time together! Don't eat too many Christmas cookies!

Looks like we may have a white Christmas in TN....first one in a long time! Everyone is excited!

Linda C

stampqueen said...

Merry Christmas!!!!
Hope your Mom is feeling better!!!!
Cute snowmen!!!

cendrillon said...

Merry christmas to you and family! And your snowmen are so cute!

Mickie said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours and thanks for all your inspiration this past year. Take good care of Mom!

debbiek said...

Love your snowmen and that is so cute that your Mama helped you with them:) Hope she feels a little better REAL soon!

Becca is a doll. Hope Santa brings her what she wants;)

Merry, Merry Christmas Ms. Vicki!

Loretta said...

The snowmen are sooooo cute! Love them! I don't know what Accu cut is.

harrahx2 said...

Snowmen are way too cute! They certainly look quite jolly and dressed appropriately for the perfect celebration. I wrote my letter to Santa and asked for another year of joy and pleasure in reading your blog! Merry Christmas Vicki and to all your family.........sending love and a hug!

Catherine said...

Hope you Mom is feeling better soon-I'm sure she will with you taking such gREAT care of her! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family close by! Love ya and miss ya girlie!

NanaBeth said...

Wishing you and yours a very Merry and blessed Christmas!