Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Altered Easter Project

Another GORGEOUS day here in Nebraska! No coat.. windows open.. sun shining sort of day! Woo Hoo! Totally welcome after this winter!
I can not believe Easter is this weekend. Snuck up on me for sure. I need to start thinking about what I'm going to make so I can get groceries. Get on it Vic!
I've had this project done for some time now... and keep forgetting to share it here. I got this egg shaped piece (already painted) at Hobby Lobby 40% off .. so considering it was only $2.99.. it was a steal. Since it was already painted.. all I had to do was have a little fun dressing it up.
lol.. after looking at this project and thinking about listing the supplies..realized just what an inexpensive project it really was.

The scalloped white on the egg, is from the border of a paper doily, the flower lace ..from the $ store (stick tape already on the back too.. what a deal), crepe paper $ store, Image- ( just one of 20 on Crafty Secrets Easter Creative Scraps sheets), Glitter, buttons, tiny flowers ( I get at Hob Lob, in a little bunch, in the wedding dept..1/2 off alot). The little branch is from my yard.( painted it white and sprinkled some iridescent glitter on it).
There you go kids .. bargain project of the week. lol

Oh.. ps.. that pink crystal thing at the bottom.. also 1/2 off at Hob Lob.. at Christmas time, the Christmas ornaments. lol
I started out the day with a dentist appointment which wasn't fun..but after that I got to pick Griff up from Preschool and go to lunch.
WHAT a character! lol

He comes up with stuff that makes me laugh so hard. We were going down the street and someone had a big CHRISTMAS blow up carousel going in thier yard. I just thought it would be something interesting to show him so I pointed over to it as we went by and said... "hey look at that". He shook his head and said.in a totally serious face..." Man, people are crazy".

Looking forward to another sunny day tomorrow!
Hope you have some sunshine in your life too!~

Monday, March 29, 2010

Crafty Secrets Design Team Challenge (Spring/Easter)

Here we are... Ready to enjoy another Crafty Secrets Design Team Challenge Day! This months Challenge is to Create a project with either a Spring or Easter theme. I Chose to use Flower and Bird Images from the "Birds and Botanicals" Image and Journal Books. I used (my Portrait Style) Shadowbox die to make this hanging project.

Instead of making it into a card or a freestanding project, I cut the closure piece and added it to the top of the two side panels, to reinforce a place to punch a hole for the ribbon that the project would hang from.

My favorite thing about making projects with this die, is the fun you can have adding dimension. I almost always use Foam squares for dimension under different pieces when I make one of these. I added Stickles to the flowers on this image,and also on the bird and nest image on the other side. I do all the stitching I plan to do on the separate pieces before I assemble. ( so the stitching doesnt show through onto the backside.)

Some more of those gorgeous (super detailed) stickers Crafty Secrets will be selling soon!

and.. as always it all got a coat of Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mist. I just can help myself. These days.. any altered project I do.. just doesn't seem finished until it get that shimmery finish.

This is my "Springy" project but I do have a "Easter" projects also. It was done using the "Creative Scraps" Easter Images I'll be sharing that in my next post.
You have lots more BEAUTIFUL things to go see now , on the Blogs of these talented girls.... so here you go...
Pam Hooten
Heidi Blankenship
Marisa Grosson
Linda Duke
Michele Kovack
Melissa Phillips
Michelle Van Etten
Flo from France

More goodies on the Heartwarming Vintage blog

Enjoy.. and have a wonderful day!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

ART with Glimmer Mist...ahhhh

Thought I'd share another Tattered Angels project with you today.... along with some fun photos. I enjoyed the process of this simple project.. and I love the color contrast! Something about mating vibrant colors on black is just so beautiful to me. I've always loved the look. These alphabet letters are new from Tattered Angels.(available soon) Aren't they fun? Like all their other alphabets ... 3 parts to each letter piece , all embossed with cool designs, and all self adhesive!
My sister gave me this cool floating frame for Valentines Day. I'll be changing it out alot ..but for now I have these between the glass pieces. You know how photos just don't really show off things like you had hoped.. well trust me.. the Glimmer Mist colors that are blended on this are AMaZiNG!! ...oh.. the Glory of the mist. lol
Okay.. I HAVE to show you this darling photo that Kyle (Kyle and Wendy are the owners of Tattered Angles) posted on facebook of their girls, Ally and Kaitlyn. They are just the sweetest little girls ever. We got to be swell buds when I was there staying with them in Colorado in November. Ally sent me her school project "Flat Ally" to see if I would let it visit Nebraska and send it back to her after a little look around Nebraska. I took photos and made a little album about Flat Ally's little vacation, send her. ( oh.. and of course an outfit for it) lol. I altered these colored pencil cases for both the girlsies with their names on them.( we did alot of coloring when I was there).lol
This photo made my day. CUTE!

It was a pretty busy day.. as it was the official "Grand Opening" of Amy's scrapbook store in Fremont. "Precious Treasures Scrapbook Boutique"
( I don't know about anything else..but I can tell you Miss Amy really liked those BIG ribbon cutting scissors!) But then again, what true scrapper wouldn't? ha
I thought it was so sweet that Amy had her family cutting the ribbon with her.

The Chamber members gathered for the Ribbon cutting..... and a table full of delicious goodies Amy was serving.

Everything is "Over the top" with this girl. lol

I'm talking ... WOW!

The presentation was amazing!

I did some Crafty Secrets Make and Takes and had fun creating with the girls throughout the day.
Congratulations Amy.. thankyou for bringing your wonderful store to Fremont!

Okay.. "The Office" is on.. my jammies are on, and my feet are up... so later gators. lol

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring baskets

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if your feeling anything like me , you are SO ready for SPRING! It’s been one long winter here in Nebraska, so Spring cant get here soon enough for me. Before we know it, Easter will be here, and then May Day.. so I thought I’d show you a little hint for making these peat moss baskets that would work great for little gifts, name place holders for Easter dinner , or fun little May Baskets. I LOVE May Day and feel little sad that it doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal as it was when I was young. I’m determined to save May Day!! lol

All I did was buy a package of inexpensive peat moss planting cups and lightly mist them with some of my favorite colors of Glimmer Mist. Because the cups are already naturally a brownish color, the Glimmer Mist colors I chose to use are a bit brighter than one may think of to use . I used Sunshine, Olive Vine, Tuttie Fruiti and Patina. If you plan to add extra coats of Glimmer Mist for more intense color.. be sure to let it dry inbetween coats ( you don't want your peat moss cups to start to break down if they get to wet)
After they are dry , you can add a bit of silver glitter to the top rim of the cup if you wish.
I then hot glued a twig handle on, and added some old sewing patterned paper, moss, eggs , feathers, and misted chipboard pieces from Tattered Angels.
Kind of a fun way to wish someone a happy Spring and brighten their day!

I just sprayed the little wood eggs with Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mist.. but Robin's Egg Blue would be pretty also.

I was trying out lots of the new little chipboard pieces from Tattered Angels. Gold foiling on the leaf above.. and see the clear resist on the one below.

More clear resist designs on this little bird.

I'm telling you... FUN new stuff from Tattered Angels! woo hoo
This little sweet face has been brightening our week around here. Aly and Molly are happy to have Miss Cloey here to play also. She is just such a sweet dog. Gentle with Aly ... always sleeping at her side..but super playful with Molly, to keep her busy. She's funny , she just seems to know how to adapt to each of their personalities.

I told you about these flashing lights I got for the dogs a while back HERE. I just have to tell you... It was a good buy! So glad I got them.. it really does help see where they are when I let them out at night. With no street lights in the county.. even the boundary of the yard is hard to see. We are always right at the door or even outside when they are out.. but it really does make a huge difference. You can see them flashing from quite a distance. Last night we were both standing outside watching them ... and realized how odd it must look to the occasional cars that come by. I'm sure it looks bizarre! lol Flashing red lights moving quickly and randomly all over the yard. lol
"Sightings"? lol

Happy Day Everyone!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pretty Cookie bags

Hello friends
Sharing some creative stuff and a yummy recipe today.
I love to bake. I used to do it alot when I boys where young..but just don't do it as much anymore. I think like most of us... we get busy with other things. You go to the store to pick up a few things.. and there are amazing baked goodies.. right there all done for you. That's okay.. theres no reason if your busy, not to wrap up some of those .. with a personal touch and give them to a friend or neighbor right? Totally!
I did bake some cookies this time.. from one of my favorite recipes. I'll share it at the end of this post.

I get these little party bags at the $ store. They work perfectly to hold 6-8 cookies.

I used these "Kitchen Time" cuts from Crafty Secrets for the tags I added to my bags. Crafty Secrets has so many kitchen themed images, stickers and stamps that would work great for something like this. You can find them all on their website HERE.
I love the images from this sheet of cuts. CUTENESS!

Simple tags ...but it's amazing how something so simple adds such a person touch.

It's fun to give someone a little something just to brighten their day. I used to do things like that quite often, but feel like I've really gotten away from it. Life gets busy and we get caught up in other things, it seems. I'm going to make a point to get back to doing it more often , it's something I really enjoy.

Maybe my daily dose of "Kind over Matter" has me thinking. lol I know I mentioned it to you before in this post. What a totally "feel good" site. I think you might really enjoy it. Beautiful photography, crafty stuff, affirmations, poetry, art , decorating ideas and more. I just stumbled on this site a few months ago..and have not missed a day of stopping by there since.

Oh.. and here is the Cookie recipe, if you are interested

Trust me .. it's a good one! I've been making these since my boys were little. You can also make a cookie pizza by spreading it in a pizza pan. ( if you do this.. just make sure you don't spread the dough all the way to the edges because it expands and could go over the edge. If it starts to look like it might go over the edge.. I just use my spatula and push is back all the way around.Super quick and easy , if you need something fast.**
I love this recipe, because you can take out things you done like or don't have at the moment and add something else. (Choc chips, nuts, m &ms or any other candy pieces, raisins, coconut, ect...) It started out with a basic recipe I had and I just made changes.

Vickis "everything" cookies...

2 sticks (1 cup) softened marg

1/2 cup peanut butter (creamy or chunky doesn't matter)

1 cup packed brown sugar

1/2 cup sugar

2 eggs

2 cups flour

1 teas baking soda
1 1/2 cups Oats (any kind)

1/2 cup chopped walnuts

1/2 cup raisins

1 cup choc chips ( or in this case m&m's)

1/2 coconut

Cream peanut butter , marg, and sugars in large bowl. Stir well. Add eggs , then flour and soda. Mix well and add Oats and other ingr. Drop by spoolfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet.I use my insulated cookie sheets to they take a bit longer to bake. (about 13 min) at 375. You'll be able to tell when they are done... just slightly browning. They are a soft and chewy type cookie.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shadowbox die projects galore!

I've been looking forward to this post for some time now.. so I'm SO happy it's finally here! Some time ago I sent some of my new (Portrait style) shadowbox dies (already cut out) and some Crafty Secrets Images to the first 10 who replied, saying they would like to participate in creating a project with them.
You are in for a real treat today. So many BEAUTIFUL creations! Eye candy galore!
I have posted each of the girls names and a link to their blogs under their project(s)photo. Please be sure to hop over to their blogs to see the close ups and get more information about how they created their project and the supplies they used. If they have created more than one project I have linked under each of their projects with a link that goes directly to "that" specific project.
I hope I have everyone who participated up with their correct links ect... but if you girls see any thing I'm missing , please let me know so I can get it linked up right.(Thanks)
(be sure to read all the way to the bottom as there is a giveaway happening over on Sheilas blog. She is giving away both of her projects!!)
Huge thanks to all these girls for creating such amazing projects with the die!
Sit back and enjoy!

Deb (Paper, Ink, Scissors and Stamps)
Stunning huh? Wow Deb did so much fun layering here. Love the contrast with the dark background.. and the theme... so fun! That cool map paper from Crafty Secrets that the frame pieces are cut from .. is just totally perfect for this!

Bobbie (Sparkles and Scraps)
Talk about lace and flowers, trims and pretty things.. Check this out! Love how she used the the lace on the background!! Thanks Bobbie for playing along..this is just stunning!

Sarah (Vintage Figments)
I am loving the rich colors Sarah used on this. The attention to detail on
it is just amazing! The addition of the vine trim and mushrooms is just perfect!

Same artist.. completely different look! I love how Sara shows just how you can change this up to fit so many different themes and styles. Remember to check these girls blogs to see close up photos of these projects. The depth on this is so COOL! You'll want to see the detail photos.
That little fence ,seed catalog and mesh.. just totally completes this perfectly.
Thanh (Yummy Creations)
I know I keep constantly talking about how I'm ready for Spring and I need some COLOR.. .. "this" just makes me happy! Wonderful COLOR! Great addition of the Tattered Angels pieces and the flowers. Fantastic Thanh!

Maggie ( Maggie the Artist)
Seriously ... isnt this DARLING! You can really see all the little shells and embellishments in the close up shots on Maggies blog. I love how she worked the image and the stickers together for this Beach theme. Bravo Maggie.. this is fantastic!

Debbi ( Debbie Did it)

Debbi did an amazing job with the stamping on this, along with the use of the images. So soft and Sweet! Again.. the depth she got by raising the images up on foam squares is just so cool.
Gorgeous work Debbie!

Debbie (Debbie Did it)
See what I mean.. these girls just blew me away with the different things they did with these dies. Again , this one was created by Debbie. First project soft and subtle.. this one .. a punch of yellow! Sunshine all around! Love it!
I adore the images Betty Ann chose for her project.. and the colors ... ah... my faves! Check out the background. So beautiful! I love that she personalized hers with the "M". ( read about it on her blog) SO PRETTY!

Tera (Stamp Queen)
Oh my friend Tera.. what can I say, she is just the "Queen of techniques!" What a gorgeous Anniversary Card! The Stamping on this, finished off with that pretty gold edge. Stunning! Who wouldnt love to get this card!

Tera (Stamp Queen)
Not only is Tera the "Queen of Techniques" ..but she always thinks "outside the box". She LITERALLY did just that on this second sample by her. Is this amazing in this frame or what! WOW!

Marlene (Heart Spring)

Perfect combo of images and stamping on this project of Marlenes. These colors are so so pretty together ,aren't they. You have to read the story behind her thoughts about parents and children, as she created this. Touching. ( the link to Marlene blog is just under the photo above)The dimension of the nest, branch,flower, butterflies,tag ect.. is so beautiful standing out from the main project. So Sweet!

Jan ( Papercraft Pleasures)
Jan has been a blog friend for some time now, and although she was not in the group of 10 she has created a number of beautiful shadowboxes that I'd love to share here today. She now has a AccuCut machine and die of her own! Woo Hoo.. wtg girl! The Shadowbox above is one she created with a sweet photo of her mom. You can tell alot of love went in to creating this keepsake! I love the way she cut the piece and added it over the top of both of the side panels.

Jan (Papercraft Pleasures)

Check out this one she did in a "Vintage Style Wedding" theme. So pretty with the tone on tone colors with little bits of lace and tulle draped across. Elegant embellishments... ahhh... so beautiful!

SPRING!!! Another darling Spring sample with lots of stamping! I can see some serious time consuming detail cutting went on here Jan. lol AMAZING!

Jan (Papercraft Pleasures)
You have to pop over to Jans blog to see the various parts of the next two projects for sure.. they are just over the top! Check out the Desk Calendar!

Jan ( PaperCraft Pleasures)

When you pop over and see Jans projects.. you'll see how she took this die to a whole new level. She adapted it to fit different ideas she had. This is just the front of this project. ...trust me theirs lots more to see of the rest on her blog.

Jan (Papercraft Pleasures)
Look at how she added a extra book to the center by punching and binding it. COOL huh? You can see all the details for this by following the link above. This is just gorgeous!! Total creative thinking!

Jan (Papercraft Pleasures)
Jan has been rock'n this die huh

Jan (Papercraft Pleasures)

She'll probably have another one done before I get this posted. lol You amaze me Jan!!!

Sheila (Blessed and Disressed)
Shelia created both these next projects .. and guess what??? she's hosting a giveaway on her blog and is giving away both these gorgeous projects.. so pop on over there and put your name in the hat!

Shelia (Blessed and Distressed)
A couple of people are going to be lucky enough to win these.
Shelia has such an eye for design, vintage ,buttons trim, Glimmer Mist, gorgeous images .. all put together to create amazingly beautiful projects! Her entire blog is a real treat for the eyes!

HUGE thanks to all these girls for creating these beautiful projects to let me share here!!
** Portrait Style die available from AccuCut ( Landscape style also available)
Precut Shadowbox dies ( Portrait style that we used here, and also Landscape style) can be ordered from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage HERE _____________________________________________

( this post had been edited and update)