Thursday, January 06, 2011

Bye Bye 2010 photos (Places & Things)

Mid week... It's a good time share by "Bye Bye 2010 Photos" (Places and Things)
My friend Natalie Kalbach has been posting her "2010" favorites, and I'm following her lead.  If you'd like to play along and post your favorites on your blog, you can used Nats Images here for "layouts" or for "photos" and .. be sure to check out her layouts and photos.. because they are amazing!  

Again.. really not any specific thing that makes each of these photos into my favorites, might be the colors, the lighting, the place, whatever.  I just like them. :)

1) well, Puerto Penasco... what can I say?  This was the highlight of 2010! I loved every minute of the time spend here.

2.  I don't know what it is about these baskets of shells and beads..but it was just such a pretty mix of colors and textures.  ( photo taken near Sedona.)

3. ahhhh... Steve.  Way tooo cute

4. Pow.. punch of pink!  ( photo taken my back yard)

 5.  This photo was taken out at the cabin. My niece Lyndsay notice this tiny little guy and picked him up to move him to a safer place, away from all the people.

6. I cant really explain why..but I really like this photo.  I took it the day mom and I took our fall drive to the apple orchard.

7.  The photos below was taken from the corner of the family cemetery that I found this summer. Such a peaceful , beautiful place.

8.  This was also taken in AZ. At an Art Gallery we visited. I think the green colors of the glass pieces with the beautiful blue sky as it's back drop is just gorgeous.

9.  So simple .. yet so pretty.  (photo taken ..just on the street in my little town). The funny thing was..their weren't tons of pretty leaves like this laying around it .. mostly just old brown it was like this one was just laid there for some one to notice.) and.. I DID.

10.  ahhhh.. have I ever mentioned I LOVE butterflies.  Always have , for as long as I can remember.
( photo taken in South Dakota when we went to vistit my Aunts and Uncles)

11. Well, you can tell my trip to Mexico was a highlight of my year.. because this is another photo from that trip.

12.   and .. so is this one.  Oh... I wish I was here right now!

Thanks for letting me share !


A Vintage Chic said...

Each one is so gorgeous, Vicki! What a year full of memories, so beautifully it all, my friend!


Bettyann said...

awww..thanks for sharing Vicki..wish I was there in mexico also..been 10 the winter blues...

Nathalie Kalbach said...

ohhh my word- your photos are sooo amazing- you take awesome photos!!!

Jan said...

Great favorite photo's of 2010! Your trip to Mexico must have been so relaxing...and what beautiful memories you captured.
Hope you 2011 is even more splendid :)

harrahx2 said...

All the beautiful memories...all the beautiful colors....Thanks Vicki!

mrich2500 said...

Beautiful pics...thanks for sharing!

Susie said...

Oh Vicki...thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos! Love them!

janel said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! A great breath of fresh air...and yes, I would love to be at the beach too! Thinking of you.

Mary said...

Beautiful since we have over a foot of snow outside.

Michele said...

WOW! Your photos are breathtaking!!!