Sunday, January 16, 2011

New things to come

Hello Everyone!  I hope your weekend was a good one.  I was insidw most of the weekend.. working on projects..but it was still enjoyable.  I have a TV in my studio, which I usually have on, (listening ..not really watching), but lately I've been turning the TV off and listening to music on Pandora.  What a refreshing change.    I did hear that Miss Nebraska is now... Miss AMERICA!  How fun it that?  See.. we have more than corn , cows and football here. :)
   I have so many new projects finished that I cant share just quite yet. But... CHA new product sneak peeks will be starting soon!  Boy ,there are some fantastic new things coming from Crafty Secrets, Tattered Angels, Fancy Pants and Vintage Street Market... I can promise you that.. because I've seen them........and WOW!

This is a card I did using the Floral Art Stamp Set from Crafty Secrets( new stamp set available in Feb) .  Super fun set, that is great for "building:" with.

Hey.. if you haven't been there lately.. check out Crafty Secrets New website.  Looking Good!

I used water color pencils on this and  then accented with Stickles.

This Time around Crafty Secrets is doing something different for CHA.. A big online promotion.  Please pass the word on to your favorite retailer. All the info can be found on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog


Okay ... now to thank Maggie for giving me this award!  I'm honored. Thanks so much!
Seems that these are the rules...
•Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

•Share 7 things about yourself.
•Award 15 or so recently discovered great bloggers.
•Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

We'll, I don't think there is a whole lot else to share with you about me.. ( I've been blogging for a few years now.. so you've probably heard it all) lol   And as far as new bloggers I have recently found.. I havent had much time to check out blogs ( even the ones I love already :(  But I'll share some sites that are great for inspiration okay?

7 things about me??  well...
1.  I am the baby in a family of 7 ( 3 brothers 3 sisters)
2. I have never had a time in my life that I didn't have a pet ( animal guessed it)
3. Red Head ( yep.. even before I started covering the grey)
4.Favorite book as a kid was "Arts and Crafts" edition my Child Craft Encyclopedia set ( ha.. not even kidding)
5.don't like milk
6.I have been washing  my face with Noxema since I was 14. ( weird I know. Can you say.. "Creature of habit?)
7. love peanut butter. (yikes.. do you know how many calories there are in a teaspoon of that stuff?)

Okay.. finished with that part.. and it's a good thing, because I'm just not that exciting.  7 things.. that was pushing it for me. lol

Okay.. here are some great places for inspiration 

Enjoy your week.. oh.. an  stop back by.. I'm feeling a give-a-way coming on.



VAWM said...

Love the new stamps! Your card is wonderful.
Have a great week

Jan Hennings said...

Such a beautiful card and love the colors...the watercoloring is picture perfect :)
Can't wait to see the new releases from all these great companies!

Hearts Turned said...

Beautiful card, Vicki--and gorgeous coloring, my friend! Glad you survived your crafty weekend--I know you're not done yet!

Okay--I have the Childcraft set that I grew up with (it was my Dad's when he was a boy!), and I've always loved the Arts & Crafts book (and the Fairy Tales!)

...oh, and I really don't like milk, either!

Don't work tooooo hard today!


debbiek said...

Beautiful card, Ms. Vicki. Terrific new stamps too.
Loved reading the seven things about you that we never knew!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been a busy girl! Love the card and particularly the composition! Will check out the sites later. Fun to read your seven!

CaninosArtisticCafe said...

I love that card and the colors! Just beautiful and I love how you did the ribbon, that's my fav!! Can't wait to see what's new from TA, I'm sooooo addicted lol

stampqueen said...

Beautiful card - great shading and lots of yummy layers!!!
I loved the Arts and crafts one too - but I did love the fairy tales too...and I don't like milk either....

5Star Digital Scrapbooking said...

love the new card it really turned out nice seems like you had a great relaxing weekend and I loved reading your 7 things i may steal that for my blog when i feel up to blogging again!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Happy New Year to you, too, sweetie~! Great colors...I love that color Pink. xoxo Lidy

ps. Noxema. I love how that smells.

Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Vicki- GORGEOUS card! Loved your seven list..someone just sent this to me..guess I should post! lol What would I do without your blog?? ha ha!

malia said...

What a gorgeous card Vicki... how do you constantly come up with these beautiful ideas? OK I read your whole post and was VERY flattered you mentioned YoT as a place for inspiration... I feel the same about The Art that Makes Me Happy ( -:
xo Malia

MJ said...

The scent of Noxema filled my nose during your post! I haven't seen it in years!

Janice said...


Thsi is my first time can thank Lisa Pace's link to your that gal!
Your work is SO SWEET, LOVE IT! I subscribed to your feed and copied some images to try to do! I am inspired by your creativity, ideas, style and ART! I will be coming back for more EYE CANDY,
Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful things you do.

Jan oh no another Jan, call me Janice!

klasickewpie said...

beautiful peek at your card. those flowers are divine! If that is a Wizard of Oz stamp set sneak peek, I know what's going on my "must have" list. I'm a "Land of Ah's" girl myself.