Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A snowy day filled with projects

Here it is another snowy day here in Nebraska.  Kind of pretty, just so it doesn't start blowing.  Blowing snow makes the roads hazardous and we don't need that.   I didn't leave the house today,but then again, I've been busy working on CHA projects so I probably wouldn't have gone out anyway.  These are the days, when you just love to stay in your jammies!

I wanted to show you a fun idea I saw a while back.  Actually they used a bunt pan , water and cranberries.  I had some leftover greenery.. so I used that instead. (cranberries would have been prettier), but you get the idea.  They showed theirs hanging on their front door and it was so pretty. I just hung mine on this old window frame on the deck. 

I don't remember exactly where I saw this idea..but I will tell you it was from a link on "One Pretty Thing".  If you haven't visited here, you should.. there is always  so much inspiration!  Tons of great links. It's one of my favorite places to check out... daily.

I've been working on some projects for AccuCut using some of their gift card and small box dies.
They constantly amaze me.  They have SO many dies!

Gift card  NC215CA

 The Heart stamp is from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Cupcake Party

AccuCut die  BX800BSJ

 Heart shaped box from AccuCut

This cute little heart shaped box and sit or hang.

This one is a cute little purse bag.  BG121CSJ
I decided to use Crafty Secrets "Sew Nice" Creative Scraps and make it into a little sewing kit.

It worked perfectly because of all the fun little elements on Sewing Scraps.  Like this "Alterations" tag...

and needle book.

Lots of fun stuff on this sheet, and I adore this little purse. 
If you are in need of some great inspiration check here




Like I said.. we have lots of new fluffy snow.  We have had Kate and Jarads pup ,Cloey here visiting for a few days.. and she is CRAZY in the snow.  I laughed so hard watching her this morning.

I have never seen a dog lay on their back and roll around in the snow like she does.  It's hysterical.
Aly and Molly just look at her like .. ???   They try to play along ..but just don't quite "get it". lol

There she is ..just laying in the show .. rolling around. lol   silly pup.

One last thing I wanted to remember to share with you is a little peek at what Vintage Street Market has up their sleeves for CHA. HERE on their blog.
Check out these ADORABLE vintage paper dolls they have in their store front.  HERE  ( oh my!)

They are also having a contest ( kind of a referral program) on their facebook page HERE

Wow... you can really star to feel the excitement of CHA already huh?


janel said...

Oh Oh! Darling. The CS stamps etc. are so perfect for the accucut purse. What darling projects. You certainly have a ton of snow....love the cranberry ice ring. I remember making those to put in punch bowls for showers etc. What a great cold weather decor item. Stay warm and happy creating. I know you are in your element with the doggies, the snow, and crafting away at home. Thinking of you! I am sure you have your fav tunes playing too.

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Loving those snow pictures! I definitely would agree a perfect jammy day : ) CS sewing extras look great paired up with the purse! Hope you have a great evening!

Anabelle said...

Oh Vicki that wreath is just amazing!!! Love your doggie pics, too. All of your projects are awesome!!

harrahx2 said...

Vic, the pup reminds me of that YouTube video where the dogs actually use their paws to slide down the hill over and over! Too fun. Love the ice sculpture!

Bettyann said...

Love, love your CHA work..I giggled when I saw the pics of Chloe..she even seems to have a smile on her face..joyful..

Country Liv . . . said...

Boy, Vic, you sure handed out a lot of eye candy in this post! Super! Love the DIY Prettys! And . . . so happy to see Molly and especially Aly out enjoying themselves with their 'cousin.'

Jan said...

Lovin' all your projects and the accucut releases are so cute! The wreath is a great idea and so pretty!

stampqueen said...

What a great bunch of boxes and I love that purse!!!
The wreath idea is really cool - will have to pass that one onto my Mom - it has been cold enough for ice on the windshields but not enough to freeze the whole wreath like that....
Love the pics of the pups in the snow - we had one dog as a kids that would burrow uder the snow and then jump up out like a crazy thing....

MJ said...

what a great wreath idea!
The girls quite liked seeing photos of the dogs playing in the snow! I bet that is a wee bit messy upon their return indoors!

very merry vintage style said...

Awww.. the pup is making snow angels! Too cute. New to your site--lots of creative goodies here!


I've been so MIA it's riduculous! Love the cute projects, and that gift card holder is awesome! Totaly loving the doggies in the snow, how cute is that rollin around, sucha snow lover! Mine like to watch it snow from inside lol. Even when I go out to shovel they wanna stay inside haha big babies I have!

Lillian Child said...

Your projects are A-MAZ-ING ... and that bundt pan frozen wreath? I'm gonna make me one of those this weekend, especially with the temps in the single digits for the next several weeks. Too cute!

And your pics of those pups frolicing in the snow - had me smiling out loud - thanks!